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Killexams : SUN Certified outline - BingNews Search results Killexams : SUN Certified outline - BingNews Killexams : A Sun Spots birthday card sampler

By Sun Journal

If I gathered all the thank-you letters I’ve received during my tenure, they would fill this whole section of the Sunday paper and then some. Here’s a trial of birthday notes. I’m so lucky!

Dear Sun Spots: Happy 50th birthday to Sun Spots, which has been an incredible blessing to so many people for all these years!

I’m not sure how many Ms. Sun Spots there have been, but I knew the first one personally. Regardless of the number, each one has touched her readers with her helpful, caring manner.

You go out of your way to dig out the answers to our many questions and have been a lifesaver to nonprofit organizations, helping them raise funds for their special needs. Danville Junction Grange is so indebted to you for all the help you have given us! You have also aided many individuals who have needed your help.

I honestly think, however, that the secret to the popularity of the Sun Spots column is YOU, Ms. Sun Spots. You have such a warm, caring, and down-to-earth manner that most people think of you as the friend next door. I love your personal comments! It’s obvious that you love people and really like your job.

I’m hoping that the Sun Spots column will continue for many years, and that you will continue to be at the helm for many of those, Ms. Sun Spots. HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY, SUN SPOTS!

— Glenys, Auburn

* * *

Dear Sun Spots: Your column is such a help for organizations like the Grange, local churches, and for individuals. It’s fun, folksy and always informative – information, recipes, lost and found — Sun Spots has it all. It’s a bright spot in the day and the first thing we turn to in the paper. Keep up the good work.

— Barbara, Poland

* * *

Dear Sun Spots: I’ve read the Sun Spots column since we moved to Mechanic Falls in 1986. I always find interesting things in the articles published. My favorite column was when Ms. Sun Spots asked for money-saving ideas. The column was full of all kinds of ideas and it became a regular feature in the paper for quite a few months. With the rising inflation we are now experiencing, it might be something to consider bringing back!

Thank you, Mrs. Sunspots, for sharing my coffee with me throughout the years.

— Nancy, Mechanic Falls

* * *

Dear Sun Spots: I wish you the best 50th birthday possible as you certainly deserve it. I can only wish you all the good things and happiness you have given all of us whom you have helped and cheered with your column.

I also want you to know you are the main reason I buy the Sun Journal since the world news and politics are at the bottom of my “inspirational” reading.

You helped me with my stamp collecting several years ago, assisted friends with finding copies of their old high school yearbooks, and have found answers and allowed us to extend thank-yous to all the great readers who step up to help.

I just can’t say enough good things. I don’t want my letter to be too long to be printed!

— Virginia, South Paris

* * *

Dear Sun Spots: Your column is my first stop when reading the LSJ! Not just for your massive Rolodex, heartwarming stories of others paying for dinner/lunch and then paying it forward that restores feelings of kindness, but for your amazing forum to help find lost items.

I personally received my “Christmas Miracle” utilizing these services in 2019. While Christmas shopping, unbeknownst to me, the clasp on my necklace broke and I lost it, including a very sentimental charm.

After a sleepless night it came to me: Ms. Sun Spots! I wrote to you and you published my letter. Within days a reader returned my necklace and charm to the LSJ office. Getting that call was amazing! You provided info on the angel who found my necklace/charm. When I met the finder of the necklace and I gave her a gift of appreciation, she told me she knew it must be very special to someone. I am forever grateful to her, and of course, to Ms. Sun Spots!

— AnnMarie, South Paris

* * *

Dear Sun Spots: You have helped so many of us and we appreciate you so much. One of those times was when our priest left his cane on the back of his car and it was lost. You came through even though we never did find it. We appreciated that you got the message out and people were looking. You are one of the first things I read with interest every morning in my epaper. For all that you share, we love ya!!!

— Karen, Hebron

Editor’s note: To those readers who wrote congratulatory letters that arrived after the deadline, those letters will be published in upcoming Sun Spots as they come in.

