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Killexams : EC-Council EC-Council test - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/412-79v8 Search results Killexams : EC-Council EC-Council test - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/412-79v8 https://killexams.com/exam_list/EC-Council Killexams : Council approves river bed testing in south Little Falls

Fri, 08 Jul 2022 12:30:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.hometownsource.com/morrison_county_record/news/council-approves-river-bed-testing-in-south-little-falls/article_ea49caea-fe83-11ec-9dcf-478967704a64.html Killexams : Council struggles with hunter-landowner stewardship education

If an online course is mandatory for all Montana hunters, should the state use a carrot or a stick to encourage participation?

The issue was recently debated by the Private Land/Public Wildlife Council as it considers updating the current Hunter-Landowner Stewardship Project. Created in 2010, the voluntary program is seen as a way to encourage hunters to be ethical when afield and to respect private property rights.

Over the past five years, almost 2,000 people started the 42-page online course, but less than half completed the program to earn a certificate, according to Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks. That’s a small percentage of new hunters considering that last year alone 10,900 people took a hunter education or bowhunter education class either online or in a classroom.

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PL/PW member Drew Steinberger said the course ought to be mandatory with different hot Topics every year to continually educate people, rather than one and done.

“If you want to hunt, that’s a pretty big incentive for most folks,” he said.

A new Fish, Wildlife & Parks ad campaign stresses respect for the land, landowners and wildlife.

The idea of making the course mandatory didn’t sit well with FWP Director Hank Worsech. The same idea was pitched by a different PL/PW group in 2014 and never went anywhere.

“I think any time you try to force the public to do something, you’re going to run into issues with it,” he said, including people finding test work-arounds.

PL/PW member Donna McDonald said adding an additional condition to purchasing a hunting license would generate a public outcry and harm FWP’s reputation.

“You think my 88-year-old father would take that test?” she said. “He’ll just go poach a frickin’ elk before taking that test.”

Worsech said the logistics of mandatory participation would “kill” the department and create another hurdle for licensing at a time when the agency has suffered through several licensing errors. He also suggested that if the “hassle” is too great for nonresidents, they would find someplace else to hunt. Nonresident license dollars supply 73% of FWP’s funding, he noted.

Instead, Worsech advocated incentivizing the program. Ideas tossed out as incentives were a free entry into a Super Tag drawing, which allows a hunter to go anywhere in the state for a certain species. Another possibility was a free bonus point that hunters could use when applying to get a permit in a hard to draw hunting district.

The largest demographic for hunter education — 87% — is youngsters age 10 to 15 years old. Incorporated in hunter education is some of the same Topics that the stewardship program addresses, but in a smaller dose.

“I suspect that most of our problems are with our adults, not our kids,” said 

Wayde Cooperider, who supervises the hunter ed program for FWP. “How do we get those parents involved and get them educated? I think that’s the big nut that we’re all here to try and crack.”

Worsech also noted, “The people that really need it the most are the ones who are not going to take it, no matter how we incentivize it.”

The Private Land/Public Wildlife Council is struggling with how to incentivize or mandate hunters to take stewardship training.

PL/PW member Everett Headley suggested that completion of the stewardship program be a requirement for someone to access Block Management Areas. BMAs are private and public lands where hunters have to sign in or request permission to hunt. FWP pays landowners for providing the access.

“Unless there is some sort of carrot there to bring people to the table, it’s not going to have a wide audience, and a wide audience is what we need for people to find some kind of accomplishment in having a statewide hunter behavior change,” Headley said.

Worsech said such a change would likely require legislation, but he added increased penalties for misbehavior on Block Management Areas could be considered. He also said hunters need to police their own ranks by reporting violations.

FWP should not have to “carry the water” for everyone, Worsech added, saying that sporting groups like the Montana Chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers and the Montana Wildlife Federation should be involved. Other PL/PW members disagreed.

“Probably Fish, Wildlife & Parks needs to have leadership, but I would also say it’s everybody’s responsibility to push this message,” said PL/PW member Dale Tribby.

The state agency has already launched an advertising campaign promoting hunter ethics. So far, $48,000 has been spent on radio, online, social, email and print ads, according to Greg Lemon, FWP administrator. Three billboards have also been erected with the slogan: “Respect: Land, Landowners, Wildlife. Pass it on.”

The PL/PW Council will take up the issue of the stewardship program at its next meeting in August. Lemon said the current course is heavy on text, with more than 20,000 words. His department is looking to make the new course almost completely video followed by an exam. The acronym for the new course is TREC: Think, Respect, Expectations and Communication.

PL/PW chairman Ed Beall said the program is all about building better relationships between landowners, hunters and promoting respect for the land.

“We’ve talked about this for a long time,” Beall said. “The relational aspect is kind of to me the stem on the umbrella.”

