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Administration of Symantec NetBackup 7.5 for Windows
Symantec Administration mock
Killexams : Symantec Administration mock - BingNews Search results Killexams : Symantec Administration mock - BingNews Killexams : Witchetty hackers hide backdoor malware in a Windows logo

Symantec warns of new Chinese hacking campaign

The 'Witchetty' hacking group, which uses steganography to hide a backdoor malware in a Windows logo.

Symantec reports that the threat group is operating a new cyberespionage campaign launched in February 2022 that targeted two governments in the Middle East and a stock exchange in Africa.

The hackers refreshed their toolkit to target different vulnerabilities and used steganography to hide their malicious payload from antivirus software.

For those who came in late steganography is the act of hiding data within other non-secret, public information or computer files, such as an image, to evade detection. Symantec found Witchetty is using steganography to hide an XOR-encrypted backdoor malware in an old Windows logo bitmap image.

The file is hosted on a trusted cloud service instead of the threat actor's command and control (C2) server, so the chances of raising security alarms while fetching it are minimised.

The attack begins with the threat actors gaining initial access to a network by exploiting the Microsoft Exchange ProxyShell (CVE-2021-34473, CVE-2021-34523, and CVE-2021-31207) and ProxyLogon (CVE-2021-26855 and CVE-2021-27065) attack chains to drop webshells on vulnerable servers.

Witchetty uses standard utilities like Mimikatzand to dump credentials from LSASS and abuses "lolbins" on the host, like CMD, WMIC, and PowerShell.

The hackers rely on exploiting last year's vulnerabilities to breach the target network, taking advantage of the poor administration of publicly exposed servers so if you want to fight it off upgrade your system.

Sun, 02 Oct 2022 21:11:00 -0500 Nick Farrell en-gb text/html
Killexams : 10 Video Games That Mock Bad Players

We are in a very interesting time when it comes to the debate of difficulty in video games. The likes of Dark Souls, Hotline Miami and Cuphead have been flying the flag for super hard titles that are gloriously satisfying to overcome after the hours of blind rage that they can make you feel.

At the same time, there is the important discussion about accessibility and, on top of that, does a game have to be hard? Couldn't FromSoftware just put a few more difficulty modes into Bloodborne so that more players stood a chance to appreciate it? Or does that water down the appeal?

It's a debate for another time certainly but some video games know where they stand when it comes to the skill expected out of a player.

It's not enough for some video games to expect a certain level of expertise. Sometimes, a title has to rub salt into the wound by telling you just how big of a failure you are. You thought making the same mistake over and over again was bad, how about if the game pointed that out to you?

In this list, we'll be exploring video games that have injured you and then insulted you for not being up to their high standards.

Whilst the second game in the series gets the most praise, Streets of Rage 3 released in the waning years of Sega’s 16bit console and provided a solid follow-up experience.

There’s two things that really stick the knife in with Streets of Rage 3’s “easy” mode. Like several titles of the era, Streets of Rage 3 ends early and removes its final few stages for its more inexperienced players.

At the end of stage 5 (of 7), the game comes to an unexpected end where most of the story strands aren’t resolved and the game badmouths you to boot. The defeated robotic boss of the previous stage slyly remarks “you play this game like a beginner” before ceasing function.

Firstly, this is clearly adding insult to injury for proud gamers who resigned themselves to playing on easy because they were struggling with the difficulty the game boots up with. However, in Japan (where it’s known as Bare Knuckle 3), this difficulty is Streets of Rage 3’s normal mode. So, you might well think bad of yourself for picking the easier route through the Mega Drive beat-em-up but you’re actually playing what is the standard difficulty overseas and you still get mocked for it.

Come on, be a big strong Western video gamer and play on a harder setting next time… apparently?

Thu, 13 Oct 2022 12:06:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : 2022-23 Fantasy Basketball Mock Draft 2.0: The remix — who's up and who's down?

Click here for the original version of this mock draft

Editor’s note: Not all players will have accompanying analysis after their pick.

Without further ado, the first pick in the 2022-2023 fantasy basketball draft goes to …

1.01 Nikola Jokic – C, Denver Nuggets

No surprise here. Jokic is a fantasy basketball cheat code after posting a historic 27.1 points, 13.8 rebounds, 7.9 assists, 1.3 threes and 2.4 stocks  (steals plus blocks) per game with 58/34/81 shooting splits last season. He had the highest single-season Box Plus/Minus (BPM) in NBA history and is the unanimous first-overall pick here.

1.02 Joel Embiid – PF/C, Philadelphia 76ers

Coming off his best statistical season and playing a career-high 68 games, Embiid will be the focal point of a fantasy-friendly Sixers offense. As one of the most dominant big men in the league, he finished fourth in the NBA in double-doubles with 2.7 stocks on the defensive end. He should have no issues replicating a top-three performance on a per-game and totals basis if he can play at least 60 games this year.

1.03 Kevin Durant – SF/PF, Brooklyn Nets

Durant finished second on a per-game basis in 2021-22, and he’ll continue to see a 30 percent usage rate this season. I expect the Nets to finish top-10 in Pace and Offensive Rating, and KD will lead the way. He checks every box for fantasy basketball.

