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IBM Cognos 8 BI Multidimensional Author
Cognos Multidimensional test
Killexams : Cognos Multidimensional test - BingNews Search results Killexams : Cognos Multidimensional test - BingNews Killexams : Cognos Reporting Tools

The following Cognos system reports (login required) are recommended by Accounting Services for Research and Sponsored Programs (ASRSP) for administrators to use when monitoring their unit's sponsored projects.

GM044 - Sponsored Project Portfolio

  • This report displays balances for active projects including totals for direct and indirect expenditures as well as encumbrances by department and/or principal investigator

  • It can run for negative balances only to monitor deficit spending

  • Drill through available by project to the GM045 - Sponsored Project Budget Statement

GM086 - Projects Balances Report

  • Similar to Sponsored Project Portfolio, but with added data fields including ASRSP Grant and Contract Financial Administrator (GCFA) Name, Award ID/Sponsor ID, Start and End dates
  • No drill through capability
  • Recommended by ASRSP: run for current period, all Contract Statuses, Active Projects, and specify either a particular PI for Manager/Reviewer field or select particular department for a detailed view of the current financial status of your constituency. View in Excel 2007 Data file type.

GM045 - Sponsored Project Budget Statement

  • Displays direct and indirect expenditure totals by project against the total budget amount along with project demographic data

  • Dollars are broken out and shown by Current Accounting Period, Fiscal Year to Date, and Inception to Date

GM047 - Milestone (Deliverable) Report

  • Used by department administrators and PIs in tracking upcoming deliverable due dates to assist in meeting sponsor and institutional requirements

GM091 - Sponsor Payments Received

  • Presents details of payments received by contract, with a breakout by project
  • Payment activity includes all forms of payments as well as a subset of write-offs and other maintenance items
  • Note: For converted non-clinical awards, payment data prior to December 2008 is not available

GM092 - Subcontract Monitoring Report

  • Displays a complete list of fully-executed subcontracts
  • Current status for funding and disbursement
  • Includes the burn rates (percent disbursed)

GM093 - Cost Share Commitment Status

  • Presents revenue and expense data from NUFinancials Commitment Control for sponsored projects with cost sharing
  • Grants users a multi-year view of budget, revenue and expense on cost share funds
  • Provides a comprehensive view of all departments committing cost share funds to a given sponsored project

GM096 - Grants Transaction History Queries

  • Displays expense and budget transactions on sponsored (grant) chart strings. This report, when downloaded to Excel, can be used in conjunction with ASRSP’s Expense Review Workbook template. The report contains two sections, “Expense Transaction Query” and “Budget Query”. When exported to Excel, the data will appear on separate tabs.
  • This report is used by Principal Investigators, Department Administrators, and ASRSP to review detailed transaction history by contract or project id. It can reduce compliance risk by providing departments with easier access to and greater detail regarding expenses posted to grants.

GM097- Sponsored Project Actuals Balance Report

  • GM097 Guide to Understanding
  • GM097 ASRSP Formatting Recommendations
  • The GM097 displays a comprehensive view of a research departments' entire research project portfolio, including non-clinical sponsored projects, cost-shared projects, and clinical trials.
  • Non-clinical project balances are displayed Total Budget less Direct and F&A Expenditures and Encumbrances.
  • Clinical project balances are displayed Cash Received less Direct and F&A Expenditures and Encumbrances, with Protocol numbers.

GL008 - Revenue and Expense Activity Report

SC016 - Open Encumbrances Report

GL069 - Financial Summary

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Killexams : Cognos Access & Resources

Cognos is a web-based suite of tools from IBM that offers a full range of business intelligence (BI) capabilities including reports, analysis, dashboards, scorecards, mobile BI and more.  Cognos is Purdue’s primary Business Intelligence(BI) tool and is used to access many of the university’s BI environments including those to access student-related data.

Go to Cognos

Cognos is the system Purdue uses for official reporting on Purdue student data. If you’d like to learn about how to request Cognos access, please visit the Business Intelligence Competency Center Website.

Helpful Resources

Sat, 16 Jul 2022 07:12:00 -0500 en-US text/html Killexams : Senior BI Developer at Datafin Recruitment


A leading Healthtech company is looking for a Senior BI Developer to join their Johannesburg team. Senior candidates, ideally with a minimum 5 years’ experience in development. This role is an end-to-end role where the incumbent will be involved in both BI Development in the back end and in the presentation, layer compiling reports and doing analysis. The right candidate will be someone who comes from a back-end BI development, SQL Development and maybe database administration background, BI/Cognos training, Qlik suite of tools will be beneficial, and a Tertiary qualification e.g., B SC or B Com – Information Technology degree.