Thu, 14 Jul 2022 09:15:00 -0500 en text/html https://helenair.com/news/state-and-regional/council-struggles-with-hunter-landowner-stewardship-education/article_57da65d0-6eb7-5c0d-b46e-ad6f47407ec4.html
Killexams : Brentwood City Council removes member of Planning Commission

The Brentwood City Council voted to remove David Dolter from the Planning Commission due primarily to what they considered Dolter’s “unprofessional” behavior.

The decision was made at the June 28 meeting, with the council members deliberating on the subject before it was ultimately decided that Dolter would be removed from the commission and that his seat would remain vacant until the next appointment cycle in 2023.

“Mr. Dolter was upset that something had gone back to the Planning Commission and said he did not want it to come back to him,” said Councilmember Jovita Mendoza, referring to an incident in April 2021 that she said was an example of Dolter not performing to the council’s standards. “It seemed like he didn’t want to do his job.”

Mendoza highlighted another example from the same month in which Dolter “took it upon himself to redefine what a business park was” in a way that she said diminished the importance the City Council had put on economic development in those areas. Additionally, Dolter had emailed colleagues in the Planning Commission ahead of a vote on a project and informed them of how he would vote while also informing them he would tell the project applicant to appeal the decision to the City Council if the decision was not in the applicant’s favor, as Dolter was in favor of the project, according to Mendoza.

In a letter to the city council dated June 9, Dolter acknowledged that he should have behaved differently regarding the email exchange.

“To begin, I fully support and understand that I serve at the pleasure of the Council and that I can be removed from the Planning Commission at any time for any reason, or no reason,” Dolter said in the letter. “Additionally, I offer my humble apologies for an email transgression that occurred approximately 15 months ago. It was bad judgment on my part, it hasn’t occurred since and won’t happen again. Training in this area for all commissioners, and the Council, is highly recommended to avoid conflict with open meeting laws but more importantly, to keep faith with the public. To this point, mention was made of my prior service as a planning commissioner (Town of Moraga) and that somehow, I should have known better. This prior service was several decades ago, and the open meeting laws have changed during this time as have their judicial interpretations... again underscoring the need for continuing education.”

Vice Mayor Johnny Rodriguez cast the sole vote against Dolter’s removal. Rodriguez acknowledged that Dolter needed to work on his attitude, but did not believe that was grounds for dismissal.

“Obviously maybe he needs to work on his demeanor and maybe we don’t agree with some of the things he’s saying or doing,” Rodriguez said. “But is that also grounds to remove somebody? I hate being part of groups that everybody agrees with each other. Sometimes it’s good to have a different perspective.”

Mendoza was not the only councilmember concerned by Dolter’s conduct. Karen Rarey brought up an email sent to the City Council by Rod Flohr, a Brentwood resident and frequent participant in meetings, in which Flohr informed the council that Dolter had allegedly called the traffic engineer an ‘idiot’ on social media.

“I am not happy with any kind of unprofessional presentation,” Mayor Joel Bryant said during the discussion. He expressed concern that Dolter, as well as other members of city government, had behaved in ways that did not live up to the standards residents should expect from their civic leaders.

Following the meeting, Dolter gave his perspective on the decision in an email.

“Without the benefit of allowing me to defend myself, the Council saw fit to remove me from the Commission,” Dolter said. “I acknowledged their absolute right to do so for any reason, or even no reason at all. On the night in question, a feckless majority bought into the Mendoza diatribe of innuendo, character assassination, misinformation and outright falsehoods.”

According to an email from Mendoza, Dolter had been presented with the opportunity to speak at the meeting on his own behalf but did not do that. Mendoza said it appeared that Dolter was not a participant in the meeting.

Dolter said that the friction between the Planning Commission and the City Council stemmed from second-guessing and micromanagement of the commission’s decisions from a “vocal minority” within the council.

“I have apologized to my colleagues if they thought my behavior out of bounds,” Dolter said. “This commission is a good one and the citizenry should be pleased. But the city council is another matter.”

Mendoza offered a rebuttal to Dolter’s comments.

“Removing a commissioner is never an easy decision and not something I take lightly,” she said in an email. “It would be irresponsible to the people of Brentwood if I witnessed something and did not bring it forward. I watch every single meeting and after witnessing multiple comments made by Mr. Dolter found it necessary, for the future of our city, to take the initiative to bring it to the city council to discuss.”

Mendoza’s full statement, as well as a letter Dolter sent to the council, can be read in full below

Jovita Mendoza's full statement:

Removing a commissioner is never an easy decision and not something I take lightly. It would be irresponsible to the people of Brentwood if I witnessed something and did not bring it forward. I watch every single meeting and after witnessing multiple comments made by Mr. Dolter found it necessary, for the future of our city, to take the initiative to bring it to the city council to discuss.  During the meeting I presented direct quotes and information from the planning commission videos that concerned me. Mr. Dolter was provided an opportunity during public comment to speak, he chose not to exercise that option. I also did not see him on the zoom meeting as a participant.