1.04 Giannis Antetokounmpo – PF/C, Milwaukee Bucks

Giannis is the only player in NBA history to average at least 25 points, 10.0 rebounds, 5.0 assists, 1.0 steal and 1.0 block in multiple seasons, and he’s done it four years in a row. He finished 10th on a per-game basis last season, but an uptick in three-pointers made while shooting over 72% from the free-throw line will help justify drafting him here.

1.05 Luka Doncic – PG/SG, Dallas Mavericks

Luka Magic is in effect. Yeah, he’s known to turn the ball over at a high rate and miss a ton of free throws, but I’m buying his numbers after the Kristaps Porzingis trade. 31.3 points, 9.5 rebounds, 8.1 assists with 3.9 threes and 1.0 steal. He’s ripe for an MVP-like season.

1.06 Jayson Tatum – SF/PF, Boston Celtics (Original Pick: No.7)

I moved Tatum up in my latest mock draft because I think he’ll be more valuable outside of scoring and threes than Stephen Curry. He’ll command a higher usage rate, shoots a higher percentage from the field, and can check every box, similar to Kevin Durant.

[Get in on the fun this fantasy hoops season: Create or join a league now!]

Original take: Still only 24 years old, Tatum put up career-highs in points, rebounds and assists last year with a 32% usage rate. DAWG.

1.07 Stephen Curry – PG, Golden State Warriors (Original Pick: No.6)

The 2022 Finals MVP and four-time champion annually anchors the points, threes and free throw percentage categories in fantasy basketball. I project Curry’s minutes and usage will remain in the 30s as the centerpiece of one of the best teams in basketball.

1.08 Tyrese Haliburton – PG/SG, Indiana Pacers (Original Pick. No.9)

Haliburton moves up because Harden looks passive on offense. While he’s still a first-round pick, I’m moving Harden lower (as you’ll see below) as he’s becoming more of a facilitator at this stage in his career.

Original take: If you don’t know, now you know. I’ve seen Haliburton selected in the top five in industry expert drafts, but I’m comfortable grabbing him in the top 10. I’m teetering between Haliburton and LaMelo Ball in this spot, but the former is a good bet to average the most assists per game this year and score over 20 points per night with solid peripherals. In 18 games without Malcolm Brogdon last season, Haliburton tallied 18.6 points, 10.1 assists, 4.2 rebounds, 2.3 threes and 1.8 steals with 50/46/89 shooting splits. Breakout!

1.09 Damian Lillard – PG, Portland Trail Blazers

Lillard was 13th on my draft board, but he gets a substantial boost after Harden falls, LaMelo Balls ankle injury and Karl-Anthony Towns’ recovery from an illness. Lillard is healthy and has a better team, so fantasy managers should feel comfortable selecting Lillard as a top-10 pick.

1.10 Karl-Anthony Towns – PF/C, Minnesota Timberwolves (Original Pick. No. 11)

Towns gets a slight boost here from pick 11 as he’s back on the court and played well in his only preseason appearance. Now, Rudy Gobert was in street clothes, but Towns looks back to form despite the reported weight loss due to his illness — nineteen points with six rebounds and six assists in his preseason debut.

Original take: The Timberwolves’ frontcourt suddenly got crowded after they traded for Utah Jazz All-Star center and three-time Defensive Player of the Year Rudy Gobert this offseason. Gobert’s presence should slide KAT to a true-stretch four, which has risks and benefits. He finished eighth on a per-game basis last year, but I’d expect his rebound numbers to drop slightly with a boost in made threes. KAT is accustomed to playing with an offensively limited frontcourt (Taj Gibson, Jarred Vanderbilt), so I’m not overly concerned about Gobert being in town. He should still be able to collect at least two stocks and be the best-shooting big man in the league. Forty-one percent from beyond the arc last year and 40% for this career, just sayin’.

1.11 James Harden – PG/SG, Philadelphia 76ers (Original Pick, No. 8)

My previous take had Harden “squarely in the top-10” conversation, but from what I’ve seen in the preseason, Harden is closer to last year’s version than the Harden of old. Still, he’s a first-round player for his cross-categorical contributions.

Original take: Harden’s decision to make less and return to Philly on a two-year deal shows he’s ready to ball. The hamstring injury that’s plagued him for two seasons is behind him, and he’s reportedly in great shape heading into this season. He was the only player in the NBA to post over 20+ points and 10+ assists per game in ’21-’22 and finished 15th on a per-game basis despite changing teams midseason and playing on a bum leg. A bounce-back should put him squarely in the top 10 in fantasy basketball.

1.12 LaMelo Ball – PG/SG, Charlotte Hornets (Original Pick: No. 9)

A sprained ankle will cost the dynamic point guard the first couple of weeks of the regular season. He’s moving down a few spots merely because of the injury. He should still be in line for another standout, All-Star-level season.

Original take: LaMelo Ball enters his third NBA season looking to build off career-highs in points, rebounds, assists, threes made, and FT%. He’s also among the league leaders in steals. The loss of Miles Bridges might decrease his passing numbers after accounting for 23% of Ball’s assists in ’21-’22, but there’s still plenty of opportunity to see a 30% usage while filling up the box score alongside Terry Rozier.