Business Intelligence end-to-end development in terms of design, development & implementation of the following (both existing and new initiatives e.g., ad hoc requests and projects):

Metadata Layer

  • Cognos 11 Metadata Modeling (Framework Manager)
    • Implementation of best practices & recommended methodology in terms of metadata layer design & development.
    • Star-schema & dimensional modeling of relational data sources.
    • Report Writing & Analysis.
  • Cognos 11 Report Writing (Report Studio & Analysis Studio)
    • Relational (off relational data sources).
    • Dimensional (off cubes).
    • SQL (SQL query against Microsoft SQL Server).
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and 2014
      • Development of stored procedures for reporting.
      • Writing of SQL queries for reporting & testing purposes.
    • Multidimensional Modeling
      • Cognos 11-Dimensional Modeling (Transformer).
    • ETL
      • SSIS package design and development.
    • Business Intelligence Design
      • Ensure metadata, reports & multidimensional model design is aligned with required standards for efficiency, flexibility, sustained stability requirements, as well as business requirements.
      • Ensure design allows for optimal maintenance efficiency.

Business Intelligence Administration

  • Assist with management of Business Intelligence security.
  • Monitor Business Intelligence server, checking available space, temp files, performance, etc.
  • Version control.
  • Optimisation of metadata layer, reports & cubes.
  • Automation of routine Business Intelligence tasks.
  • Validation (diagnostic checks) with the required exception reporting and notifications.
  • Troubleshooting and incident resolution.

Testing of Development (Technical & Functional) in the Business Intelligence front-end environment Documentation Management.

  • Relevant documentation management of all above-mentioned.
  • Update of tickets, ad-hoc requests, etc.

Internal Relationships

  • BI department.
    • General Manager: Business Analytics and Risk Management.
    • BI developers.
    • Risk modelling analyst.
    • Systems analyst.
    • Cognos: BI architect/technical lead.
    • SQL: BI architect/technical lead.
      • Business Users.
      • Project Managers.
      • Functional Managers.
      • IT Development Managers.
      • IT Implementation Manager.
      • EXCO.
      • Sub Project Managers.
      • Operational managers.

External Relationships

  • Industry Partners/software suppliers.
  • Outsourced development where relevant – contracted parties e.g., iOCO consulting.


  • Matric.
  • BI/Cognos training.
  • Qlik suite of tools will be beneficial.
  • Tertiary qualification e.g., B SC or B Com – Information Technology degree.

Background Experience & Technical Skill Requirements (What Experience & Technical Skills Are Required to Manage This Function Successfully?)

  • Cognos – a min of 5 years’ experience.
  • Cognos 11 Metadata Modelling (Framework Manager).
  • Cognos 11Report Writing (Report Studio).
  • Relational (off relational data sources).
  • Dimensional (off cubes).
  • SQL (SQL query against Microsoft SQL Server).
  • Cognos 8-Dimensional Modelling (Transformer).
  • Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Proficient in writing queries and stored procedures for reporting & testing purposes.

The following technical skills will be advantageous:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2019 SSIS, including active X-scripting (VB script).
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Transact-SQL & stored procedures.
  • Ralph Kimball Data Warehouse star schema methodology.


  • Passion for data integrity management/data warehouse environment.
  • Technical Professional Knowledge and skill.
  • Strong inherent conceptional skills.
  • Strong analysis and problem-solving skills.
  • Attention to detail/ quality orientation.
  • Decision making
  • Delivery/outcomes orientation.
  • Ownership.
  • Drive & Initiative.
  • Building Positive Working Relationships (Collaboration/Interpersonal skills).
  • Communication skills.

While we would really like to respond to every application, should you not be contacted for this position within 10 working days please consider your application unsuccessful.


When applying for jobs, ensure that you have the minimum job requirements. Only SA Citizens will be considered for this role. If you are not in the mentioned location of any of the jobs, please note your relocation plans in all applications for jobs and correspondence. Apply here [URL Removed] e-mail a Word copy of your CV to [Email Address Removed] and mention the reference number of the job.

Desired Skills:

Learn more/Apply for this position

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Killexams : Educators, business leaders call for lawmakers to change STAAR test

Frisco educators and business leaders called for state lawmakers to make changes in the annual STAAR student assessment test for public school students at a forum on Wednesday.