 After our discussion the council decided 4-1 for the removal of Mr. Dolter.  The mayor expressed concerns around Mr. Dolter not following the General Plan after Mayor Bryant, along with others, spent years on a committee to create it.

 The council did receive an email from Mr. Dolter earlier in the month where he did not express any change in direction in the way he is interpreting his role and the General Plan.

 At no point is this a “cancel culture” moment, this is an instance where a council must act when a commissioner is not reflective of the body that appointed him to the role. I invite everyone to watch the council meeting from June 28th, item E.1, for the details behind the request for removal.

David Dolter's June 9 letter to City Council:

Honorable Mayor and City Councilmembers:

Thank you for the opportunity to respond regarding your recent discussion regarding my potential

removal from the Planning Commission.

To begin, I fully support and understand that I serve at the pleasure of the Council and that I can be

removed from the Planning Commission at any time for any reason, or no reason. Additionally, I offer

my humble apologies for an email transgression that occurred approximately 15 months ago. It was bad

judgement on my part, it hasn’t occurred since and won’t happen again. Training in this area for all

commissioners, and the Council, is highly recommended to avoid conflict with open meeting laws but

more importantly, to keep faith with the public. To this point, mention was made of my prior service as

a planning commissioner (Town of Moraga) and that somehow, I should have known better. This prior

service was several decades ago, and the open meeting laws have changed during this time as have their

judicial interpretations... again underscoring the need for continuing education.

However, statements made by certain Councilmembers require a response and I have some

observations that might be helpful going forward.

First, I resent the unfounded, unsubstantiated, false, and malicious personal attacks on my character

and integrity. It was remarkably unprofessional conduct, particularly during a public meeting.

Apparently, some council members are content to repeat the slanderous statements of a fractious few

who are mistakenly believed to represent the public at large.

I’m blessed to have many “friends” in and outside of the community, including fellow seniors, veterans,

elected and appointed public officials, trade unions, contractors, real estate developers, builders, fire

fighters and police officers, among others. The city is in a sad place if the litmus test for a commission

seat is whether you are, or have been associated with, any of these. Inuendo and cancel culture have no

place in the discussion of competence to serve on city advisory boards.

Secondly, unlike the Ten Commandments, the general plan is not cast in stone. Like the Bible, the Quran

and the Constitution, it’s subject to interpretation. This is accomplished in a democratic process, often

the result of a land use application. Following public comments and discussion, a vote is taken, usually,

but not always, unanimous. An analysis of the Commission’s voting pattern will show I have been on the

losing side several times.

In conclusion, I’d like to commend the commission and planning staff. My colleagues are prepared,

diligent and thorough. In my view our planning staff is superb – excellent and detailed, providing

guidance and alternatives, with fine support from the city attorney’s office.

It will be a relief to many that, if not removed beforehand, it’s my intention to not seek reappointment.

I will stay involved in the community since I regard civic duty an honor as well as a responsibility.

On hopefully a humorous endnote: don’t provide my successors with so many business cards... they

may not be around long enough to hand them all out!

s/ David Dolter, Brentwood California

Thu, 07 Jul 2022 04:35:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.thepress.net/news/brentwood-city-council-removes-member-of-planning-commission/article_ccd54e1a-fe12-11ec-8ff8-0fe8fe66950f.html
Killexams : EC starts dispatch of ballot boxes, papers for Presidential poll

They were handed over to the assistant returning officers under appropriate security measures

They were handed over to the assistant returning officers under appropriate security measures

The Election Commission on Tuesday kicked off the distribution of ballot boxes, ballot papers, pens and other sealed materials for the Presidential polls to be held in the State Assemblies on July 18.

The designated teams from the States and the Union Territories of Delhi and Puducherry have begun collecting the election materials from the EC headquarters. In a statement, the EC said they were handed over to the assistant returning officers under appropriate security measures, and Delhi Police teams escorted them.

“The AROs return to their respective States/UTs on the same day as the collection of the election materials. During the transportation, the ballot boxes fly on a separate air ticket in the front row of aircraft beside the seat of the officer transporting the materials under personal supervision,” the EC said.

It tweeted the photo of one of the State’s air ticket that included “Mr. Ballot Box” as the passenger, between two officers. An EC official said the ballot boxes were being transported solely by air since 2017. Due to weather conditions, the ballot box for Himachal Pradesh was sent via road on Tuesday, the official said.