2.01 Devin Booker – SG/SF, Phoenix Suns

The Suns seem like they’re going through it, but I don’t think it’ll have much bearing on Devin Booker’s production this season. He’s in his prime and an improved playmaker who’s also a walking bucket.

2.02 Kyrie Irving – PG/SG, Brooklyn Nets

He’ll play more than 29 games this year, and the Nets new “big 3” looked great in Wednesday’s matchup versus the Bucks. Uncle Drew will get his, scoring-wise, but there’s still upside in him as a distributor and rebounder at the position. His high efficiency and sneaky steals make him an early second-round pick in my book.

2.03 1.15 Trae Young – PG, Atlanta Hawks (Original Pick. No. 12)

My suspicions are trending in the right direction, as Trae Young’s assists were not what we’ve come to expect in accurate years. Granted, it’s the preseason, but I think Dejounte Murray will continue to eat into his assists despite being one of the best scorers in the league.

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Original take: Trae Young has a new backcourt mate in All-Star guard Dejounte Murray, but he should still be one of the best fantasy guards this upcoming season. He’s a volume scorer who ranked fourth in usage rate last year at 34.4. I expect Hawks head coach Nate McMillan to stagger Young and Murray’s minutes at the point but also supply Young the chance to work more off-ball to create better looks on the perimeter. He should still boast substantial fantasy numbers without much offense around him and Murray.

2.04 Kawhi Leonard – SG/SF/PF, Los Angeles Clippers

While this may seem high for a player coming off of injury, Kawhi is one of the best two-way players in fantasy while sporting elite shooting percentages. Paul George admitted that Kawhi is the alpha for the Clippers, and despite being load managed at times, he’s one of the best on a per-game basis in fantasy basketball.

2.05 Dejounte Murray – PG/SG, Atlanta Hawks

He might be better than Trae Young in fantasy this season. I’m here for another monster season, live from the A.

2.06 Anthony Davis – PF/C, Los Angeles Lakers

Will he play center or not? Not sure that it matters much for fantasy considering he just needs to STAY HEALTHY. Davis was a top-12 player on a per-game basis last season before getting injured so going back to the well. He’s too talented to go beyond the first 18 picks.

2.07 Paul George – SF/PF, Los Angeles Clippers

The run on perennial All-Stars continues. George is the second option of arguably the best roster in the Western Conference. He might take games off here and there, but PG, similar to Kawhi Leonard, is an exceptional two-way player. If he can cut down on his turnovers and Strengthen his shooting from the field, he could return to first-round value this year.

2.08 LeBron James – SF/PF, Los Angeles Lakers

The King is back and ready to make yet another run for a title. It helps that his teammates are healthy, and while his scoring will likely take a dip, he’s one of a handful of players capable of a triple-double every night.

2.09 Anthony Edwards – SG/SF, Minnesota Timberwolves

You’ll likely have to pay up for Ant-man, but he is undoubtedly in breakout territory. He’s well-positioned to make the jump into an All-Star this year. He’s a great source of points, steals, threes and his athleticism makes him a solid rebounder and blocker at his position.

2.10 Domantas Sabonis – PF/C, Sacramento Kings

Drafting a player from the Sacramento Kings this early may feel odd, but Sabonis is one of fantasy basketball’s most versatile big men. He won’t do a ton defensively, but he’ll be a reliable source of points, rebounds, assists and FG% as a second-round pick.

2.11 Fred VanVleet – PG/SG, Toronto Raptors

Minimal competition in the backcourt, plus he’ll likely be top five in minutes played. He’s a perfect selection when punting field-goal percentage (pair with Luka Doncic, perhaps?) but also will be among the league leaders in threes, steals and FT percentage.

2.12 Bam Adebayo – PF/C, Miami Heat

His assists are down since Kyle Lowry arrived, but he’s attempting more threes in the preseason than he has in his career. He is a nice grab here for his defensive stats and double-double potential.

3.01 Donovan Mitchell – PG/SG, Cleveland Cavaliers

Mitchell finished in the top 30 in per-game value last season and top 50 the year prior. The Cavs are deep, but he’ll be the primary scorer on one of the most fantasy-friendly teams in the league. I’m expecting his points to dip, but he’ll still be one of the better guards of fantasy.

3.02 Cade Cunningham – PG/SG, Detroit Pistons

One of my breakouts, so grabbing him as an early third-round pick is the way to go.

3.03 Pascal Siakam – PF/C, Toronto Raptors

Siakam is a stat stuffer who will finish in the top five in minutes played. He’s an ideal fit for any fantasy managers interested in punting blocks, rebounds, and FG%.

3.04 Rudy Gobert – C, Minnesota Timberwolves

3.05 DeMar DeRozan – SF/PF, Chicago Bulls

3.06 Ja Morant – PG, Memphis Grizzlies

3.07 Darius Garland – PG, Cleveland Cavaliers

He’s got the sauce, plus he’s an exceptional passer and facilitator who can score at will. He and Donovan Mitchell can thrive together and should make for one heck of a dynamic duo in fantasy. I’m still expecting him to be one of the top distributors but provide points, threes, steals and an elite FT percentage in category leagues.