To raise awareness about the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness exam, the nonprofit group Raise Your Hand Texas stopped in Frisco Wednesday as part of an eight-city tour across the state. The STAAR exam is required by the state and tests students in grades 3-12 in subjects such as reading, math, science and social studies.

Speakers at the event, held at Frisco Independent School District Career and Technical Education Center, included business leaders, educators, parents and a student.

“The system is broken,” said Frisco ISD Superintendent Mike Waldrip. “I would rather talk to you about all the great things we do in Frisco.”

But instead, Waldrip said the focus remains on state mandates.

“We spend an inordinate amount of time dealing with our accountability system and testing,” he said, citing 2,000-page reports the district has to go through to try and determine what is going on with students so they can perform well on the STAAR test. “We’re not shunning accountability and we’re not shunning testing. It all has a place.”

Waldrip said the burden of the test is one of the main reasons teachers are leaving the profession.

“I’m just asking our legislators to look at this and make a change because they are the ones that can do it.” he said.

North Texas Commission CEO and President Chris Wallace said when considering a move to our region, leaders want insight into a complete picture of educational success, not just how student did on a one-dimensional test on a single day.

“Texas businesses depend on our public education system. This is our workforce pipeline,” Wallace said. “So today, we are calling on state leaders to take a hard look at our accountability system and measure what matters most. A robust well-rounded educated workforce is the key component.”

Lauren Kessel, a 7th grade teacher in the Wylie ISD, said it’s no surprise that the state’s accountability system continues to be a hot topic.

“As a teacher I support state testing because it helps gauge academic progress and helps students prepare to move on to the next level. With that said, it’s time for a more robust and holistic accountability system. Our students and our schools are more than one test score from one day,” she said.

Kessel said the STAAR test does not measure soft skills that students are learning such as communication, leadership and problem solving.

Denishea Williams, a parent of a Cedar Hill ISD student, said her son, who is nonverbal autistic, takes a modified version of the STAAR but it does not show his creativity, passion and communication skills.

Williams said the test is disproportionate to his abilities, which is also a problem with English as a Second Language students.

Julian Coleman, a senior at Plano West Senior High School, talked about the problems test anxiety can cause, including how it affected his sister.

“The STAAR test from middle school up into her high school years has greatly impacted her mental health and her self-esteem, but she is so creative ... At some point we have to wonder, if certain students have issues passing the STAAR test, what else could we use to measure their success?” he said.

Coleman said the system excludes many valuable indicators such as participation in honors classes, extracurricular activities and community service.

“I’m here to tell you today, that I’m not a number, I’m not a score. I’m here because I speak for the stakeholders, every last parent, every last teacher, every last student who wants people to appreciate complexity of education.”

Thu, 16 Feb 2023 23:04:00 -0600 en text/html
Killexams : It’s Time For Three-Dimensional Relationships Again

It has been almost three years since our community and health care leaders told us to “shelter in place” from a pandemic, about which our medical professionals still knew very little. Staying home wasn’t a law anywhere in the U.S. but the vast majority of us obeyed the directive and hunkered down, waiting for better guidance about what we were facing. We ordered our groceries online or by phone and had them delivered. Many of us, not knowing yet how this new virus was spread, disinfected food or anything else that arrived at our doorstep. We disinfected our hands, the doorknobs, the countertops. We ceased all face-to-face interaction with people outside our homes.

Many people set up mini-gyms in their homes to take the place of the health club memberships we could no longer enjoy. Others took long walks – alone or with their spouse, live-in partner, or dog. We signed up for Zoom by the millions in order to continue our book clubs, our family visits, our professional associations, and everything else we used to do face-to-face with others. Thank goodness we had that option! But do we still need it?

I get that the pandemic isn’t “over.” I get that older adults and those with auto-immune diseases and other conditions make them more susceptible to a serious case of Covid-19, but at some point we all have to accept the fact that Covid will be with us for the foreseeable future, in some form or other, and get on with our lives in a way that doesn’t isolate us from our fellow human beings.

In 2023, isolation is a more serious threat to older adults than Covid, whether or not you are vaccinated. Loneliness and social isolation affect a very large number of older adults in the United States and puts them at risk for a variety of serious medical conditions, including dementia. The National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine has concluded that there is a substantial body of evidence that demonstrates that “social isolation presents a major risk for premature mortality, comparable to ...high blood pressure, smoking, or obesity.”