Interacting with the AROs who had come to collect the materials, Chief Election Commission Rajiv Kumar “asked the officials to be vigilant and ensure strict adherence to protocols and guidelines for transportation and storage of election materials, including ballot boxes and ballot papers”, the EC statement said.

Tue, 12 Jul 2022 05:16:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/ec-starts-dispatch-of-ballot-boxes-papers-for-presidential-poll/article65630598.ece
Killexams : 2022’s 30 Under 30 EC&M Electrical All Stars: Jonathan Lotcyz

Jonathan Lotycz

Job Title: Journeyman and Foreman  

Company: Industrial Power Systems

Location: Rossford, Ohio 

Age: 26

Years on the Job: 7

Interests: Traveling to the Upper Pennisula in Michigan to ride his snowmobile, having fun with his family, riding a jet ski, and spending time outdoors

While working on his dad’s new house and wiring luminaires in the basement, John Lotcyz’s uncle introduced him to the trade. He then attended the Tiffin Trade School for electrical trades and participated in Sentinal Team Works, which competed and won top awards in the state and national competitions.

After his high school graduation, he continued his education in the electrical field at a non-union shop. He was then accepted into the union and recently wrapped up a five-year apprenticeship.

As a general foreman, he starts out every work day by ensuring he has the proper safety paperwork and his workers have the correct PPE. He then outlines the tasks for the day, but he says he is open-minded to other ways to get the job done.

“There are multiple ways to do every single task, and we are always looking for the easiest and cheapest ways to complete a quality install, especially with the price of everything nowadays,” he says.

In his role, he said communication is the most challenging part of the job, followed by computer skills. While he said he has never been a tech-savvy person, he is learning a lot about computers in his role and is always looking for new tools.

“I am a firm believer in the right tool for the right job, so if there is a new tool that I see in the industry that will make the job go faster, I see if we can get it,” he says.

Ten years down the road, he would like to have five rental properties, a dream house, and be married with two kids. To reach these goals, he plans to work even outside of working hours.

“You’re not going to hit your goals if you’re working 40 hours a week,” he says. “When you get tired, you keep pushing through. If you get that little more done, then you can then be that much closer to your goals in life.”

Wed, 13 Jul 2022 08:42:00 -0500 text/html https://www.ecmweb.com/construction/article/21245048/2022s-30-under-30-ecm-electrical-all-stars-jonathan-lotcyz
Killexams : Barbuda MP, Council Chair owe gov’t over EC$140K in legal costs for Privy Council land case

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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

Two Barbudans may have to fork out EC$141,000 to pay the government’s legal fees after they lost a case they took to the Privy Council, claiming that Barbudans owned land on the sister isle in common.

Member of Parliament for Barbuda, Trevor Walker, and current Chairman of the Barbuda Council, Mackenzie Frank, launched the case against the central government following the passage of the Paradise Found Act (2015). The latter legislation nullified critical sections of the Barbuda Land Act 2007 which spoke to ownership of land in Barbuda.

The case was heard on May 3 with the London-based court – the twin island nation’s final appellate court – pledging a timely delivery of its judgment on the matter, which has been a weighty political issue for years.

In June, the Privy Council announced it had dismissed Walker and Frank’s claim, saying it had no realistic prospect of succeeding and that the Court of Appeal had been correct to strike it out previously.

When asked if government planned to waive its claim for legal costs, Information Minister Melford Nicholas told media yesterday, “The Attorney General did present the cost, and whether or not even in leveraging the cost the claimants are in the position to pay, that is another matter for determination, but I think this is the way the legal process works.

“The claimants will have to make a determination as to their ability to pay and whether or not they will need further consideration,” he added.

Attempts to reach the claimants in the matter were unsuccessful up to news time.

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Thu, 07 Jul 2022 12:32:00 -0500 en-GB text/html https://antiguaobserver.com/barbuda-mp-council-chair-owe-govt-over-ec140k-in-legal-costs-for-privy-council-land-case/
Killexams : Panneerselvam moves Election Commission against AIADMK general council decisions

The AIADMK’s deposed coordinator, O. Panneerselvam, has lodged a complaint with Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar, terming the July 11 meetings of the party’s general council and executive “totally unauthorised”, having been held “in contravention of the party by-laws”.

In a report sent to Mr. Rajiv Kumar on Monday, Mr.  Panneerselvam contended that an “illegal” notice of invitation was sent out on July 1, “without any signature” and “in the name of the headquarters office-bearers”, to all members of the executive and the general council for the July 11 meetings. The Madras High Court had rejected the application for an interim injunction on the meetings, and “necessary steps’‘ were being taken to file an appeal against the order. Subsequently, the executive and the general council met, carried out 16 amendments to the by-laws and adopted a special resolution to expel him and his supporters from the party. 