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Killexams : Sun Transit in Scorpio - November 2022

Sun in Scorpio sign November 2022

The Sun is the king of the planetdom, the royal presence, and the significator of the father in a Kundli. This November 16th, 2022, Sun is transiting the sign of Scorpio/ the Vrishchik rasi, according to Vedic (sidereal) calculations. The Sun transits each sign of the zodiac in the mid-calendar month and marks the beginning of a month that belongs to a rasi. In many Indian states, the day is considered to be auspicious, almost like the beginning of a new year. Hence cleaning the house, special poojas, and prayers are done to mark the auspiciousness of the transit. The change of the Sun from one rasi to the other is called sankrama, and it happens on a Sankranthi. The following weekdays also gain significance, like the first Monday, the first Tuesday, and so on.

According to Mantreshwara, 'The Sun is the significator of the person's collection of copper and gold, And of father, patience, valor, victory in war, one's soul (Atman), auspiciousness, happiness, prowess, power, light, any work relating to Lord Shiva, travels in forests and mountains, havans or yajnas, Inclinations for work, temple, acuteness, enthusiasm.'

Let us see how Sun's transit in Scorpio zodiac sign sheds light on each rasi.

Aries (Mesha)

Sun being the natural lord of the fifth, the transit of Sun in Scorpio, the eighth house, indicates a 'not so rosy time' for romance and having fun! Lack of confidence and vigor may also show up during this time. Pay heed to your wife's words, as you could avert any loss with her support.

Taurus (Vrishabha)

Fights with your spouse are indicated as the Sun transit in Scorpio is in your seventh rasi. There could be health issues for them as well. As Venus transit is also happening in Scorpio for the whole time Sun is going to stay in the rasi, marital bliss is going to be burnt up by the Sun's heat. But for the unmarried folks, this transit of the Sun could bring marriage. Buying new vehicles or getting institutional support in finance are also indicated.

Gemini (Mithuna)

The Sun being the third house lord of Gemini, now hops into the sixth house. Serious care must be given to one's health. Your hard work will pay off. You will receive gains from the government. You will succeed in competitive situations like exams. You could also have minor tiffs with younger siblings. If you are looking for an opportunity to go abroad, this could be it!

Cancer (Karka)

For Cancer natives, the sun transit in Vrishchik rasi is in their fifth house of poorva janma punya, education, kids, and love. The Sun being the natural karaka of the second house for Cancer, you have to be careful about your speech, especially if you are in a romantic relationship. Ego would get in the way of reconciliation. Students will get a greater push toward their studies. Money flow is also indicated by the eleventh aspect of the Sun. You would place your family first in everything.

Leo ( Simha )

The Sun transit in Scorpio is in its fourth house, which is the house of domestic happiness and mother. Sun is the lord of Leo, and when Sun transits Scorpio, there is a possibility of some domestic squabbles and issues related to the health of the mother that needs to be addressed. Gains through property-related business are seen in the Sun in Scorpio. Your work environment will improve, and your social status will become better.

Virgo (Kanya)

Sun transits the third house of Vrishchik rasi, wherein the Sun is the natural karaka of the twelfth house for Virgo. You will do hard work and reverse your luck and regain what you have lost. You may go on a pilgrimage. Invest your money carefully. You will shine well in businesses, but you have to be careful about impulsive buying.

Libra (Thula)

Sun is the natural eleventh house lord of Libra. The Sun transit in Scorpio in the second house brings financial gains to Libra. This is the best time to make investments and start new businesses. As the natural second lord, Mars is in the eighth during the transit; you should take care of your fixed assets.

Scorpio (Vrishchik)

The natural lord of the tenth house, the Sun transits Scorpio to bring in positiveness to work. You will have the drive to work harder, and you will get rewarded for the same. You could get benefits from the government as well. You could feel dominance towards your spouse, do keep that in check. You could benefit from alliances with foreigners. Health-wise, you would be susceptible to migraines, blood pressure, or fever.

Sagittarius (Dhanus)

The natural ninth house lord falls in the twelfth house during this transit of the Sun in Scorpio. You should be careful in making decisions. Your father's well-being must be taken care of. If you are a student, there could be impediments to your progress.

Capricorn (Makara)

The natural lord of the eight now hops onto your eleventh house with this transit in Vrishchik rasi. You will have a sudden increase in the flow of income. This transit will be rewarding, Capricorn folks! And you will become more popular among your friends and in networks. You would share secrets with your friends.

