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Killexams : SUN Programmer. pdf - BingNews Search results Killexams : SUN Programmer. pdf - BingNews Killexams : A programmer duplicated ArriveCan in two days, an app that cost Ottawa $54 million

Given that ArriveCan is a relatively simple text-based screening app, its raw development costs could conceivably have been delivered for under $250,000, some say

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In order to critique ArriveCan’s eye-watering $54-million price tag, over the Thanksgiving weekend a single techie managed to duplicate the app in less than two days.

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The endeavour was the brainchild of Lazer Technologies, a Toronto-based app developer that was among many in the Canadian tech sphere who were outraged to learn the federal government managed to spend $54 million on a relatively simple border screening app.

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“The true cost to implement this shouldn’t have been this high — it should have been more efficient,” explained company co-founder Zain Manji in a blog post.

And so, Lazer initiated a “hackathon” among its employees to see how quickly it would take to replicate the entire app from scratch.

Developer Daniel Whiffing accepted the challenge, and by dinner time on Thanksgiving Day he had created a working clone of ArriveCan that is near-indistinguishable from the original. Whiffing even posted the code online so fellow programmers can check his work.

The company says that as soon as the clone app is approved for Google Play and the Apple App Store, anybody will be able to obtain their ArriveCan clone and take it for a spin.

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Lazer was careful to note, however, that throwing together a clone app is a much easier task than building one from scratch. “We need to have some empathy for all of the pieces outside of purely building the app and experience,” wrote Manji, adding “$54 million of empathy is unlikely though.”

On Monday, another Toronto-based tech company, TribalScale, also announced that its employees had used the Thanksgiving weekend to replicate ArriveCan. Again, it only took about two days to deliver a pitch-perfect recreation of the app.

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In Tribalscale’s case, they were trying to make the point that Ottawa maybe isn’t very good at technology procurement. The goal of this was to show how smart and talented the Canadian tech community is and offer up a new resource to help with the procurement of technology services for the Canadian government,” wrote CEO Sheetal Jaitly in a statement.

Given that ArriveCan is a relatively simple text-based screening app, its raw development costs could conceivably have been delivered for under $250,000, some say. At $54 million, the price tag is more akin to that of a major Hollywood film or big-budget video game release.

In the last federal budget, the Trudeau government earmarked $25 million for maintaining the app.

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But budget documents recently uncovered by The Globe and Mail revealed that the app’s true cost was closer to $54 million.

The federal government managed to outsource the app’s development to no less than 23 separate companies, eight of which raked in commissions of more than $1 million. The largest single beneficiary was GCStrategies, a company headquartered in a rural Ottawa house that appears to specialize largely in federal tech contracts. So far, GCStrategies has collected $9 million for work related to ArriveCan.

Most notably, all this money hasn’t even delivered a particularly good piece of software. ArriveCan was notoriously plagued by glitches in its early months. In July, a technical error caused the app to order 10,200 travellers into mandatory quarantine despite the fact that they had filed their vaccine information correctly.

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First launched in April 2020 and kept mandatory until Oct. 1, 2022, ArriveCan spent much of the COVID-19 pandemic as a compulsory public health screening requirement for travellers entering Canada. This would come to include functioning as the Canadian Border Service Agency’s sole recognized method of checking vaccine passports; anyone looking to bypass the app and present paper credentials were either turned away or ordered into quarantine.

On Friday in the House of Commons, Conservative MP Michael Barrett asked the government how ArriveCan could possibly have cost $54 million, saying “tech experts are confounded by its costing more than a low seven figures at worst.”

His reply, delivered by Liberal MP Anthony Housefather, was simply, “I will make no apology for an app that saved the lives of tens of thousands of Canadians.”

  1. The federal Conservatives have been calling for the Liberal government to forgive the fines that were issued to travellers for not using the ArriveCAN app when arriving at the Canadian border.