Mr. Panneerselvam, who sent the report in the capacity of the AIADMK’s “coordinator/treasurer”, reiterated that the term of the office of coordinator — to which he was elected in December 2021 alongside Edappadi K. Palaniswami who was elected as the co-coordinator — was for a period of five years from December 6. This was “duly notified” to the Election Commission and “recognised” by it.

Pointing out that an appeal in the Supreme Court was also being considered, besides in the High Court, he requested the EC “not to take up and rely on such illegal and unlawful resolutions”, which “do not have any legal sanctity” under the party’s by-laws and the Representation of the People Act.

He also accused the rival camp of “preparing manipulated and sworn affidavits, shown to have been obtained” from members of the general council and the executive, for being forwarded to the EC. 

Mr. Panneerselvam requested Mr. Rajiv Kumar not to act upon the resolutions that amended the by-laws as, he observed, the entire process was “illegal and unlawful” and “without the authorisation” of the coordinator and the co-coordinator.

Tue, 12 Jul 2022 13:28:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/tamil-nadu/panneerselvam-moves-election-commission-against-aiadmk-general-council-decisions/article65630903.ece
Killexams : Bulgaria’s Council of Ministers adopted the National Operational Plan for dealing with the Pandemic

Physical distance, wearing protective masks, personal hygiene, ventilation and disinfection, measures at the workplace, temporary ban on entering the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria are the anti-epidemic measures that will come into force depending on the spread of Covid-19 in Bulgaria.

The Council of Ministers adopted the National Operational Plan for dealing with the pandemic, according to which five stages are defined, and for each of them, anti-epidemic measures are prescribed depending on the incidence.

Here are the stages:

Stage 0: low spread of COVID-19; the health system is not overloaded, the measures are recommended

Medical facilities for hospital care are in normal working mode and ready to receive patients.

Persons identified as confirmed cases of COVID-19 are subject to mandatory isolation, and their contact persons are placed under quarantine for a period determined in accordance with Art. 61, para. 7 of the Health Act.

Anti-epidemic measures are recommended - wearing a mask indoors, especially in healthcare facilities, social institutions, public transport; keeping a distance; hygiene; telecommuting when possible.

A requirement to present a certificate of vaccination, re-illness or negative test result is introduced for all arrivals from a country affected by a new dangerous variant of COVID-19.

The recommended measures are in place until the World Health Organization cancels the COVID-19 pandemic or moves to Stage 1.

Stage 1: hospital bed occupancy increases. The measures are mandatory

Medical facilities for hospital care are in normal working mode, and measures have been put in place to screen persons with suspected COVID-19; patient triage is performed.

Medical facilities maintain readiness to restructure available hospital beds, separate patient flows and provide isolation conditions.

Wearing a protective mask in health and social structures, in public transport and other locations with a high risk of infection is mandatory. If possible, we switch to remote work. In daycare centers and schools, there is a morning filter to prevent children with symptoms from attending classes. A filter is also provided in social institutions. The measures remain in force until transition to stage 0 or 1.

Stage 2: sustained trend of increasing hospital bed occupancy. Visits are limited, border control is introduced.

Inpatient treatment facilities are in normal working mode, and effective measures have been put in place to screen persons with suspected COVID-19. Hospitals maintain readiness for a higher level of disease spread, restructuring of available hospital beds, separation of patient flows. The conditions for isolation in the structures of the medical institutions (wards/clinics), other than those for infectious diseases, are being expanded.

Wearing a mask is mandatory under stage 1 conditions, as well as in all educational, cultural, sporting institutions and during events involving gatherings of people.

All aircraft arriving from countries with a high incidence (over 400 per 100,000 population) must provide a certificate of vaccination, re-illness or negative test.

A requirement is introduced not to allow more than 1 person per 8 m2 in commercial establishments.

Visits to medical facilities and specialized institutions are limited, visits are allowed only for patients with a stay of more than 5 days, at the discretion of a doctor.

Extracurricular activities and gatherings of children and youth are limited. Mixing of students from different classes is not allowed. Mandatory registration of the daily number of students absent for medical reasons is introduced. The measures remain in force until moving to Stage 1 or Stage 3.

Stage 3: epidemic spread of COVID-19, the health system is overwhelmed. Planned hospital admissions are limited, testing is introduced in schools.

All active treatment hospitals participate. In this phase, the medical facilities transform the existing bed stock and provide beds for the treatment of patients with COVID-19 on the basis of the existing therapeutic beds for active treatment. Scheduled admission and treatment is limited, except for hospital treatment that cannot be postponed without medical risk to the patient.

Wearing a mask is also mandatory outdoors when gathering people. Remote work is introduced, if possible for 50% of the staff. There is border control of those entering the country at land and water border points and a requirement for a certificate if the arrivals have resided in countries with a high incidence (over 500 per 100,000).