3.08 Chris Paul – PG, Phoenix Suns

3.09 Jimmy Butler – SF/PF, Miami Heat

3.10 Bradley Beal – SG, Washington Wizards

3.11 Nikola Vucevic – C, Chicago Bulls

3.12 Zion Williamson – PF, New Orleans Pelicans

Zion tweaked his ankle in his last preseason game, but Pelicans HC Willie Green and Zion both said that “he’s doing fine.” I’m confident he is still worthy of being selected in the first three rounds.

Fri, 14 Oct 2022 07:22:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : 2023 NFL Mock Draft: After Matt Rhule firing, Panthers begin new chapter with Bryce Young at quarterback

Round 1 - Pick 1

Ohio State • Jr • 6'3" / 218 lbs

Projected Team

Back to Stroud landing in Houston. Davis Mills isn't a brutal quarterback. He's just not "it." Stroud very well could be.

Round 1 - Pick 2

Kentucky • Sr • 6'3" / 232 lbs

Projected Team

The Commanders can get out from the Wentz contract after this season with exactly $0 in dead cap. They need to go quarterback in Round 1, and Levis has first-round traits galore.

Round 1 - Pick 3

Alabama • Jr • 6'4" / 243 lbs

Projected Team

Geno Smith is balling right now. It's Seattle's defense that's in need of a talent infusion. Anderson is the best defensive prospect in the class.

Round 1 - Pick 4

Kansas State • Jr • 6'4" / 255 lbs

Projected Team

The Bears need receivers, there's just not a marquee top-5 prospect at that position in this class. Anudike-Uzomah is a nice consolation prize. Dude is bendy and explosive around the corner.

Round 1 - Pick 5

Alabama • Jr • 6'0" / 194 lbs

Projected Team

Young is the improvisational, poised and accurate passer the Panthers have been trying to find for a while now. The new head coach will prioritize that position in the draft, unlike what Matt Rhule did in his time as Carolina's head coach.

Round 1 - Pick 6

Penn State • Soph • 6'6" / 321 lbs

Projected Team

The Steelers have to get better up front for the Kenny Pickett era. Fashanu has been a stud in pass protection this season for Penn State.

Round 1 - Pick 7

Alabama • Jr • 6'0" / 193 lbs

Projected Team

The Lions defense has been getting shredded early this season, and Branch has been a fun playmaker for Nick Saban in 2022.

Round 1 - Pick 8

Clemson • Jr • 6'5" / 275 lbs

Projected Team

The Falcons are not a bad football team. They're not good either. Respectable. They need more juice in their pass rush, and Murphy would bring that in spades.

Round 1 - Pick 9

Northwestern • Jr • 6'4" / 315 lbs

Projected Team
N.Y. Jets

Skoronski probably won't test as a freaky athlete yet has some of the cleanest film at the offensive tackle spot in this class.

Round 1 - Pick 10

Georgia • Jr • 6'7" / 270 lbs

I can't fathom Bill Belichick going receiver in Round 1 again, but Washington has been a runaway train at tight end for Georgia.

Round 1 - Pick 11

Clemson • Jr • 6'3" / 240 lbs

Projected Team
Las Vegas

The Raiders get a dynamic weapon for the middle of their defense in Simpson, who can rush the passer, cover, and fly to outside runs.

Round 1 - Pick 12

Georgia • Jr • 6'3" / 300 lbs

Projected Team

The Cardinals need to reload along their defensive line, and Carter, when healthy, is a wrecking ball on the interior.

Round 1 - Pick 13

TCU • Jr • 6'4" / 215 lbs

Projected Team

Johnston's size, YAC ability, and speed make him land as the first receiver off the board in this mock to a team that could use more receiver help.

Georgia • Soph • 6'2" / 210 lbs

Projected Team

Ringo was a monster recruit and has met the billing in Georgia. The Texans took Derek Stingley last year, but this is the best player available.

Round 1 - Pick 15

Florida • Soph • 6'4" / 232 lbs

We aren't sure if Richardson will enter the 2023 draft, but if he does, the Giants should feel comfortable picking here in the middle of Round 1. He can get a redshirt season before starting in 2024.

Notre Dame • Jr • 6'4" / 265 lbs

Projected Team

The Eagles are in somewhat of a luxury position here. Mayer and Dallas Goedert could formulate an amazing tight end duo in Philadelphia.

Round 1 - Pick 17

Florida • Jr • 6'5" / 347 lbs

Projected Team

The Titans have to bulk up the interior of their offensive line and do so with a plug-and-play masher from Florida.

Round 1 - Pick 18

USC • Jr • 6'0" / 175 lbs

Projected Team

Addison has, once again, had a dynamic season. He runs lightning-quick routes and routinely showcases his athletic brilliance after the catch.

Clemson • Soph • 6'5" / 305 lbs

Projected Team

Seattle has a long history of drafting legitimately elite athletes, and Bresee is one of those.

Round 1 - Pick 21

Georgia • Soph • 6'4" / 310 lbs

Projected Team

The Bengals are not done building the offensive front to keep Joe Burrow upright more frequently. Jones is a masher in the trenches.

Tennessee • Sr • 6'4" / 218 lbs

Projected Team

Hooker's an old prospect -- he'll be 24 during the pre-draft process -- but Pickett was an older prospect and went at No. 20 overall last year.

