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Exam Code: AWS-CANS Practice test 2022 by Killexams.com team
AWS-CANS AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty (ANS-C00)

Exam Details
Format : Multiple choice, multiple answer
Type : Specialty
Delivery Method : Testing center or online proctored exam
Time : 170 minutes to complete the exam
Language : Available in English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese

The AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty is intended for individuals who perform complex networking tasks.
Abilities Validated by the Certification
Design, develop, and deploy cloud-based solutions using AWS
Implement core AWS services according to basic architecture best practices
Design and maintain network architecture for all AWS services
Leverage tools to automate AWS networking tasks
Recommended Knowledge and Experience
We recommend candidates hold an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner or a current Associate-level certification: AWS Certified
Solutions Architect - Associate, AWS Certified Developer - Associate or AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate
Advanced knowledge of AWS networking concepts and technologies
Minimum five years hands-on experience architecting and implementing network solutions
Advanced networking architectures and interconnectivity options (e.g., IP VPN, MPLS/VPLS)
Networking technologies within the OSI model, and how they affect implementation decisions
Development of automation scripts and tools
CIDR and sub-netting (IPv4 and IPv6)
IPv6 transition challenges
Generic solutions for network security features, including WAF, IDS, IPS, DDoS protection, and Economic Denial of Service/Sustainability (EDoS)
Prepare for Your Exam
There is no better preparation than hands-on experience. There are many relevant AWS Training courses and other resources to assist you with acquiring additional knowledge and skills to prepare for certification. Please review the test guide for information about the competencies assessed on the certification exam.

Advanced Networking - Specialty
Design and implement AWS architectures
Review the test guide, which contains the content outline and target audience for the certification exam. Perform a self-assessment to identify your knowledge or skills gaps.

The AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty (ANS-C00) is intended for individuals who perform complex
networking tasks. This examination validates advanced technical skills and experience in designing and
implementing AWS and hybrid IT network architectures at scale.
It validates an examinees ability to:
 Design, develop, and deploy cloud-based solutions using AWS
 Implement core AWS services according to basic architectural best practices
 Design and maintain network architecture for all AWS services
 Leverage tools to automate AWS networking tasks
Recommended AWS Knowledge
 Professional experience using AWS technology
 AWS Security best practices
 AWS storage options and their underlying consistency models
 AWS networking nuances and how they relate to the integration of AWS services
Recommended General IT Knowledge
 Advanced networking architectures and interconnectivity options (e.g., IP VPN, MPLS/VPLS)
 Networking technologies within the OSI model, and how they affect implementation decisions
 Development of automation scripts and tools
o Routing architectures (including static and dynamic)
o Multi-region solutions for a global enterprise
o Highly available connectivity solutions (e.g., DX, VPN)
 CIDR and sub-netting (IPv4 and IPv6)
 IPv6 transition challenges
 Generic solutions for network security features, including WAF, IDS, IPS, DDoS protection, and Economic
Denial of Service/Sustainability (EDoS).
Select one or more responses that best complete the statement or answer the question. Distractors, or incorrect answers, are response options that an examinee with incomplete knowledge or skill would likely choose. However, they are generally plausible responses that fit in the content area defined by the test objective.
Unanswered questions are scored as incorrect; there is no penalty for guessing.
Unscored Content
Your examination may include unscored items that are placed on the test to gather statistical information. These items are not identified on the form and do not affect your score.
Exam Results
The AWS Certifie Advanced Networking – Specialty (ANS-C00) is a pass or fail exam. The examination is scored against a minimum standard established by AWS professionals who are guided by certification industry best practices and guidelines.
Your score report contains a table of classifications of your performance at each section level. This information is designed to provide general feedback concerning your examination performance. The examination uses a compensatory scoring model, which means that you do not need to “pass” the individual sections, only the overall examination. Each section of the examination has a specific weighting, so some sections have more questions than others. The table contains general information, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses. Exercise caution when interpreting section-level feedback.
Content Outline
This test guide includes weightings, test domains, and objectives only. It is not a comprehensive listing of the content on this examination. The table below lists the main content domains and their weightings.