Visits to medical institutions and social services are suspended, an exception is allowed only for visits to patients in the terminal stage of the disease.

Testing for COVID-19 is introduced in educational institutions, social institutions.

Group activities that are not of a professional nature are suspended; on-site training in schools in separate settlements, districts when 20% absence of students and/or staff is reached.

Mass events are limited, especially in closed spaces (visits to sports, cultural and other events). The activities (capacity) of objects with a mass visit of people (more than 20 people) are limited - theaters, cinemas, sports halls and stadiums, discotheques, restaurants, etc.

Attending classes in higher education institutions are limited by introducing shift training, conducting non-attending lecture courses, etc. The measures are in force until moving to Stage 2 or Stage 4

Stage 4: peak in the spread of COVID-19, an emergency epidemic situation is declared

All active treatment hospitals participate. In multi-specialty hospitals, no less than 10% capacity of the available beds is maintained for the treatment of patients with other pathologies.

When the capacity of hospitals is filled, with permanent detention and an increase in morbidity, actions are taken to open temporary structures for treatment by using the capacity of military field hospitals, suitable public buildings, incl. hotels, etc., in which additional beds are opened and medical specialists from medical facilities are used for outpatient care, health facilities, etc.

More than 50% of staff are transitioning to remote work (if possible). Business continuity plans are being developed and implemented in all sectors, with critical infrastructure and medical facilities being of particular importance.

A certificate of vaccination, re-illness or negative test is required for all arrivals in the country.

On-site training in schools and universities, mass events (sports, cultural, etc.) are suspended. The activities of objects with a mass visit of people (more than 20 people) are suspended - theaters, cinemas, sports halls, etc. The measures remain in place until moving to Stage 3.

When Stage 4 is registered, even in one area, an emergency epidemic situation is declared for the territory of the country. Anti-epidemic measures are introduced by order of the Minister of Health, as prescribed in the Health Act.

Measures in stages 0-4 can be applied at the regional or national level.

Stage 5: Recovery phase

The number of people infected with the coronavirus infection decreases to the values ​​​​in Stages 1-0. Medical facilities are gradually reducing the additional beds opened and moving to normal mode while maintaining the possibility of treating patients in conditions of isolation, in case of suspicion or in case of hospitalization of patients with coronavirus infection.

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Fri, 15 Jul 2022 00:53:00 -0500 text/html https://www.novinite.com/articles/215928/Bulgaria%E2%80%99s+Council+of+Ministers+adopted+the+National+Operational+Plan+for+dealing+with+the+Pandemic
Killexams : End of rapid Covid test and telehealth subsidies criticised – as it happened

Key events:

A new campaign has launched today to tackle racism by the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Chin Tan, the race discrimination commissioner, was on ABC Radio this morning discussing the campaign he says calls on all Australians to reflect on the causes and impacts of racism, not only on its victims but Australia’s collective wellbeing as a society.

Tan said the government hasn’t funded the campaign itself but its framework. Tan said the funding for the campaign had come from the corporate and private sector.

Sarah Collard, Guardian Australia’s Indigenous affairs reporter, has more on how the campaign was partly funded by a disaffected former Collingwood football club sponsor.

Cronulla beach washed away by rowdy surf

The dangerous surf conditions along the NSW coast is causing massive erosion on Sydney’s Cronulla beach.

The North Cronulla lifeguard tower even had to be lifted out of reach of the dangerous surf via crane last night.

The St George and Sutherland Shire Leader is reporting that “the tower had been perilously close to falling into the ocean after being undermined by another big swell on the weekend.”

The Leader said that the Sutherland Shire Council ordered its removal early on Monday with the main section lifted off after 8pm.

Mayor of the Sutherland Shire Council, Carmelo Pesce, told the Leader a new seawall at North Cronulla beach was provided for in a draft plan of management, which had recently been finalised and the council was also seeking state government assistance to repair beaches.

You can read the full exclusive here.

‘We have had some half a billion scam calls blocked’

Michelle Rowland, the communications minister, was on the ABC earlier this morning saying the new rules for mobile phone companies come as text scams are rising:

This is the first time there has been this explicit obligation on telecommunications companies to have the capabilities in place to identify, trace and block scam texts.

We have seen a rise in the number of scam texts that are occurring. These are predominantly run by criminals who are sophisticated. Some of them in Australia, many overseas, but the technology needs to keep up with that in order to keep Australians safe.

Rowland is asked about the scepticism Andy Penn, the CEO of Telstra, has expressed that the new rules can actually deliver for consumers because of the difficulty stopping scam messages.

She said the technology has become more sophisticated to enable these scam texts to be identified:

We know for a fact as the evidence shows, in just over a year since we have had obligations in place about scam calls, we have had some half a billion scam calls being blocked.