Round 1 - Pick 23

Iowa • Sr • 6'5" / 246 lbs

Projected Team

The Vikings get another Anthony Barr type at linebacker in the gargantuan Campbell.

Round 1 - Pick 24

Florida • Soph • 6'6" / 312 lbs

The Chargers have to continue to build the strength of their defensive line. Dexter is a behemoth inside.

Round 1 - Pick 25

Oklahoma • Jr • 6'5" / 315 lbs

Projected Team

Harrison feels like a big-bodied blocker the Cowboys would love to have up front. More early-round investment in the offensive line.

Maryland • Sr • 6'6" / 320 lbs

Projected Team

The offensive line reconstruction continues for the Dolphins.

Round 1 - Pick 27

Ohio State • Jr • 6'1" / 200 lbs

Projected Team
Green Bay

Smith-Njigba's injury has slowed all his momentum from an awesome 2021. He's dangerous after the catch and runs quality route but isn't very big and doesn't appear to be an athlete in the caliber of some of the other star wideouts to enter the league recently from Ohio State.

Round 1 - Pick 28

Michigan • Sr • 6'0" / 180 lbs

Projected Team

Mike Macdonald gets a talented defensive back he previously coached at Michigan.

Round 1 - Pick 30

Clemson • Jr • 6'4" / 235 lbs

Projected Team
Tampa Bay

Uiagalelei will be a fun project type to follow Tom Brady in Tampa Bay.

Round 1 - Pick 30

Texas A&M • Jr • 6'3" / 195 lbs

Projected Team
Kansas City

The Chiefs add a big, splash-play creator to their secondary in Johnson.

Round 1 - Pick 31

Alabama • Jr • 6'2" / 190 lbs

Projected Team

Given the age of James Bradberry and Darius Slay -- neither are incredibly old but are not in the prime of their careers -- the Eagles go cornerback here.

Round 1- Pick 32

Florida • Soph • 6'3" / 301 lbs

Projected Team

The Bills add youthful power on the interior of their offensive line with Eguakun.

Fri, 14 Oct 2022 06:57:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : The Dumb and Dumber Administration

Americans are starting to realize that their country is in serious trouble. After 20+ months of President Joe Biden and his ill-advised policies, multiple crises are impacting the nation. 

When Biden assumed office, the nation’s economy was strong. There was minimal inflation, strong economic growth, a robust stock market, and low-interest rates. Today, we have a 40-year high inflation rate, negative economic growth, a recession, a bearish stock market, and the highest interest rates since 2008. 

Biden inherited a county that was energy independent, but, today, we are once again dependent on foreign nations and depleting our Strategic Petroleum Reserve to keep gasoline prices from spiraling out of control. Biden declared war on our domestic oil and gas industry, putting moratoriums on drilling in this country while begging Saudi Arabia for increased production. 

At the end of the Trump administration, the southern border was secure, and a security wall was being erected. After taking office, Biden immediately ended the construction of the border wall and opened our nation to illegal immigration.

Millions of illegal aliens have crossed the border since January 2021, breaking records. It is such a crisis that former President Bill Clinton noted that the country cannot manage such an influx. In a recent CNN interview, he said, “There is a limit to how many migrants any society can take without severe disruption and assistance.”

When Bill Clinton begins to criticize the Biden administration it is an admission that the country is seriously on the wrong track. It is a reason so many Democratic candidates on the ballot in the midterm election are not interested in campaigning with President Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris. 

The reality is that Americans are scared and angry and want change. Incredibly, Biden continues to insist the economy is strong, claiming that “The great American jobs machine continues to come back. American workers are back to work.”

While a 3.7% unemployment rate is good, wages are not keeping pace with the inflation rate. The increasing interest rates are supposed to tame inflation, but the negative effects include causing both credit card debt and mortgages to skyrocket, thereby making it more difficult to purchase a home. It is little wonder that the real estate industry is suffering, with home sales 20% below last year’s level. 

All this negative economic news is souring the mood of investors and the stock market has turned negative. On Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell below 29,000 for the first time since November 2020. This marks an 8.8% decline in just a month of September. 

In contrast to Biden’s misplaced optimism, there is nothing positive on the economic horizon. Inflation will not be tamed soon, especially since the Biden administration refuses to instill any fiscal discipline. The signature bills passed by Congress in the Biden administration have been extremely costly, adding to our national debt, which nears $31 trillion

With massive spending bills passed that require more borrowing, inflation will continue to be a problem. Until there is a change in leadership in Congress and the White House, there will be no appetite for any adjustment in our fiscal policies. 

On Friday, Biden signed another stopgap spending measure that funds the continued operation of the federal government in the short term and includes another $12.3 billion in aid for Ukraine. While the United States sends a steady stream of funding to Ukraine, our borders remain open, our cities have become crime hellholes and over 100,000 Americans are dying each year from drug overdoses, exacerbated by the Chinese fentanyl pouring into our country from Mexico. 

None of these problems seem to matter to Biden and Harris. They are not worried about the economy but seem to be focused on issues such as abortion and “right-wing extremism.” Instead, there is much more violence committed by unhinged liberals. For example, in McHenry, North Dakota, a deranged motorist, Shannon Brandt, was charged with murder after he used his vehicle to kill a young man, Cayler Ellingson, who he believed was a “Republican extremist.” 