    More than 1.6 million travellers arrived at border without using ArriveCAN but fewer than 200 were fined

  2. A person holds a smartphone set to the opening screen of the ArriveCan app.

    FIRST READING: Months after everybody knew it was pointless, the Liberals finally kill ArriveCan

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Killexams : Best Programming Languages for children

To get children to get into programming, they must learn at an early age. Now, it is not possible to teach children the advanced levels, nor it is possible to teach them in a manner we would with an adult. Special tools are required for the job, and as expected, we know of a few Programming Languages for children.

Best Programming Languages for children

Before we begin, the languages we will talk about here are all easy to learn, at least, this is the case from our point of view. Now, once your children get an idea of how these programming languages work, they will be ahead of their peers once they’re officially being taught in school.

The following list contains the best programming language for children who want to code:

  1. Scratch
  2. Python
  3. Java
  4. C++
  5. Ruby
  6. Swift
  7. Alice

1] Scratch

Scratch Coding Page

The first language we want to look at here is Scratch. For those who are wondering, Scratch is a drag-and-drop programming language that makes it possible for users to create games and animations. This is perfect for beginner coders as it helps with the understanding of the logic of programming without previous knowledge.

Whatever the user learns with Scratch can then be applied to programming languages that are real and widely used.

One should note that Scratch relies on a visual interface due to it being a block-based programming language.

2] Python

Python Hello World

For those who aren’t aware, Python is one of the easiest programming languages available today. This is a language that is quite popular, and rightfully so. Getting started only requires a few lines of code, and that is one of the many reasons why it is so easy to learn, teach, and understand.

Python language is used primarily in advanced fields such as data science, cyber security, artificial intelligence, and more. From our point of view, Python is used in so many areas due to its simple programming syntax, reliability, and commands that are English-like.

TIP: Teach Kids to Code using these Tools and Programs from Microsoft

3] Java

Another language we cannot put on the back burner is Java. Folks tend to wonder if this programming language is a good option for children who wants to learn. The answer to such a question is a simple yes.

Java is easy to learn, and it doesn’t matter if your child is new at coding. The child only needs to have an interest in learning a new language, and once that is the case, the sky is the limit.

Note that Java was used to create the most popular video game in the world, Minecraft. Not only that but Java is used to create many of the mobile video games available in the Google Play Store and AppStore.

Still, one must consider that Java will take a longer time to master, so bear that in mind always before introducing the language to a child.

4] C++

When it comes down to general-purpose programming languages, we must say that C++ is one of the best of the pack. From what we’ve gathered, this language is loved by millions of software programmers around the world.

Since C++ looks more like mathematics, it is likely only those children who enjoy working with numbers will be drawn to it. Nevertheless, anyone can find it useful once the fundamentals are understood and become less complicated.

Once the child fully understands C++ later in life, it can open many doors in the areas of creating system software, games, apps, and much more.

5] Ruby

Have you ever heard of a programming language called Ruby? It has been around since 1995, which is 27 years ago. Ruby is an open-source language, and it focuses on productivity and simplicity for the most part. It is one of the easiest languages to learn, especially for those who do not like a lot of complexity.

We understand that Ruby is mostly used for the creation of web applications, so if you want your child to learn how to create impressive apps for the web, then Ruby is a great place to start.

6] Swift

Introducing students to coding can be a challenging affair, and that’s where Swift comes in. It’s a language used to write software for smartphones, servers, desktop operating systems, and basically anything capable of running code.

Swift brings to the table interactive programming along with safety and speed. Now, this language is great for newcomers because it works with simple drag-and-drop functionality, so it should be easier to understand than most, especially for children who learn based on visuals.

The problem with Swift is that the language is young, therefore, it has a limited talent pool and compatibility with third-party programs.

7] Alice

Don’t worry because this has nothing to do with Alice in Wonderland where things are both scary and deadly. You see, Alice is a block-based programming language that is mostly used to build interactive narratives, create animations, or for the creation of simple 3D games.