Living alone has become more and more prevalent in the U.S. Our country has a higher percentage of people over 60 living alone than any of 130 other countries studied in a 2020 comparison. U.S. adults are also more likely than their counterparts in other areas of the world to live as a couple without any others in the household. Forty-six percent of Americans in the over-60 age group share a home with only a spouse or partner – a much larger figure than the 31% of older adults globally. These figures put older Americans today at much greater risk of isolation and loneliness than ever before.

The antidote to this sad situation is well within our grasp. We need to build and reinforce strong social support systems in our community - in person. I cringe every time an older adult tells me that their book club, their community meetings, their family get-togethers, their senior center activities, their exercise class, etc. are still meeting by Zoom because it’s more convenient, it’s cheaper, it’s more inclusive, it’s safer. All those things may be true, but to succumb to the temptation to stay online, for any of those reasons, is to ignore the fact that we need human connection beyond the two-dimensional. Sacrificing the opportunity for personal exchanges, side conversations, and, most important of all, the ability to hug or put a hand on someone’s shoulder, comes with a very big price tag. Breaking bread together or sharing a few drinks in the same room is so much more important to our mental and physical health than most people realize. Isolation can be insidious; it can overtake us before we realize it is happening.

I applaud all the employers, meeting organizers, and social groups who have courageously decided that 2022 or 2023 was the year to get back to normal interactions, back to live offices, conferences and meet-ups. That decision will jar a lot of people out of their comfort zones. Will a few of them get covid? Yes, I’m sure they will, but just like the flu and cold viruses of years past, the interactions will help us all build back the immunity we need to survive in the world. And we will all be better off emotionally.

Sat, 11 Feb 2023 00:54:00 -0600 Sara Zeff Geber, PhD en text/html
Killexams : Value prevails in 2023: Dimensional's Joe Hohn
Value prevails in 2023: Dimensional's Joe Hohn

watch now


CNBC's Bob Pisani sat down with Dimensional Senior Portfolio Manager Joe Hohn to discuss the so-called resurgence of beaten-up, unloved sectors last year, weigh in on the value vs. growth debate and explain why value stocks are here to stay in 2023


Tue, Feb 7 20231:12 PM EST

Tue, 07 Feb 2023 06:35:00 -0600 en text/html
Killexams : Wareham boys basketball multi-dimensional with emergence of Crosson

WAREHAM — Year in and year out, the Wareham boys basketball team has been known for two things — running a fast-break offense and three-point shooting.

The Vikings have fielded a lot of small teams, with lineups that have been powered by quick athletic guards, but things have changed up a bit this season with the emergence of 6-foot-5 center Antoine Crosson.

A junior who started seeing more action towards the end of last season, Crosson has been a nice addition for the Vikings. He gives the team some size in the paint and has helped make the offense better with his inside scoring and rebounding.

"He adds another dimension to our offense. Another way we can be successful," said Wareham head coach Steve Faniel, who's in his eighth season with the Vikings. "We're getting some better looks near the basket amd that opens things up on the perimeter. It's nice to be able to throw the ball into the paint and get some easy buckets."

Crosson, who finished with four points and seven rebounds in a 69-38 South Coast Conference win over Seekonk on Friday, is enjoying being a bigger part of the Vikings' rotation this season.

"It's been great getting a chance to play more. I just want to do whatever I can to help the team," he said. "I expected to play more this season and I worked hard in the offseason to get ready. I spent a lot of time in the gym."

Wareham's Ajay Lopes attacks the lane. © Ryan Feeney/Standard-Times Special Wareham's Ajay Lopes attacks the lane.

A left-handed shooter, Crosson also worked on using his right hand more and boxing out better.

"He wants to get better and he's willing to put the work in," Faniel said. "He's made good progress the last two seasons and we're hoping that continues."

Friday night's win was a mixed bag for the Vikings, who saw some starters struggle a bit, but got a nice lift from some reserves.

"We were a little off shooting the ball, but we were locked in on defense," Faniel said. "Some role players came in off the bench to produce for us. It's nice to have some depth to work with."

Wareham's Aaron Cote finished with a game-high 17 points. © Ryan Feeney/Standard-Times Special Wareham's Aaron Cote finished with a game-high 17 points.