Sadly, Biden and Harris are not interested in dealing with the harsh reality that their policies have created. As Americans have noticed for months, Biden does not have a firm grasp on reality at all. On Wednesday, at a White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health, he asked “Where’s Jackie? I thought she was going to be here.” 

Of course, U.S. Congresswoman Jackie Walorski (R-IN) could not be there since she died in an automobile accident in August. Supposedly, Biden knew she died and sent a condolence note to her family. He forgot about her death in the span of a few weeks. 

Biden’s mental incompetence is getting worse. Often, he looks lost after finishing speeches and extends his hand to greet a person only he can see. 

Vice President Harris offers her own set of problems. This week, during a visit to the Demilitarized Zone in the Korean peninsula, she mistakenly praised our country’s “alliance with the Republic of North Korea.” On Friday, at a Democratic Party forum, Harris asserted that the federal government should be “giving resources based on equity.” 

This claim, in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, was denounced by Florida officials. An assistant to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Christina Pushaw, blasted Harris and noted that “FEMA Individual Assistance is already available to all Floridians impacted by Hurricane Ian, regardless of race or background.”

Thus, Biden is mentally incompetent, and Harris is the “word salad” queen. Some are calling for the removal of Biden via the 25th Amendment. Ideally, Republicans should demand that Biden submits to a mental competency test. If he fails and is removed, he will be replaced by Harris, a chilling prospect. 

No matter how embarrassing his behavior, Biden remains in office, for the foolish Vice President is his best insurance policy. Unfortunately, America is stuck between a rock and a hard place as our troubles continue to mount. 

Jeff Crouere is a native New Orleanian and his award-winning program, “Ringside Politics,” airs Saturdays from Noon until 1 p.m. CT nationally on Real America's Voice TV Network & AmericasVoice.News and weekdays from 7-11 a.m. CT on WGSO 990-AM & He is a political columnist, the author of America's Last Chance, and provides regular commentaries on the Jeff Crouere YouTube channel and For more information, email him at

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Killexams : With mock traffic stops, police instruct people with autism on what to do if pulled over
Lauren Huck of Old Lyme is stopped by a member of the Waterford police department while he performs a mock traffic stop Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022, at Fitch High School in Groton. The event was held to offer drivers with autism a chance to learn about traffic stops. (Dana Jensen/The Day)
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Hadley Payer, left, of Pawcatuck, left, chats with volunteer Tanya Sylvestre, of Inclusion with the Sylvestre Foundations, while she waits in line Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022, to participate in a mock traffic stop with a police officer at Fitch High School in Groton. The event was held to offer drivers with autism a chance to learn about traffic stops. (Dana Jensen/The Day))
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Groton ― First in a line of several cars in the Fitch High School parking lot on a rainy morning, a driver was in what would otherwise be an odd circumstance: He was waiting for a cop to pull him over.

But he and about a dozen others showed up Saturday specifically for that reason.

Southern Connecticut State University’s Center of Excellence on Autism Spectrum Disorders teamed up with police departments to hold mock traffic stops for autistic people.

“We know our individuals with autism benefit not just to see something happen but to actually practice, and of course traffic stops make us all nervous,” said Kari Sassu, director of strategic initiatives for the center. But on top of that, she noted that people on the spectrum may have sensory issues associated with lights or sirens, or fear having broken a rule.

Southern held this kind of event on campus last fall and this spring, but Saturday was the first time the center held it elsewhere in Connecticut.

After going through a mock stop and pulling over again to complete a brief survey, Derek Regenauer, 25, said he thought it went well, and that he came because he wanted to have a better understanding of what to do if he got pulled over. His mother, Kara Regenauer, said they had gone to one of the events at Southern but “repetition is good.”

Trying to build confidence

The event Saturday was split into two sessions. Before taking the wheel, each group sat in the school library for introductions and a video.

“What you’re going to experience today is somewhat stressful for people, right? People don’t like to get pulled over by police,” Town of Groton Police Chief Louis J. Fusaro said, “but we have a duty to keep the roads safe.”

Waterford Police Chief Marc Balestracci said hopefully participants would leave with the confidence that if they ever get pulled over, their interaction with police will go well.

Their departments held the event along with the Center for Excellence on Autism Spectrum Disorders, SCSU’s police department, Groton Public Schools, and the nonprofit Inclusion A Sylvestre Foundation. They also had officers from the Ledyard, Stonington and New London police departments helping with traffic stops.

While waiting for the second session to start, Noank resident Sam Chomet, 30, said his father heard about the event from an article in The Day and brought it to his attention. Paul Chomet said he thinks it’s always good to get a different perspective and understand what the police are looking at.

How the program got started

Sassu said people within the Center for Excellence on Autism Spectrum Disorders were having a discussion about the higher likelihood that people with autism have of interacting with the police, compared to neurotypical people. And having a teenager with autism, the issue is personal for her.

The Connecticut Police Chiefs Association and Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles had in January 2020 launched the Blue Envelope program for autistic drivers. Drivers on the autism spectrum are given a blue envelope ― available at DMV locations, police stations and driving schools ― in which to keep their license, registration and insurance.