The purpose of Alice is to teach computational and logical thinking skills, and this is something your child could benefit from a great deal.

Still, we must point out that Alice is not the easiest of languages to learn, and it is quite laggy. However, if enough time is put into learning how to make use of this environment, one could become an expert at using other types of languages much faster.

Here are some other websites that can help you learn coding online free. And here is a list of websites that will help you learn to Code playing Games & having Fun.

Is Python or Java better for kids?

Both of these programming languages are great, but from our point of view, none is truly better than the other. You see, Python is easier to understand and is great for big data, but Java, on the other hand, is perfect for mobile app development and has better run-time performance overall.

Should kids learn Java or Python first?

OK, so since Python is easier to learn, it is best to have children learn and focus on it in the early days. After they’ve become accustomed to the language, they can move over to Java. However, if your child wants to pursue a career in computer science/engineering. then we suggest allowing him or her to learn Java first because it is best for understanding the inner workings of programming.

Best Programming Languages for children
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Killexams : Programmer at iLaunch

Part of a team of Developers, provide support to all implemented systems, integrations, and server applications deployed in the enterprise.

Maintain and manage PROD and DEV applications and systemsÂÂ

Involved with the entire lifecycle of a solution from design through coding, testing, deployment, and training.ÂÂ


Our client a leading Retail company is currently looking to employ a Programmer to support all implemented systems, integrations, and server applications deployed in the company.

Minimum Requirements

Grade 12ÂÂ

5-7 years Industry Certification: IT Programming Diploma or Certificate

2-3 years Industry Certification: AWS/Azure Cloud Diploma or CertificateÂÂ

4+ years experience in Perl, Python, PHP, NodeJS, Java

Experience with API definitions, integration design, Microsoft and Linux System Administration for security, permissions, and application patching

2+ years of Experience with AWS Cloud technology stack

Learn more/Apply for this position

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Killexams : Programming languages: Java 19 arrives and here's what's new
Image: Shutterstock

Oracle has announced the availability of Java 19 and Oracle JDK 19 for developers, the latest versions of what is arguably the world's most popular programming language. 

JDK (Java Development Kit) 19 arrives about six months after Java 18 and exactly a year after Java 17 – the most latest long-term support (LTS) release of Java.

With the release of Java 17, Oracle announced plans to move JDK LTS releases from every three years to every two years, meaning the next LTS release will be Java 21 in September 2023. 

The open-source version of JDK 19 OpenJDK 19 is also available from Oracle under the GNU General Public License, version 2, with the Classpath Exception.

Also: The most popular programming languages and where to learn them

Oracle now releases new versions of Java every six months in March and September with the aim of giving developers smaller but more frequent updates than its previous big-bang updates every few years. LTS releases remain supported for at least eight years. 

As noted by Sharat Chander, Oracle's director of Java SE product management, JDK 17 was the second LTS under the release cadence announced in 2018. With it, Oracle introduced "new and simpler license terms" that allowed companies to use it at "no cost for at least the next three years, allowing one full year of overlap with the next LTS release."  

Oracle explained at the time that JDK 17 and future JDK releases are provided under Oracle's No-Fee Terms and Conditions (NFTC) license, a free-to-use license for Java 17. The license lasts for a year after the next LTS release and then Java 17 moves under the Oracle Technology Network License

Java 17 was a big deal. A survey by Java dev tool maker Perforce earlier this year found that 37% of its users were still on Java 8, which was released in March 2014. A further 29% used Java 11, released in September 2018. Both are LTS releases. Some 37% of the Perforce's 876 Java users planned to move to Java 17 LTS.  

That's a rather small demo of Java developers worldwide. Oracle notes that tech analyst IDC estimates there are 10 million Java developers, representing about 75% of full-time developers. Java ranks in the top three most-popular languages across multiple indexes, along with JavaScript/TypeScript and Python.