Domain % of Examination
Domain 1: Design and implement hybrid IT network architectures at scale 23%
Domain 2: Design and implement AWS networks 29%
Domain 3: Automate AWS tasks 8%
Domain 4: Configure network integration with application services 15%
Domain 5: Design and implement for security and compliance 12%
Domain 6: Manage, optimize, and troubleshoot the network 13%
TOTAL 100%

Domain 1: Design and implement hybrid IT network architectures at scale
1.1 Implement connectivity for hybrid IT
1.2 Given a scenario, derive an appropriate hybrid IT architecture connectivity solution
1.3 Explain the process to extend connectivity using AWS Direct Connect
1.4 Evaluate design alternatives that leverage AWS Direct Connect
1.5 Define routing policies for hybrid IT architectures
Domain 2.0: Design and implement AWS networks
2.1 Apply AWS networking concepts
2.2 Given customer requirements, define network architectures on AWS
2.3 Propose optimized designs based on the evaluation of an existing implementation
2.4 Determine network requirements for a specialized workload
2.5 Derive an appropriate architecture based on customer and application requirements
2.6 Evaluate and optimize cost allocations given a network design and application data flow
Domain 3.0: Automate AWS tasks
3.1 Evaluate automation alternatives within AWS for network deployments
3.2 Evaluate tool-based alternatives within AWS for network operations and management
Domain 4.0: Configure network integration with application services
4.1 Leverage the capabilities of Route 53
4.2 Evaluate DNS solutions in a hybrid IT architecture
4.3 Determine the appropriate configuration of DHCP within AWS
4.4 Given a scenario, determine an appropriate load balancing strategy within the AWS ecosystem
4.5 Determine a content distribution strategy to optimize for performance
4.6 Reconcile AWS service requirements with network requirements
Domain 5.0: Design and implement for security and compliance
5.1 Evaluate design requirements for alignment with security and compliance objectives
5.2 Evaluate monitoring strategies in support of security and compliance objectives
5.3 Evaluate AWS security features for managing network traffic
5.4 Utilize encryption technologies to secure network communications
Domain 6.0: Manage, optimize, and troubleshoot the network
6.1 Given a scenario, troubleshoot and resolve a network issue

AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty (ANS-C00)
Amazon Networking test Questions
Killexams : Amazon Networking test Questions - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/AWS-CANS Search results Killexams : Amazon Networking test Questions - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/AWS-CANS https://killexams.com/exam_list/Amazon Killexams : TikTok looking to challenge Amazon with global warehouse network

After establishing itself as a competitor to social media giants like Facebook and Twitter, TikTok is now setting its sights on e-commerce behemoth Amazon, new job postings suggest.

In one posting for an operation research engineer, listed duties include "building a global logistic and warehousing network." In another posting looking for a logistics solution manager, the description notes that the role would be responsible for the "planning and solution design of fulfillment centres." 

"We are looking for passionate and talented people to join our global fulfillment centre team, together we can build an e-commerce ecosystem that is innovative, secure and intuitive for our users," the posting reads.

The roles are based in Seattle, where Amazon's headquarters is located. A spokesperson for TikTok did not return FOX Business' request for comment.


The Chinese-owned short-form video platform, which surpassed 1 billion monthly active users globally in September 2021, currently operates a TikTok Shop that is available for sellers in the U.K. and Southeast Asia. 

Ticker Security Last Change Change %
SHOP SHOPIFY INC. 26.06 -0.18 -0.69%

In August 2021, TikTok began piloting an in-app shopping feature in the U.S. and U.K. in partnership with Shopify. At the time, Shopify said that the pilot would also expand to Canada.


During the second quarter, Amazon reported net sales of $121.2 billion, up 7% compared with $113.1 billion in the same quarter a year ago. However, the company posted a net loss of $2 billion, or 20 cents per diluted share, compared with net income of $7.8 million, or 76 cents per diluted share, a year ago

Ticker Security Last Change Change %
AMZN AMAZON.COM INC. 106.90 -5.63 -5.00%

In the second quarter of 2022, e-commerce sales totaled $257.3 billion on an adjusted basis, up 2.7% from the prior quarter and 6.8% from the same quarter last year, according to the Census Bureau. E-commerce sales accounted for 14.5% of overall retail sales for the quarter.