Aquarius (Kumbh)

The lord of the seventh house will visit your tenth house during this sun transit in Scorpio. It is a lucky time to climb up the career ladder. You will deal with your workplace duties efficiently and its ease. You could look into the well-being of your mother, and you will experience domestic bliss.

Pisces (Meena)

Your father's health could suffer during this transit of the Sun, where your sixth lord is transiting your ninth house. A lot of hard work will be expected from you. If you are a philanthropist, you will gain accolades for your dedication and selflessness in service.

Those whose reading was favorable can let their hair down!! Others can follow remedies to propitiate Sun, like fasting on Sundays; donating red clothes, food, wheat, and red sandalwood on Sundays. Avoiding salt is also a remedy recommended. Reciting Aditya Hrudaya stotra, which was advised to Lord Ram on the battlefield in his war against the formidable Ravan, is also a recommended remedy. But do bear in mind that all prayers and rituals will get to fruition only when done with dedication and when your actions do not cause harm to others!

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Killexams : Ski Report No result found, try new keyword!Arizona Snowbowl — Wed 5:59a machine groomed 24 - 24 base 9 of 48 trails 19% open, 4 of 8 lifts, Mon-Fri: 9a-4p; Sat/Sun: 9a-4p. Sunrise Park — Wed Reopen 12/09 packed powder machine groomed ... Wed, 07 Dec 2022 23:06:00 -0600 text/html Killexams : Powerful Bombs and Solar Snake Appear on Surface of Sun

The sun has had an active few months, developing Ellerman bombs and solar snakes on its surface.

Sunspot AR3140 was recently seen exploding its "bombs, and the European Space Agency's (ESA) Solar Orbiter probe spotted a cylinder of gases snaking through the sun's magnetic field in September.

Ellerman bombs occur in areas of the sun's surface with strong magnetic fields. Named after physicist Ferdinand Ellerman, who studied them in the 1900s, the bombs are magnetic explosions caused by opposite polarities colliding. While the explosions are one-millionth as powerful as normal solar flares, they are still immensely energetic, releasing as much energy as 100,000 World War II atomic bombs, according to

"These events are due to a combination of intense magnetic activity and pressure within the outer parts of the sun," Christopher Conselice, an astronomy professor at the University of Manchester, told Newsweek.

"The Ellerman bombs have been known about for over a century, but their origin is still being debated. We observe these as bright features on the surface of the sun, but their ultimate cause is still unknown," Conselice said.

Solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs)—high-energy releases of electromagnetic radiation and solar plasma, respectively—are also associated with areas of higher activity on the sun, so Ellerman bombs can represent a warning bell for more intense solar events.

This image of the sun was taken by the Solar Dynamics Observatory, a NASA mission that has been observing the star since 2010. Beginning in September, solar events like Ellerman bombs and solar snakes have been seen on the sun's surface. NASA/SDO

"They are connected to other solar activity and can indicate that more intense solar flares and CMEs will occur," Conselice said. "The sun is a very active and ever-changing star, and we still don't know how to explain all of the physics behind the activity we see."

The solar snake that was spotted on September 5 by the Solar Orbiter is also an ejection of solar plasma, but it is suspended in a unique way by the sun's magnetic field.

"You're getting plasma flowing from one side to the other, but the magnetic field is really twisted. So you're getting this change in direction because we're looking down on a twisted structure," David Long, an astronomer at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory at University College London, said in an ESA statement.

In the video, the extremely hot plasma—up to 1 million degrees Celsius—is snaking along a long filament of the sun's magnetic field. The ESA has estimated that the snake was traveling at around 170 kilometers per second, or roughly 380,000 mph.

The area that the snake emerged from later erupted in a CME, sending huge amounts of solar plasma into space. This suggests that solar snakes may also be a precursor to larger and more significant solar activities.

These solar events come as the sun inches toward its solar maximum, when it experiences more solar flares and CMEs, increasing in activity as it does. The solar activity follows approximately 11-year cycles, during the middle of which the sun reaches the solar maximum, when this activity is a lot higher than during its minimum.

The last solar minimum occurred in 2019, so our sun is ahead of schedule, being more active than it normally is at this stage in the cycle.