There's Java the programming language and then there are several Java platforms that Java apps run in, consisting of the Java Virtual Machine or "JVM" and its application-programming interfaces. The two main platforms are Java Standard Edition (Java SE) and Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE). 

Chander notes that "Java SE subscribers get access to Oracle's Java SE Support and commercial features such as GraalVM Enterprise, Java Management Service and the Advanced Management Console," pointing users to The New Java SE License Terms blog for details about the license. 

As for new technical features, Java 19 includes seven JDK enhancement proposals (JEP), but they're mostly preview or incubator features.

Notably, Java 19 includes JEP 422 - Linux/RISC-V Port, which ports the JDK to the open-source Linux RISC-V architecture. RISC-V has in various measures won the support of Intel via its new foundry services business and NASA, which wants to use RISC-V chips for its next-generation spaceflight computers.  

The RISC-V (pronounced "risk-five") standard was invented by University of California Berkeley professors David Patterson and Krste Asanović 12 years ago. Developers are free to change a RISC-V chip's instruction set architecture (ISA) versus the closed ISAs of Intel x86 and Arm processors.  

Another interesting addition is JEP 425 "Virtual Threads (Preview)" for the Java platform. Virtual Threads is the first JEP as part of Project Loom, a multi-year effort to Improve Java's performance on large server applications. 

"Virtual Threads are lightweight threads that dramaticaly reduce the effort of writing, maintaining, and observing high-throughput concurrent applications," note the proposal's authors.

Also: How to run websites as apps with ease in Linux

Chander explains the benefits of virtual threads versus Java's threads and how Project Loom aims to come up with an alternative to the three "bad options" developers have, which is to waste hardware through underutilization, waste programmer effort with worse programming models and observability, or switch away from Java.

"There are a lot of great things about Java's threads. They offer a natural programming model, with readable, sequential code using control flow operators that users understand – loops, conditionals, exceptions. Users get great debugging and serviceability, and readable stack traces. And threads are natural units of scheduling for OSes," Chander points out.

"The problem is that the implementation of threads by the OS is too heavyweight. It takes too long to start a thread for each connection, but worse, the number of threads the OS can support at any one time limits the number of concurrent transactions a server can handle – to well below the capacity of the hardware or the network – and so threads become a severe constraining factor on server throughput."

He said many people assumed Oracle would embrace the asynchronous programming style offered by so-called "reactive" frameworks but added: "Reactive may be the best people can do with the current JVM, but our goal is to do better, which we can do by making threads lighter and more scalable, letting developers keep using the model and tooling they've been using successfully for years."

Here's a list of all seven JEPs in Java 19: 

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Killexams : The best value countries to fly to for winter sun

WITH budgets squeezed, finding the best value winter sun has never been more important.

We still want our dose of sunshine but every holiday pound has to work harder.

We've found the best value holiday destinations where you can catch some winter sun - pictured: Dubai


We've found the best value holiday destinations where you can catch some winter sun - pictured: DubaiCredit: Getty

As sterling went into free fall against the dollar this week, the Post Office carried out exclusive research for Sun Travel to show just where you can go for the best value long haul this winter.

The research compiled in partnership with Travelbag compared the price of holiday essentials from three-course meals to drinks and sun cream in resort to the prices in 2019 — pre pandemic.

Sterling’s slide means prices are going to be more expensive in 80 per cent of popular holiday destinations compared to pre-pandemic prices in 2019, the last time a similar report was compiled.

But, in Vietnam which topped the list of the best value resorts, the total of the shopping basket of ten holiday essentials is down 10 per cent to £67.78.

Two African destinations — South Africa and Kenya — complete this year’s top three.

Cape Town (£68.49) was narrowly beaten by Vietnam while Mombasa, Kenya comes in at £77.41.

Japan (£81.63) and Bali (£82.40) complete the top five destinations.

Costs for items in the holiday barometer basket rose by 15 per cent in Bali and by 38 per cent in Tokyo, despite a 16 per cent fall in the value of the Japanese yen against sterling since October 2019.