Thu, 13 Oct 2022 09:37:00 -0500 Lucas Manfredi en-US text/html https://www.foxbusiness.com/retail/tiktok-challenge-amazon-global-warehouse-network
Killexams : Amazon to hire 150K for the holidays, how to get a job Amazon's JFK8 Staten Island fulfillment center is seen in Staten Island on March 25, 2022 in New York City. © Provided by WCCO Radio Minneapolis Amazon's JFK8 Staten Island fulfillment center is seen in Staten Island on March 25, 2022 in New York City.

Amazon announced Thursday that it plans to hire 150,000 employees throughout the U.S. for full-time, seasonal and part-time jobs starting at $19 an hour for most roles and up to $22 for select shifts.

Here’s how potential employees can put themselves in the running for a position.

First off, people who apply for these jobs at Amazon won’t need to provide a resume. Instead, they will fill out an online job application that asks for some information as well as shift preferences. This process takes about 15 minutes.

Prospective employees can begin by creating an account with their email address and a six-number pin. They’ll be asked to verify their account through email or on their mobile phone.

Next, candidates will click “apply” on the job posting they are interested in. Once they read through the description page, they can click to start the application.

“Jobs in Amazon’s operations network include stowing, picking, packing, shipping, and delivering customer orders, and the jobs are available in hundreds of cities and towns across the U.S.,” said Amazon. “These roles can often lead to a long-term career.”

After memorizing through questions and ensuring they provided all required information, applicants can submit. If they get a job offer, the candidates can then select their shift and preferred location and click “select this job” before proceeding to “accept this offer.”

Applicants have the option to go back and review the previous page of available shifts, but they can't save a job listing. Amazon does not recommend waiting, as positions could fill up.

Candidates will also complete a “Virtual Job Preview” and then move on to an in-person 20-minute “Office Hours” appointment. For this appointment, candidates should bring proof of identity and employment eligibility. They will not be paid to attend the appointment.

“Be sure to bring the proper I-9 identification,” said the company. A background check is also required.

During a pre-hire appointment, candidates will have their photo taken for their badge and complete a drug test, if applicable. They’ll also fill out some final paperwork.

If hired, new employees will receive an email with schedule details.

“When you arrive to your first day at Amazon, you will dive deeper into the details of your work and learn important safety rules,” said the company. Amazon recommends wearing proper attire on the job. This includes close-toed shoes, no jackets or hoodies with drawstrings, no long necklaces, no hoop earrings, and have long hair pinned up or in a ponytail.

“A diverse range of positions are available to applicants from all backgrounds and experience levels,” said Amazon of the 150,000 positions it is looking to fill as we head into the holiday season.

Amazon employees can also get benefits such as healthcare, parental leave, employee discounts, and more.

“Whether someone is looking for some extra money for a few months or a long-term career, the holidays are a great time for people to join Amazon, and many of our seasonal employees return year-after-year or transition into full-time roles,” said John Felton, Amazon’s senior vice president of Worldwide Operations.

Fri, 07 Oct 2022 02:54:18 -0500 en-US text/html https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/amazon-to-hire-150k-for-the-holidays-how-to-get-a-job/ar-AA12HP3t
Killexams : Amazon, CVS, Walmart Are Playing Healthcare’s Long Game

In latest months, three of the nation’s largest retailers have stirred up a frenzy on Wall Street with a string of high-profile healthcare deals.

Amazon bought primary-care company One Medical in early August for $3.9 billion. That was a month before CVS spent $8 billion to acquire Signify Health and its network of 10,000 clinicians who make home visits (both virtually and IRL). A day later, Walmart inked a 10-year agreement with the world’s largest health insurer, UnitedHealth Group.

But these big deals have come with heavy skepticism. Critics point to past failures as proof that these companies cannot accomplish in healthcare what they’ve done so successfully in retail.

“Is four times a charm for Walmart (Health)?” snarked a headline in the Journal Of Urgent Care Management after Walmart’s “three previous failures to penetrate any significant share of even its own stores with a retail clinic model.” Others in the industry have taken hard jabs at Amazon’s recent efforts in medicine, citing the fact that Haven (a nonprofit healthcare venture) and Amazon Care (a telehealth offering) both folded within three years.