Freshman guard Aaron Cote, the first 8th grader in school history to play for the varsity a year ago, finished with a game-high 17 points to lead the Vikings. Junior guard Jayce Travers came in off the bench to score 12 of his 13 points on three-pointers and junior guard Ajay Lopes chipped in with 11 points.

"We were able to win with a team effort," Faniel said. "Travers hit some big threes to spark us in the second half and we spread the ball around on offense."

Wareham's Antoine Crosson eyes the basket. © Ryan Feeney/Standard-Times Special Wareham's Antoine Crosson eyes the basket.

Cote scored seven points to help supply the Vikings a 15-11 lead after the first eight minutes of action. Lopes (five) and junior guard Jaron Pittmen (four) combined for nine points to help the Vikings build a 29-18 advantage at halftime.

Travers knocked down three treys in the third quarter, where the Vikings broke the game open by outscoring the Warriors 21-11 to make it 50-29, and Cote finished strong with an eight-point effort in the fourth.

Wareham is all smiles following their 69-38 victory over Seekonk. © Ryan Feeney/Standard-Times Special Wareham is all smiles following their 69-38 victory over Seekonk.

WHAT IT MEANS: The win was the seventh straight for the Vikings, who improved to 10-1 overall and 10-0 in the SCC, where they are the defending Gold Division champions. ... The loss snapped a two-game winning streak by the Warriors, who dropped to 5-8 overall and evened their league record at 5-5. ... The Vikings return to action for a 6 p.m. game at home against Tech Boston Academy on Tuesday. It will be a blackout game, with fans encouraged to dress in black.

SEEKONK STATS: Senior guard Jaden Arruda scored 11 points to lead the Warriors, who also got 10 points from junior forward Jason Andrews. ... The Warriors made 11 of 15 free throws and committed 11 of their 18 turnovers in the first half.

Wareham's Diego Mello burries the three. Mello finished with six points. © Ryan Feeney/Standard-Times Special Wareham's Diego Mello burries the three. Mello finished with six points.

WAREHAM STATS: Senior center Elijah Carrion scored eight points and junior guard Diego Mello chipped in with six points. ... The Vikings converted on 16 of 24 foul shots and they took good care of the ball with only nine turnovers.

NOTES: The Vikings are ranked third in the MIAA Div. 4 Power Rankings for games played through Jan. 26. Seekonk is No. 31 in Div. 3. ...  Wareham has scored 789 points this season and is averaging 71.7 points a game.     

Wareham coach Steve Faniel watches as his team builds on their lead over Seekonk. © Ryan Feeney/Standard-Times Special Wareham coach Steve Faniel watches as his team builds on their lead over Seekonk.



Kevin Crowe 0-2-2, Jaden Arruda 3-4-11, Noah Beausoleil 2-0-6, Jason Andrews 4-1-10, Al Chester 1-0-2, Travis Pereira 0-4-4, Alessandro DeSantis 1-0-3. Totals: 11-11-38


Elijah Carrion 1-6-8, Aaron Cote 6-2-17, Jayce Travers 4-1-13, Ajay Lopes 3-4-11, Antoine Crosson 1-2-4, Jaron Pittmen 2-0-4, Will Halloran 1-0-2, Diego Mello 2-1-6, Jakwon Pittmen 1-0-2, No. 24 (not on roster) 1-0-2. Totals: 22-16-69

Seekonk11 7 11 9 - 38

Wareham 15 14 21 19 - 69

Three-pointers: S - Arruda 1, Beausoleil 2, Andrews 1, DeSantis 1; W - Cote 3, Travers 4, Lopes 1, Mello 1

Records: Seekonk (5-7, 5-5 SCC), Wareham (10-1, 10-0 SCC)

This article originally appeared on Standard-Times: Wareham boys basketball multi-dimensional with emergence of Crosson

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Killexams : Man United Sale Set to Test UEFA Rules on Multi-Club Owners No result found, try new keyword!Man United Sale Set to Test UEFA Rules on Multi-Club Owners GENEVA (AP) — The sale of Manchester United is set to test European rules designed to protect soccer from the integrity risks of ... Fri, 17 Feb 2023 02:13:00 -0600 text/html Killexams : Physicists solve mystery of two-dimensional quasicrystal formation from metal oxides

The structure of two-dimensional titanium oxide brakes-up at high temperatures by adding barium; instead of regular hexagons, rings of four, seven and ten atoms are created that order aperiodically. A team at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) made this discovery in colaboration with researchers from the Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Microstructure Physics, the Université Grenoble Alpes and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (Gaithersburg, USA), thereby solving the riddle of two-dimensional quasicrystal formation from metal oxides. Their findings have been published in the journal Nature Communications.