Do you have a tip on a science story that Newsweek should be covering? Do you have a question about solar activity? Let us know via

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Killexams : Maryland Voter Guide 2022

There are five constitutional amendments that will appear statewide on the ballots for the Nov. 8 general election. Additionally, local ballot questions will appear in certain counties, including one local referendum, passed by the General Assembly, that will appear on the ballots in Montgomery County.

See the full list of ballot questions here.
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Killexams : Sun Spots do’s and don’ts — a refresher

Sun Spots Land has some rules — not too many, just enough to keep organized so I don’t feel like I’m herding kittens with oven mitts.

• Include all the details. It’s better to have too much than too little. Never worry about your letter being “too long.” (I know how to edit.)

• Send in the announcement for your fundraising event at least two weeks ahead if possible. If you are just inviting people to come to your event, send it to our community news editors at [email protected] And you can get your event on our events calendar by going to our website and adding an event under the A&E pulldown.

• If you are seeking monetary or in-kind donations for your nonprofit event, offering table rentals, need volunteers, or have other requests, those can be included in the column.

• Sun Spots will publish information about items you are looking for or want to provide away, but items for sale are not accepted. Contact our good people who handle classified ads at 784-5411 for that. It’s inexpensive to place an ad and they’ll make it easy for you.

• Complaints about companies, organizations, or the neighbors; issues with doctor bills or figuring out your taxes; the rudeness of a store clerk or a disagreement with your child’s teacher — all those kinds of things need to be worked out with the parties involved. Those subjects are not Sun Spots material.

• If you aren’t a member of a nonprofit and are looking for a particular item, you must offer compensation unless it’s something people would normally recycle.

• I cannot connect you to another reader except for extraordinary circumstances. I cannot honor requests to answer your questions confidentially either. When you write to Sun Spots, expect your letter to be published. If I’m not certain a letter is appropriate for Sun Spots, I consult with Sun Journal editors before making a final decision.

• All letters must have your name (I only use your first name) and have (preferably) a phone number or at least an email address. I won’t include your name if you ask me not to, but if you are giving away an item, your first name and phone number need to be printed in the column so people can reach you. It’s also helpful for other readers if you list the town you live in so they know how far away you are from them.

Use the form below to reset your password. When you've submitted your account email, we will send an email with a reset code.

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Killexams : Las Vegas Sun - Homepage No result found, try new keyword!In Nevada's race for governor, Democratic incumbent Steve Sisolak was defeated with support for his party among voters under 45 at 54%, somewhat lagging Biden's 61% support in 2020. Posted 2:00 a ... Sun, 11 Dec 2022 10:00:00 -0600 en-US text/html Killexams : Florida lawmakers outline massive reforms for property insurance

TALLAHASSEE — With a special session poised to start Monday, the Florida House and Senate late Friday released proposals that would make far-reaching changes in the state’s financially strapped property-insurance system.

The bills (HB 1A and SB 2A) would take steps to reduce litigation costs, move policies out of the state-backed Citizens Property Insurance Corp., use taxpayer dollars for additional reinsurance to insurers and try to speed up claims.


Despite all the changes, consumers should not expect much help coming their way. House Speaker Paul Renner, R-Palm Coast, acknowledged last month that whatever passes during the special session will not quickly lead to lower rates.

The bills, which each top 100 pages, appeared nearly identical, indicating that House and Senate Republican leaders have agreed on the major details.


“I believe the goal we all share is for Florida to have a robust property insurance market that offers homeowners the opportunity to shop for insurance that meets their needs and budget,” Senate President Kathleen Passidomo, R-Naples, said in a memo to senators. “We also want to make certain that when damage occurs, claims are paid promptly and fairly, so homeowners do not have to contend with time-consuming and expensive litigation. SB 2A continues our efforts to focus on fair costs and strong protections for consumers while adding reasonable guardrails for insurance companies against the frivolous litigation and fraudulent claims that drive up rates for everyone.”

The insurance market has faced massive problems during the past two years, with insurers seeking large rate increases and dropping hundreds of thousands of customers because of financial losses. Citizens, which was created as an insurer of last resort, has seen its policy count more than double to 1.13 million.

Among the key proposed changes:

The Power Lunch - Florida Politics


A lunch-hour look at what's trending in Florida politics.