On one side of the envelope are instructions for what the driver should do if pulled over, starting with telling the officer, “I have a blue envelope.”

The other side has information for police, advising them that individuals may display repetitive body movements, have unusual eye contact, or show signs of high anxiety, especially from bright lights and radio noises.

“From a law enforcement perspective, it is effective for us, because that clues the officer in. It shapes their interactions,” Fusaro said. Joseph Dooley, recently retired chief of SCSU’s police department, added that even if an officer in another state isn’t aware of the program, the wording explains it.

But Sassu noted that since the pandemic hit not long after the program launched, a lot of people aren’t aware of it. She reached out to Dooley to put together the mock traffic stop program.

Sassu said her go-to person has been Andrew Arboe, who is autistic and founded Driving with Autism, an online training program designed to help autistic people get their driver’s licenses.

Arboe said he started this because a lot of the resources on driving and autism are nonexistent, and that he likes to go over driver empowerment and what works for everyone.

He portrays a driver being pulled over in the SCSU training video but said he hasn’t been pulled over in real life, and he doesn’t know how he would react if he were.

Dooley said another mock traffic stop event is being planned for the Hartford area in the spring.

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Killexams : Biden administration extends COVID-19 emergency
Friday, October 14th 2022 - 10:24 UTC
Biden had announced the pandemic was over without consulting with scientific experts Biden had announced the pandemic was over without consulting with scientific experts

President Joseph Biden's administration Thursday announced an extension for 90 more days of the COVID-19 pandemic emergency declaration. The measure has been in practice since January 2020.

Thursday's decision even after Biden's statements that the pandemic was over seeks to achieve readiness to respond to a hypothetical increase in cases during the winter months. The US administration also said Thursday that it would provide 60 days’ notice before ending the public health emergency.

White House COVID-19 response coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha urged Americans to blunt the potential spike in infections by getting the updated COVID-19 vaccine, which targets dominant variants of the virus. “If you are up to date with your vaccines and if you get treated, if you have a breakthrough infection, your risk of dying from COVID is now close to zero,” he told reporters.

“We still have a problem with COVID. We’re still doing a lotta work on it. It’s — but the pandemic is over,” Biden had said amid a shift in Washington toward treating the virus as a manageable threat rather than a crisis, as deaths and hospitalizations have declined steadily.

However, the President's statement contradicted Dr. Jha’s words at a White House press briefing less than a fortnight earlier. On Sept. 6. Jha said that “we will remain vigilant, and of course, we continue to look for and prepare for unforeseen twists and turns.”

Last month Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra said that although the country has made significant progress in its fight against covid-19 compared to last year, the pandemic was not yet over. “Between 300 and 400 people a day are dying from covid. We're not over it,” he said. “What the president said is what everyone feels, that we are much better off now” than we were a year ago, Becerra added.

Becerra dismissed the idea of lifting the emergency declaration and insisted on waiting for the scientific community to pronounce itself. “We are going to wait for the scientists to supply us a guide and tell us where we stand,” he assured.

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Killexams : Ukrainian Recruits Wage Mock Battles in U.K.

The recruits are part of a broader program started by the British government in June to train 19,000 Ukrainians in England. More than 5,700 recruits have completed the training. 

The European Union announced on Thursday that it plans to start a similar initiative, giving thousands of Ukrainians intensive training on E.U. soil.

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Killexams : Biden administration scales back student debt relief for millions amid legal concerns

The Biden administration is scaling back its debt relief program for millions of Americans over concerns about legal challenges from the student loan industry as well as a new lawsuit from Republican-led states.

In a reversal, the Education Department said on Thursday it would no longer allow borrowers who have federal student loans that are owned by private entities to qualify for the relief program. The administration had previously said those borrowers would have a path to receive up to $10,000 or $20,000 of loan forgiveness.

The policy change comes as the Biden administration this week faces its first major legal challenges to the loan forgiveness program, which Republicans have railed against as an illegal use of executive power that is too costly for taxpayers.

On Thursday, a group of six GOP attorneys general sued to block loan forgiveness. The states of Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Carolina asked a federal judge to strike down the debt cancellation program, arguing that it’s illegal and unconstitutional.

The student loans that are guaranteed by the federal government but held by private entities account for a relatively small, and shrinking, subset of all outstanding federal student debt. They comprise just several million of the roughly 45 million Americans with federal student loans.

But there are significant business interests that depend on the federally guaranteed loan program — a wide range of private lenders, banks, guaranty agencies, loan servicers and investors. That industry is widely seen, both inside and outside the administration, as presenting the greatest legal risk to the debt relief program.

Many of those companies face economic losses when they lose borrowers who convert their federally guaranteed loans into new loans that are made directly by the Education Department through a process known as consolidation.

Administration officials said when they announced the debt relief program in August that borrowers with federally guaranteed loans should consolidate their loans in order to receive loan forgiveness.

The Education Department said Thursday that borrowers who already took those steps to receive loan forgiveness would still receive it. The agency said it would still provide debt relief to borrowers “who have applied to consolidate into the Direct Loan program prior to Sept. 29, 2022.” But the department said that path is no longer available to borrowers after the new guidance.