Hexagons are frequently found in nature. The best-known example is honeycomb, but graphene or various metal oxides, such as titanium oxide, also form this structure. "Hexagons are an ideal pattern for periodic arrangements," explains Dr Stefan Förster, researcher inthe Surface and Interface Physics group at MLU's Institute of Physics. "They fit together so perfectly that there are no gaps." In 2013, this group made an astonishing discovery upon depositing an ultrathin layer containing titanium oxide and barium on a platinum substrate and heating it to around 1,000 degrees centigrade in ultra-high vacuum. The atoms arranged themselves into triangles, squares and rhombuses that group in even larger symmetrical shapes with twelve edges. A structure with 12-fold rotational symmetry was created, instead of the expected 6-fold periodicity. According to Förster, "Quasicrystals were created that have an aperiodic structure. This structure is made of basic atomic clusters that are highly ordered, even if the systematics behind this ordering is difficult for the observer to discern." The physicists from Halle were the first worldwide to demonstrate the formation of two-dimensional quasicrystals in metal oxides.

The mechanisms underlying the formation of such quasicrystals remained puzzling since their discovery. The physicists at MLU have now solved this riddle in collaboration with researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Microstructure Physics Halle, the Université Grenoble Alpes and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (Gaithersburg, USA). Using elaborate experiments, energetic calculations and high-resolution microscopy, they have shown that high temperatures and the presence of barium create a network of titanium and oxygen rings with four, seven and ten atoms respectively. "The barium both breaks up the atomic rings and stabilises them," explains Förster, who heads the joint project. "One barium atom is embedded in a ring of seven, two in a ring of ten." This is possible because the barium atoms interactelectrostatically with the platinum support, but do not form a chemical bond with the titanium or oxygen atoms.

With their latest discovery the researchers have done more than just clarify a fundamental question of physics. "Now that we have a better understanding of the formation mechanisms on the atomic level, we can try to fabricate such two-dimensional quasicrystals on demand in other application-relevant materials like metal oxides or graphene," says Förster. "We are excited to learn whether this special arrangement will produce completely new and useful properties."

The experiments were carried out as part of the project "Aperiodic crystals: structure, dynamics and electronic properties," which is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG -- German Research Foundation) and the French Agence Nationale de la Recherche.

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Killexams : Cognos Access

Getting Started with Cognos

Below are THREE steps required to obtain a Cognos license

  1. Request a Cognos License
  2. Request Data Access
  3. Register and complete data and tool training as recommended for your position.

1. Requesting a Cognos License

A Cognos license grants the user the ability to log into Cognos and run reports based on their data access. Cognos licenses are tied to the position of the employee. Should an employee change positions, they would only need to request a new license if their new position did not previously have one assigned to it. If a potential user is in need of a license, a request needs to be submitted for any newly created positions or positions that do not already contain a Cognos license.

Steps for the Supervisor, Business Office, or Role Requester:

  1. From the OneCampus portal, navigate to the Employee Launchpad - SuccessFactors
  2. Open the Cognos License Request QRG and follow the steps to submit a Cognos reporting tool license request.
  3. The role name to obtain a Consumer Cognos license is:
    1. S4 - BI Lic BI215_000_ENH_CONSUMER or PWL Cognos License.

The View Assigned Roles QRG will show you how to view the roles that are currently assigned to a position.

Requesting a Cognos License with Authoring Capabilities:

Authoring capabilities allow the user to build or edit existing Cognos reports. Steps for the Supervisor, Business Office, or Role Requester:

  1. Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 directly above.
  2. To obtain a Cognos license with Authoring Capabilities BOTH a Consumer license and Authoring Capabilities need to be requested:
    1. S4 - BI Lic BI215_000_ENH_CONSUMER or PWL Cognos License
    2. S4 - BI Lic BI205_000_PROFESSIONAL or PWL Cognos Author Capability

2. Requesting Data Access

In addition to accessing the tool and/or authoring capability if needed, users also need to request data access to the various subject areas they want to run or build reports against:

For student data, see the Student ODS/EDW access page for steps on requesting access.

For business data, see the HR/FI access page for steps on requesting access.

3. Register for Data and Tool Training

Register and complete Data and Tool Training as recommended for your position.

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BI0-145 exam dump and training guide direct download
Training Exams List