Will this mean that every scam call, every scam text and every scam email will no longer reach innocent Australian consumers? The honest answer is no. But we can make it better and we can ensure that there is consistency across the industry so that consumers have confidence that no matter who their provider is.

Abbott pays tribute to Abe

Tony Abbott is on ABC Radio paying tribute to Japan’s former prime minister Shinzo Abe – “the best friend Australia has ever had from Japan”.

Abbott said Abe’s designing the Quad is “the reason India is there”, which might not have been the case had it been designed by the US.

Tony Abbott with Barack Obama and Shinzo Abe at the 2014 G20 summit in Brisbane. Photograph: Getty Images

He said he didn’t believe the criticisms of Abe as a WW2 revisionist are valid.

History shouldn’t be used a stick ... that’s what China has tended to do with Japan.

Abbott is asked about the whether the new government should be given credit for the step-up in the Pacific. He said the new government was “being absolutely active in the Pacific as it should be. Good on them.”

Asked whether it was a mistake not to send Marise Paine under the coalition government, Abbott said: “That’s dirty water under the bridge.”

Asked whether the opposition should support a yes vote in referendum on Uluru Statement of the Heart, Abbott reinforced he did not support an Aboriginal voice in parliament and said the opposition was right to ask for more detail.

‘They need to get their story straight’

Jim Chalmers is asked about Sussan Ley’s calls to cancel the jobs and skills summit and Angus Taylor’s call for a seat at the table:

They need to get their story straight.

Asked about whether independents will be invited, Chalmers said the invitation list hasn’t been finalised:

A hundred people sounds like a lot of people until you see who’s in the first list and who might not be.

Even for the people who aren’t in the 100, we will find ways to consult with them in meaningful ways, including all parts of the parliament.

When it comes to invitations for the opposition, Chalmers says:

We will consider people who want to be there on their merits. Let’s see if the opposition is actually serious. I think what you just quoted from yesterday, where one person was saying it should be cancelled, another person was insisting on being invited. Let’s see if they’re serious first.

I mean, they have had to bring people together in the way that we hope to bring people together. They didn’t do that. The big reason why we’ve had this waste a decade of missed opportunities in the economy, whether its energy policy chaos, or not enough Australians trained for key roles. We need to see if they’re serious, they haven’t shown so far that they are.

Chalmers on a ‘wasted decade’

Treasurer Jim Chalmers is on ABC Radio discussing the jobs and skills summit he and the prime minister announced yesterday which will take place in September:

There are a whole range of issues here which have combined to create what I think has been a wasted decade of missed opportunities in the economy. Too much division, too much looking for the things which divide us rather than a common ground. There’s more common ground in these areas than people realise.

Asked about the calls from business to include a temporary two-year increase in skilled migration to increase it to 200,000 places a year, Chalmers says migration shouldn’t be considered the only solution when it comes to the challenges facing the workforce:

We’ve had a quite unusual period when it comes to migration and as we emerge from it, we should work together to get the settings right but what I want to make sure we don’t see this as the one lever that you would pull to solve our issues and inflation and wages and labor shortages and skill shortages.

We can get migration right without seeing it as a substitute for doing all of the other things in the economy, which will get that wages growth and fill these skills shortages and deliver the right kind of prosperity that we want to see into the future.

‘The Pacific is the part of the world where the US rightly looks to Australia to lead’

Australia’s defence minister, Richard Marles, has warned of the use of “force or coercion” in the South China Sea and “intensification of major power competition” – references to China’s rising power in the Indo-Pacific.

Richard Marles at a military ceremony on Monday in Arlington, US. Photograph: Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP

Marles made the comments in a speech to the Center for Strategic and International Studies on his visit to the US, committing Australia to closer cooperation with the US, higher defence spending and to address climate change in part as a national security issue:

All of us here today understand the challenges we face: a military build-up occurring at a rate unseen since world war two; the development and deployment of new weapons that challenge our military capability edge; expanding cyber and grey zone capabilities which blur the line between peace and conflict; and the intensification of major power competition in ways that both concentrate and transcend geographic confines.

These trends compel an even greater Australian focus on the Indo-Pacific. For the first time in decades we are thinking hard about the security of our strategic geography, the viability of our trade and supply routes, and above all the preservation of an inclusive regional order founded on rules agreed by all, not the coercive capabilities of a few. In particular we worry about use of force or coercion to advance territorial claims, as is occurring in the South China Sea, and its implications for the any number of places in the Indo-Pacific where borders or sovereignty is disputed.