Three new countries made the top ten long haul best value, Phuket, Thailand; Rio, Brazil and Montego Bay, Jamaica.

At £94, prices in Phuket have plummeted by 20 per cent due to a combination of local price falls and a nine per cent drop in the Thai baht’s value against sterling.

Montego Bay, where the barometer basket costs £111, six per cent less than in 2019, due to a lower local prices.

Of course, flying long haul may mean higher prices for airline tickets and lengthy flights.

For those looking to mitigate the cost of those long haul flights, there are some options closer to home.

In all cases, looking at all-inclusive resorts and booking with an ATOL-protected tour operator or travel agent will mean you can lock in prices and help you plan and to protect you should things get worse.

Right now, the pound is only worth 3.7per cent less to the euro, so traditional Canary Islands destinations including Tenerife, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria are more expensive but booking early and going all-inclusive is helpful.

New for this winter with TUI are holidays to the West African country of Senegal, promising idyllic beaches and soft adventure at very attractive low prices and temperatures averaging 28C in December and 26C in January.

With new hotels in costal resorts there’s also the chance to experience some great adventure from bush safaris and Delta river cruises to overnight expeditions into the Lompoul Desert.

While perhaps not as hot, southern Spain, Cyprus and Portugal will also be temperate and ideal for golf enthusiasts and city break fans.

Turkey and the Balearic Islands remain warm into October, too.

Egypt’s Red Sea Riviera is back with larger programmes going into Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada than pre-pandemic and good-quality 5* hotels offering decent all-inclusive product.

But the Pound is still worth six per cent less than it was in 2021.

Dubai also offers guaranteed sun but look for deals that include meals, as prices can be steep and sterling is worth 20 per cent less than it was a year ago.

North African coastal resorts are also good for short flying times and reasonably mild winter temperatures.

Think Morocco or Tunisia — both of which have valued hotels for a short break.

And Cape Verde, off the coast of West Africa, is another good bet for guaranteed warm temperatures and huge wide, sandy beaches.

So while the Pound has taken a bashing, there are still opportunities to enjoy a winter holiday without breaking the bank.

Kenya is one of the top three destinations where the total of the shopping basket of ten holiday essentials is £77.41


Kenya is one of the top three destinations where the total of the shopping basket of ten holiday essentials is £77.41Credit: Getty
Egypt has good-quality 5* hotels which offer decent all-inclusive breaks


Egypt has good-quality 5* hotels which offer decent all-inclusive breaksCredit: Getty


FANCY escaping the doom and gloom? Here’s our pick of the winter sun deals.

  • MOROCCO: Seven nights’ full board at the Argana Hotel in Agadir is from £185pp including flights from Gatwick on January 3. See
  • TURKEY: Seven nights’ all- inclusive at the 3H Aes Club Hotel in Dalaman is from £368pp including Gatwick flights on October 11, 22kg baggage and transfers. See
  • IBIZA: Seven nights’ all-inclusive at the 3H Invisa Hotel Ereso is from £459pp including East Midlands flights on October 10, 22kg baggage and transfers. See
  • SENEGAL: Seven nights’ all-inclusive at the RIU Pointe Sarene is from £778pp including flights from Gatwick on January 9 and transfers. See
  • BALI: Ten nights’ B&B in Bali and Lombok including six nights at the 5H Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa and three nights at the 5H Sheraton Senggigi Hotel is from £1,639pp including flights from London on select dates in March, 2023. Call 0207 001 4112 or visit
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Killexams : Las Vegas Sun - Homepage No result found, try new keyword!Nevada state treasurer candidate Michele Fiore is being accused of taking campaign contributions that exceed the $10,000 limit under state law and engaging in ... Posted 11:03 p.m. It was the ... Sat, 15 Oct 2022 12:00:00 -0500 en-US text/html Killexams : Channel 10 announces programming line-up for 2023 with MasterChef spin-off </head> <body id="readabilityBody" readability="27.954545454545"> <h3>Newscorp Australia are trialling new security software on our mastheads. If you receive "Potential automated action detected!" please try these steps first:</h3> <ol type="1"> <li>Temporarily disable any AdBlockers / pop-up blockers / script blockers you have enabled</li> <li>Add this site in to the allowed list for any AdBlockers / pop-up blockers / script blockers you have enabled</li> <li>Ensure your browser supports JavaScript (this can be done via accessing <a href="" target="_blank"></a> in your browser)</li> <li>Ensure you are using the latest version of your web browser</li> </ol> <p>If you need to be unblocked please e-mail us at and provide the IP address and reference number shown here along with why you require access. News Corp Australia.</p><p>Your IP address is: | Your reference number is: 0.e624d117.1666027072.fcb45d</p> </body> </description> <pubDate>Wed, 05 Oct 2022 15:06:00 -0500</pubDate> <dc:format>text/html</dc:format> <dc:identifier></dc:identifier> </item> <item> <title>Killexams : RSU 9 Board discusses 2022 summer programming