Big business, big picture

The skepticism is understandable, but these negative analyses ignore the credentials of the companies in question. After all, you don’t become the largest pharmacy company (CVS), largest online retailer (Amazon), largest health insurer (UHG) or largest company, period, (Walmart) by chance or luck.

I’ve spent most my career in the business and medical arenas, occupying both spaces. Though I have no insider information about these three retailers, I believe they’re all on similar, strategic paths in their quest for total healthcare domination.

The short game: find the missing pieces

There are two ways to look at CVS’ $8 billion purchase of Signify. One is to assume CVS just placed an overly expensive bet on the “return of the house call” (per The New York Times). Another way is to see Signify as one part of a long-term strategy.

To CVS, the Signify purchase isn’t a wager on home health. It’s a missing piece—an investment in becoming a dominant player across the entire $4.1 trillion healthcare industry. In that context, $8 billion is a small price to pay.

Unlike most new entrants in healthcare (primarily middlemen who offer point solutions for the industry’s existing problems), corporate giants like CVS, Amazon and Walmart aren’t entering the healthcare market for short-term profit. They want it all.

To dominate all of healthcare, they can’t be reliant on (or held hostage by) any of the legacy players. Instead, they want their own pharmacies, health insurance plans, clinics and physicians. So, how are they doing so far?

Pharmacy: check. Already, CVS claims 10,000 pharmacy locations. Walmart has 5,100 of its own. Amazon, meanwhile, has parleyed its 2018 acquisition of PillPack into its own pharmacy offering in all 50 states.

As for insurance, Walmart now has a partnership with UnitedHealth. CVS acquired Aetna in 2017. Using the physician networks of these insurers, the two retailers can now provide medical care and attract new patients.

Amazon, however, is just getting into the game. That’s why its acquisition of One Medical—with its 800,000 subscribers and 188 clinics across 25 metro areas—is an important step. Here are three reasons this move makes good short- and long-term sense.

  1. One Medical is expansion mode. And growth, as Amazon knows well, is expensive but essential. In healthcare, expansion involves acquiring buildings and hiring staff, all before the organization receives any revenue.
  2. Amazon is thinking ahead. For a company like Amazon, with $60 billion in cash reserves, One Medical’s $250 million loss last year is like a rounding error, particularly given the retailer’s long-term vision. Looking ahead, if Amazon can capture even 10% of the U.S. healthcare market, the company would add $400 billion dollars a year in revenue, nearly doubling its annual topline.
  3. There’s power in members. One Medical’s unique membership model has the potential to attract not only millions of new patients, but also thousands of excellent physicians; many of whom are dissatisfied with the treadmill pace of medicine. Currently, most primary care doctors have to care for 2,500 patients to earn $220,000 (the average income). But with One Medical’s $200 a year membership fee, a physician who cares for only 1,500 earns $300,000 (even before seeing a single patient). This means One Medical physicians can spend significantly more time with each patient, which is shown to Excellerate care.

The middle game: master capitation

Once these companies have assembled the care-delivery, insurance and pharmacy pieces, I believe they’ll pivot toward making medical care more effective and efficient. Why? Because that’s where the money will be.

They recognize that healthcare is headed toward a fiscal cliff. U.S. businesses and government payers can’t keep funding ever-higher insurance costs. So, instead of looking for ways to raise already high prices, the retail giants will generate healthcare profits by eliminating inefficiencies. There’s plenty of opportunity to do so. Researchers estimate 25-30% of U.S. healthcare spending is wasted.

But to understand this middle-game strategy, you first need to understand how healthcare is paid for today.

The most common reimbursement model in the United States is called “fee for service,” whereby doctors receive a payment for every test and treatment—even when these services add no value. This pay-for-volume approach incentivizes physicians and hospitals to over-test and overt-treat and, as a result, drive up costs. This explains why healthcare inflation has risen nearly twice as fast as general inflation for decades.

The alternative to fee for service is capitation, a prepaid approach to medical care.

In simplest terms, capitation involves paying clinicians (in a medical group or health system) a fixed, annual, up-front sum to provide all the care their patients need. With capitation, physicians are prepaid based on the age and known diseases of their patients. And because doctors receive a fixed annual amount, they do best financially when they address medical problems before they become severe.

Unlike fee-for-service, capitation creates incentives to avoid medical errors and prevent illness (heart attacks, strokes, cancer) while making the process of care delivery more efficient and effective.