— The bills would eliminate requirements that property insurers pay the attorney fees of policyholders who successfully file lawsuits over claims. Insurers have long blamed the requirements for spurring litigation and driving up costs, while plaintiffs’ attorneys argue the elimination would make it financially difficult for policyholders to pursue valid lawsuits.

— The bills would largely eliminate a controversial practice known as “assignment of benefits” for property-insurance claims. Policyholders sign over claims to contractors, who ultimately seek payment from insurers. Insurance companies contend that the practice increases lawsuits.

— The bills would seek to push policyholders out of Citizens and into coverage from private carriers. Citizens policyholders would not be able to renew their coverage if they receive policy offers from private insurers that are within 20% of the cost of the Citizens premiums. Citizens officials say the state-backed insurer typically charges less than private insurers, creating a disincentive for policyholders to get coverage in the private market.

— The bills would create the Florida Optional Reinsurance Assistance Program, which would make available additional reinsurance to carriers. Reinsurance, which is essentially backup coverage, plays a crucial role in Florida but has become increasingly expensive and difficult to purchase.

— The bills would make a series of changes related to claims, such as shortening the time frame from 90 days to 60 days for insurers to deny or pay claims. Also, the bills would reduce from two years to one year the time for policyholders to provide notices of loss for initial claims and reopened claims.


The special legislative session will start with one of the noisiest debates likely to focus on attempts to reduce litigation.

“Litigation has caused costs to policyholders and alike to outstrip the premiums that are being paid,” Fred Karlinsky, a prominent insurance lobbyist and attorney with the Greenberg Traurig firm, said Friday night after the bills were released. He added that the bills will “hopefully serve to curb the abuses we have seen proliferate,” while providing balance.

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Killexams : NSW leaders to outline vision for Sydney </head> <body id="readabilityBody" readability="27.959183673469"> <h3>Newscorp Australia are trialling new security software on our mastheads. If you receive "Potential automated action detected!" please try these steps first:</h3> <ol type="1"> <li>Temporarily disable any AdBlockers / pop-up blockers / script blockers you have enabled</li> <li>Add this site in to the allowed list for any AdBlockers / pop-up blockers / script blockers you have enabled</li> <li>Ensure your browser supports JavaScript (this can be done via accessing <a href="" target="_blank"></a> in your browser)</li> <li>Ensure you are using the latest version of your web browser</li> </ol> <p>If you need to be unblocked please e-mail us at and provide the IP address and reference number shown here along with why you require access. News Corp Australia.</p><p>Your IP address is: | Your reference number is: 0.8f386368.1671014532.17d8c6e1</p> </body> </description> <pubDate>Mon, 05 Dec 2022 12:25:00 -0600</pubDate> <dc:format>text/html</dc:format> <dc:identifier></dc:identifier> </item> <item> <title>Killexams : Sun man Joe Hadden poses in England kit in front of Kylian Mbappe’s old apartment block in Paris

THE SUN gave the French an Eiffel ahead of Saturday’s quarter-final clash - draping a St George’s flag over their most famous landmark.

Sun man and agent provocateur Joe Hadden went up the Eiffel Tower to unfurl the flag, prompting furious heckles from onlookers down below.

Sun reporter Joe Hadden flies the England flag in front of an apartment block in the neighbourhood of Bondy, Paris suburb where Kylian Mbappe grew up


Sun reporter Joe Hadden flies the England flag in front of an apartment block in the neighbourhood of Bondy, Paris suburb where Kylian Mbappe grew up

And later on Joe posed up outside Kylian Mbappe’s old apartment block in an England kit.

A giant mural of the star forward, 23, is plastered across the side of the building in the Parisian suburb of Bondy.

Motorists in the neighbourhood were full of fighting spirit - beeping their horns and shouting “Allez La France”.

Idris Mohamed, 22, who works at Harry’s Cafe across the road from the mural, said: “Mbappe is a hero round here. The Sun’s stunt only makes us want to win even more.”

Tensions have been building in the French capital as the do-or-die quarter-final nears.

On Tuesday we evaded security at the historic Grevin Museum to kit out Mbappe’s iconic waxwork in full England gear.

England vs France takes place THIS SATURDAY - December 10. The match kicks off at 7pm UK time.

The Al-Bayt Stadium plays host.

England vs France will be broadcast live on ITV 1.

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