FARMINGTON — The Regional School Unit 9 Board of Directors heard updates on the district’s summer programming at the Tuesday, Sept. 13, meeting.

The Summer Learning Camp, hosted at W.G. Mallett School in Farmington, sends students based on referrals from teachers.

According to Mt. Blue Middle School Assistant Principal Katherine Duchesne and Director of Curriculum Laura Columbia, 89 students were referred to the program across pre-kindergarten through fourth grade, excluding zero referrals in third grade, and 56 attended.

Cape Cod Hill School in New Sharon also held a pilot summer-tutoring program. That was attended by 24 students – 14% of the school population. This program offered parents flexibility with a choice of time slots for their children. It also made attending the program more accessible for families in more remote locations, Columbia said.

In grades five through eight, 129 students were referred and 88 attended the program.

In grades nine through 11, 42 students were eligible to attend an extended-year program and 37 students participated.

The bulk of referrals are from first and second grade classes, “which is where so much of a focus is on literacy and those skills,” Duchesne said.

Duchesne said that one of the goals of the literacy-focused programming is to ensure “maintenance of skills through the summer so they don’t slide.”

Looking at some results, Duchesne said:

• 100% of first graders either maintained or improved their math and practicing levels.

• 100% of students in the Cape Cod Hill School tutoring-program made progress from their first data point to their last data point.

• 94% of second graders either maintained or improved their math and practicing levels, which is lower because one student missed two weeks of classes.

•  96.6% of students who attending programming in grades five through eight “successfully completed all of their subjects,” with three students who attended only briefly.

• Students in grades nine through 11 who participated “recovered a total of 46 credits through participation in 46 course recoveries.”

“If [the students are] not there as often, they’re not going to necessarily see the same maintenance or growth as if they were attending four days a week for five weeks,” Duchesne said.

Pre-kindergarteners attend a program called Kindergarten Jump Start (KJS), which she said is a valuable program that focuses on “basic skills like letter recognition.” However, the program is not something “frequently done” in the district because there isn’t always funding, whether via local funding or grants.

Duchesne said the KJS program is particularly important because data shows screenings of pre-kindergarteners and  kindergarteners is “much, much lower than it has ever been before.”

“This is an opportunity if the funding is available to help a chunk of those students kind of get where they need to be to be at a better place to start,” Duchesne said.

Despite those low screenings, Duchesne said referrals to the overall program “were much lower this year, which honestly surprised me.”

But, she added, teachers were having conversations with parents ahead of submitting referrals and some declined to have their kids participate in the program.

Columbia said that there are “many factors that go into these numbers [of enrollment].”

Families might be busy during the summer, older students might be less inclined to attend summer school, Columbia said. Thus, not all students who are eligible or recommended are ultimately referred.