On Australia’s relationship with the Pacific, where Australia is racing to persuade nations not to follow Solomon Islands’ lead in signing a security pact with China, Marles said:

The Pacific is where Australia must invest in effective regionalism by reinforcing the Pacific Islands Forum and other regional institutions that are so key to regional resilience and agency. We must do this not only because of our unique connections to the Pacific but because Pacific security so directly impacts on our own security.

Given this reality, the Pacific is the part of the world where the United States rightly looks to Australia to lead. And we will.

We will not take our status for granted. Pacific Island countries have choices about their partners. And we will work to earn their trust. The Pacific has been clear in saying that geopolitical competition is of lesser concern to them than the threat of rising sea levels, economic insecurity and transnational crime. Australia respects and understands this position. And we are listening. And while we will not ask our partners to pick a side, I am confident that an Australia which collaborates and invests in shared priorities with the Pacific is an Australia which will be the natural partner of choice for the Pacific.

SMS scam protections

Australians will be better protected from text message scams as new regulations for telecommunications companies come into effect today.

The code, registered by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (Acma) today, will require the companies to trace, identify and block SMS scam messages, and publish information for customers on how to identify and report scams.

Mobile phone companies could face up to $250,000 in fines for failing to comply with the new code.

Reporter Josh Taylor has more:

Covid reinfection period reduced to four weeks in NSW as new Omicron subvariant able to reinfect after 28 days

NSW Health today announced that – effective immediately – the Covid reinfection period is now four weeks, down from 12.

It follows similar moves by the WA and ACT governments yesterday, in line with advice from the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee. Tasmania had already changed its reinfection period on Friday last week.

Anyone in the state experiencing Covid symptoms from 28 days after their isolation ends is now required to test for the virus.

In a statement, the chief health officer, Kerry Chant, said the new advice was due to the Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants “circulating widely in NSW”:

They are more able to evade immunity gained from previous infection and vaccination reinfection is more likely and possible just weeks after a prior infection.
  • This post was amended on 12 July to add the date Tasmania changed the reinfection period.

Good morning!

Prime minister Anthony Albanese is due to make the opening speech at the Sydney Energy Forum today. He will tell the forum Australia has rejoined the ranks of “trusted global partners” on climate action.

He’ll be making the speech before travelling to the Pacific Islands Forum in Fiji, where leaders are set to meet later in the week.

Covid-19 hospitalisations are surging in Australia from the winter Omicron wave, with pressures on hospitals leading to some elective surgeries being cancelled and paramedics overwhelmed.

In NSW the Covid reinfection period has been reduced to four weeks down from 12 weeks previously, from today.

The first monkeypox case has been detected in Queensland. The state’s authorities say the public health risk is “very low” but it comes after community transmission was found in NSW last week.

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Killexams : Cove council to consider pay bump for some city staff positions

Copperas Cove employees who work in a Public Works position or a community service labor position could see a bump in their pay in the near future.

The Copperas Cove City Council will hear a request from the city for the pay increase at Thursday’s city council meeting.

City officials are proposing a pay increase of $1.75-$3.50 per hour for all affected positions — a little more than 100 employees. The city is also recommending an increase in the Commercial Driver’s License incentive from $50 to $100.

“The City of Copperas Cove has not paid the average compensation amount for each type of position at least in the (past) 11 years,” the council agenda reads. “The City’s pay rates are below comparable cities and industries, and in the last 12 months are significantly lower than the market average.”

According to the agenda, many of the public works/parks positions are vacant and are generating little interest from qualified candidates. Several supervisors are now making a wage/salary that some cities pay for non-supervisory positions, according to the city.

Should the council approve of the changes, two subsequent public hearings would be required, with the city aiming for implementation of the new wage rates as early as August, according to Kevin Keller, the city’s public relations director.

Additionally, all employees in the city are expected to receive a cost of living adjustment, which was initially proposed to be 3%. The final COLA rate is up to the city council when it officially approves the budget in August.

Other items on the agenda include:

Consideration and possible action on the sponsorship agreement with Raising Cane’s, L.L.C. for the sponsorship of a dog park

Consideration and possible action to authorize the Copperas Cove Fire Department to purchase radio tower infrastructure

Consideration and possible action to select a firm to do a utility rate study for water, sewer, solid waste and drainage

A workshop will precede the regular meeting. It is expected to begin at 5 p.m. Thursday with the regular meeting to follow at 6 p.m. or 10 minutes after the conclusion of the workshop.

Meetings occur within the council chambers at 508 S. Second St. in Copperas Cove. The meetings are also broadcast on Spectrum Channel 10, and they are also streamed live on the city’s YouTube page.

Wed, 06 Jul 2022 12:26:00 -0500 en text/html https://kdhnews.com/copperas_cove_herald/cove-council-to-consider-pay-bump-for-some-city-staff-positions/article_16d5e998-fd7d-11ec-8406-bfa865f5c8d7.html
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