Right now, the best opportunity for these retail giants to take advantage of capitation is through Medicare Advantage (MA). This program—a private-sector alternative to traditional Medicare—is fully capitated and growing rapidly (on pace to receive $665 billion in federal spending by decade’s end).

In 2023, the largest private insurers will be rolling out MA plans in more than 200 new counties. But they’re not the only ones who see an opportunity. All three mega retailers have made acquisitions that deliver them an on-ramp to Medicare Advantage.

Amazon’s entry comes via One Medical’s subsidiary, Iora Health, a primary care organization designed for patients 65 and older. For CVS, it’s Caravan Health, a Signify subsidiary that’s already a major player in Medicare Advantage. Meanwhile, UHG brings Walmart 10 million MA subscribers and 53,000 directly employed physicians.

These large corporations recognize that making Medicare Advantage even 15% more efficient and effective would generate $100 billion for the taking. And they know that with 10,000 Baby Boomers turning age 65 each day, MA will continue to be a high-growth market in the future.

The long game: dominate the market

In the long run, these corporate giants know that the winner will be whichever company achieves the greatest economies of scale. That’s the path to market dominance in every high-profit industry: more customers, more revenue, more resources, lower cost, more profit, lower cost, more members, more revenue. Healthcare will be no exception.

To win in the long game, CVS, Amazon and Walmart/United can’t be niche players in a narrow part of the healthcare ecosystem. Having mastered capitation through Medicare Advantage, they’ll look to expand, offering capitated products to self-funded businesses, their employees and, ultimately, everyone.

Once the companies have their own insurance products, pharmacies and physician networks, they’ll go for the jugular.

They’ll select and hire their own medical specialists. They’ll progressively internalize specialty care. And when they have to contract out for specific services, their massive size will allow them to purchase care (hospital or outpatient) at far lower costs.

For large retailers, the latest acquisitions and partnerships aren’t ends in themselves. They’re opening moves in a long game that will play out over a decade or longer. Though many bumps and barriers could derail their progress, it would be foolish to bet that none of these behemoths will succeed, especially given what they’ve accomplished in retail.

Sun, 09 Oct 2022 20:00:00 -0500 Robert Pearl, M.D. en text/html https://www.forbes.com/sites/robertpearl/2022/10/10/amazon-cvs-walmart-are-playing-healthcares-long-game/ Killexams : Hazim Gaber Ranked #1 on Amazon New Releases For CompTIA A+ test Prep Book

Mechanical Engineer & CEO of HSM Global & ehZee corporation, Hazim Gaber’s new edition of Pass the CompTIA A+ test has ranked top spot on Amazon’s new releases.

ALBERTA, CANADA, October 4, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Hazim Gaber has published the 1st edition of Pass the CompTIA A+ test 220-1101 (Core 1) and 220-1102 (Core 2), a comprehensive, step-by-step test prep guide developed by top IT professionals in the field. The book has ranked #1 New Releases on Amazon.

The CompTIA Security+ is a global certification that validates any candidate’s rudimentary skills and knowledge to perform core security functions when pursuing a career in IT security. The book contains all 9 main subjects in the test with in-depth explanations as well as trial questions and real-life applications. The key subjects covered range from software and hardware troubleshooting to network security and protocols.

“The book was written with aspiring IT professionals in mind and answers any possible question they have when it comes to taking on the CompTIA A+ exam,” says Hazim Gaber. “Every syllabu covered within the guide has been vetted and approved by experienced and certified IT specialists.”

Gaber holds certifications for Cisco, VMWare, EMC, and Crestron. He has hands-on experience configuring switches and routers as well as setting up storage appliances and mounting access points. While programming is not his specialty, he can code in C++, Perl, Java, PHP, and JavaScript. His engineering background has provided him with experience in fluid mechanics, feedback control, and product design. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies including Ford, GM, and Apple.

For more news and information on Hazim Gaber, please visit his Linkedin profile.

Media Relations
Hazim Gaber
email us here

Tue, 04 Oct 2022 12:57:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://fox4kc.com/business/press-releases/ein-presswire/594225327/hazim-gaber-ranked-1-on-amazon-new-releases-for-comptia-a-exam-prep-book/
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