During discussion, Director Alexander Creznic asked whether there was opportunity to advance students beyond their next grade, given results like first graders who had 100% maintenance or improvement.

Duchesne clarified that no student “improved” by that margin great enough to skip a grade.

Were any “exceptionally gifted students … [identified] in this program” that can be advanced, Creznic asked.

“In this programming, we are typically getting those students that are behind level to try to get them where they need to be so they’re successful to start the next school year,” Duchesne said. “In the summer, we typically don’t have any of the gifted kiddos participating in summer programming.”

“But I really do like the idea of having a summer program for gifted-and-talented students,” Columbia said. “Not yet, but possibly in our strategic planning, we might see that as an area we can work on.”

Superintendent Chris Elkington added that perhaps theme-based summer programming for gifted-and-talented students could be a way to go.

Tue, 20 Sep 2022 10:08:00 -0500 text/html
Killexams : A night of humor, honor and reflection: Eight inducted into Maryland State Athletic Hall of Fame

Carl Runk essentially performed a stand-up comedy routine, Gary Williams choked up as he reflected on memories and Len Bias’s father, James, noted the impact that his son’s death 36 years ago has had throughout the world.

Eight men were honored by the Maryland State Athletic Hall of Fame on Thursday night, and through speeches that applauded family members, recounted stories and jokes and included emotional and thoughtful lessons learned, each honoree displayed his unique impact on athletics in the state.


The Hall of Fame has been around since 1956, when Babe Ruth was inducted, but there were no inductees nor a banquet in 2020 and 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Thursday’s induction ceremony took place at Martin’s West in Baltimore, with a cocktail hour, a silent auction, dinner and entertaining speeches. Tickets were $85 per person.

Women are eligible for the Hall of Fame, but none were selected by the organization’s board of directors this year.


Maryland basketball legend Len Bias, lacrosse player and coach Dave Cottle, Negro Leagues baseball star Leon Day, Maryland football pioneer Darryl Hill, tennis standout Fred McNair IV and amateur golf champion Marty West III were each inducted into the Hall of Fame, and two coaches — Maryland men’s basketball’s Gary Williams and Towson men’s lacrosse’s Carl Runk — were given special awards.

Williams was named the Coaches Legacy Award winner, while Runk won the John F. Steadman Lifetime Achievement Award.

From left, Fred McNair IV, Gary Williams, Dave Cottle, Carl Runk, Leon Day's widow Geraldine Day, Len Bias's father James Bias, Marty West III and Darryl Hill pose for a photo during the induction ceremony for the Maryland State Athletic Hall of Fame Class of 2022 at Martin's West in Baltimore on Thursday night.

Programming began with a national anthem, and though it was a violin instrumental, attendees still hollered out “O!” at the appropriate time, in true Maryland fashion.

During Runk’s turn to speak, he told a series of stories — and other jokes — that had the audience in stitches.

“Could I have a show of hands: Are there people here who bought my book?” he said of a coaching book he’d written, as many in the crowd put an arm in the air. “God bless ya, God bless ya. Now could I have a show of hands of the people who wanted a refund?”

Day, who pitched a no-hitter in his first game back after more than two years of World War II service, had an illustrious baseball career. He never bragged about it, or hardly mentioned it, though, said his widow Geraldine, who accepted the award on behalf of her late husband. Day was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1995, the same year as his death.

“The only thing I can say here tonight, 27 years after his death, is what took you so long?” Geraldine said to laughs and applause.

The first African American to receive an athletic scholarship in any sport south of the Mason-Dixon line was Hill, who debuted for the Terps in 1963. He didn’t want to be Jackie Robinson, he said, but he received letters from Martin Luther King Jr. and John Lewis, encouraging him to lead the way.


He commended the University of Maryland for the role it played in supporting him as he played football in the Atlantic Coast Conference — despite vehement opposition from other schools.

“Maryland broke the ice in college sports,” he said.

Former Maryland men's basketball coach Gary Williams, left, receives the Coaches Legacy Award from Steve Doherty, Chairman of the Maryland State Athletic Hall of Fame, during Thursday night's induction ceremony at Martin's West. Several Maryland basketball alumni, as well as current coach Kevin Willard, were present as Williams received his honor.

The speeches mixed history with humor and honor. ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon attend the same country club as West, the golfer, and the bombastic pair made a video appearance discussing West’s accolades. “He’s one of the greatest amateurs of all time,” Wilbon said on the screen.

West never became a professional in an effort to live a more stable, familial life, but won dozens of amateur tournaments.

“It is indeed a great honor,” he said of the Hall of Fame, “and in some way, validates my decision to be a career amateur golfer.”

McNair and West grew up at the same country club, and McNair gave a heartfelt speech about his family and the sport of tennis. He thanked his sister and his mother for support — “that peanut butter and jelly sandwich, that extra pair of socks, the cheerleading on the side,” he said of his mom.


“I loved [tennis], and it loved me back,” McNair added.

Bias died in 1986 of a cocaine overdose, and his mother, Lonise, is a motivational speaker who has traveled the world, talking about her son’s story. Over a pre-produced video of dunk highlights and Maryland fans and players wearing his No. 34 jersey, Bias’s mother said: “I can’t tell you how many people who have walked up to me as I traveled throughout the country and say, ‘Your son’s death changed my life.’ So in death, he brought life to so many.”

Bias’s father, James, ended his remarks with: “Long live 34.”

Darryl Hill speaks during the induction ceremony for the Maryland State Athletic Hall of Fame Class of 2022 at Martin's West on Thursday night. The first African American to receive an athletic scholarship in any sport south of the Mason-Dixon line was Hill, who debuted for the Terps in 1963.

Several Maryland basketball alumni, as well as current coach Kevin Willard, were present as Williams received his honor. Williams teared up as he looked at a table of his former players and thought back to his former teams, including the squad that won the 2002 national title.

“If you have really great players, you’re gonna win a lot of games. There’s no question about it,” he said. “But if you have great players who are great people, then you have a chance to win championships. And that’s what I had at the University of Maryland.”

It was a night of humor, gratitude and recollection. Cottle, who has a storied career as a lacrosse player and coach, took the moment to reflect.


“One of the things about being involved in athletics is you really never have a chance to look back. You’re always looking forward to the next team, the next recruit, the next player, the next game,” Cottle said, “and what this opportunity does for me is gives me a chance to reflect and look back.”

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Killexams : Haunting space image shows million mile long jet of plasma shooting from the Sun

A WILD image from space shows a million-mile-long jet of plasma ejecting from the Sun.

The image was shot by an astrophotographer from Arizona, Andrew McCarthy, and was posted to a Space Subreddit on September 25.

The stunning image was captured on September 24


The stunning image was captured on September 24Credit: @cosmic_background

The photo was made with hundreds of images over several hours, and then composed into one, McCarthy said.

In the post, McCarthy warned that viewers shouldn't try capturing the image at home.

"DO NOT point a telescope at the sun,” he wrote.

“You'll fry your camera or worse, your eyes.

“My telescope was specially modified with multiple filters for this.”

McCarthy explained that the image shows the Sun’s “chromosphere" in Hydrogen-Alpha light, which shows the plasma ejecting.

He said that one of the Sun’s filaments and prominences snapped off, and ejected the matter into deep space.

The filament is known as a coronal mass ejection (CME) and extended more than one million miles into space, the photographer said.

After tracking the plasma for a million miles, he is now working on a time-lapse.

“This composite image shows how far the prominence reached before it snapped, far larger than any I've seen before,” he wrote.

The image was captured on September 24.

He admitted that the image of the Sun looks more orange than it really is due to a filter, but said that the sky around it is unaltered.

The image was captured using a color neutral white light filter, he said.

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