“Our goal is to provide relief to as many eligible borrowers as quickly and easily as possible, and this will allow us to achieve that goal while we continue to explore additional legally available options to provide relief to borrowers with privately owned FFEL loans and Perkins loans, including whether FFEL borrowers could receive one-time debt relief without needing to consolidate,” an Education Department spokesperson said in a statement.

The privately held federal student loans featured prominently in the new lawsuit filed by GOP attorneys general on Thursday.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Missouri, is based, in part, on the theory that the states are harmed directly by the Biden administration taking steps to forgive federal student loans held by private entities.

For example, in the lawsuit, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt argues that the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority, a quasi-state entity, which owns and services federally guaranteed student loans, faces economic harm from the debt relief program.

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson argues in the lawsuit that some of his state’s pension fund is invested in securities that are backed by federally guaranteed loans. The lawsuit says the Biden relief program could cut in half the size of that market and hurt the state’s investments in it.

Some of the other states, however, argue that the entire student debt relief program — not just the federally guaranteed part — will cause them economic injury. They argue they’ll face lost tax revenue as a result of Biden’s student debt relief program for all types of federal student loans.

The Education Department spokesperson said the policy change would affect "only a small percentage of borrowers.” The most accurate federal data, as of June 30, shows there were 4.1 million federal borrowers with $108.8 billion of loans held by private lenders.

Administration officials argued that the policy change would directly affect far fewer than millions of borrowers because a large share of the borrowers were never set to receive the relief in the first place or have other avenues to obtain relief.

Some 1.6 million borrowers with privately held federal student loans also have a direct loan, according to an administration official. Those borrowers will still be able to obtain debt relief on their direct loan, the official said, though it is possible that they will receive less overall relief.

Another 1.5 million borrowers have a certain type of privately held federal loan — an FFEL consolidation loan — would have faced a complex process for making their loans eligible for relief, according to an administration official.

Combined with some additional drop-off for borrowers who exceed the income limits of the program, administration officials argue that only about 770,000 borrowers would be directly affected by the policy change.

Earlier this month, the Biden administration released data estimating that 42.4 million borrowers across the country would be eligible for its debt relief program.

It’s not clear why the Biden administration decided on Thursday to pull the plug on allowing the subset of federal student loan borrowers to participate in the program. Industry officials and a wide range of policy experts had long warned — even before the administration’s August announcement — about the legal complexities associated with the federal government forgiving federally guaranteed student loans.

Top Education Department officials and industry groups had for weeks been negotiating a compromise deal in which the companies were compensated for their losses and would avoid suing the administration over the issue.

Those discussions have not yet produced a deal, but the administration signaled on Thursday they would continue negotiating.

The Education Department said on its website Thursday it “is assessing whether there are alternative pathways to provide relief to borrowers with federal student loans not held by [the Education Department], including FFEL Program loans and Perkins Loans, and is discussing this with private lenders.”

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Killexams : Mock ‘slave auction’ prompts high school to forfeit football season

A California high school will forfeit the rest of its varsity football season after some players were captured on video appearing to act out a “slave auction” of their Black teammates.

The Yuba City Unified School District first forfeited last Friday’s game after administrators became aware of the video Thursday, Superintendent Doreen Osumi said in a statement. The district later said it would forfeit the rest of the season after banning the involved team members from playing.

The mock auction at River Valley High School appeared organized, Osumi said, suggesting that the students planned the situation without considering that it was “disgraceful.”

“Reenacting a slave sale as a prank tells us that we have a great deal of work to do with our students so they can distinguish between intent and impact,” Osumi said. “They may have thought this skit was funny, but it is not; it is unacceptable and requires us to look honestly and deeply at issues of systemic racism.”

District administrators did not answer questions about how many students were involved, what specifically the video showed and where the recording was shared. The incident, which took place roughly 38 miles north of Sacramento, was previously reported by Sacramento-based television station KCRA and other local news outlets.

Mock slave auctions in schools — some sanctioned by officials and others not — have come under increased scrutiny in accurate years as the United States struggles to respond to its history of racism and fractures over how much its past sins still shape it. Schools have been particularly heated settings for those arguments as politicians in Republican-led states seek to ban lessons that suggest that racism is systemic in the United States.

For the Yuba City district, the loss of the players means the team does not have enough members to complete the season. Sophomores and juniors on the varsity team, which was 0-5 before its first forfeit last week, can choose to play on the junior varsity team.

Some students may be further disciplined, Osumi said, and the district is working to develop programs about racism to help students learn from the situation. Administrators are also developing training for the football team “to act with character and dignity at all times,” she said.

“When students find humor in something that is so deeply offensive,” Osumi said, “it tells me that we have an opportunity to help them expand their mind-set to be more aware, thoughtful and considerate of others.”

The California Interscholastic Federation, which oversees high school sports in California, said it supports administrators’ decision “to promptly address the misconduct of their students.”

“Discrimination in any form or any acts that are disrespectful or demeaning are unacceptable and are not consistent with the principles of the CIF,” the group said in a statement.

Like the incident in Yuba City, some mock slave auctions have been instigated by students. In April 2021, a video shared on Snapchat showed students in Traverse City, Mich., “trading” their Black classmates. The district’s response, which included fast-tracking a resolution to better teach students how to live in a diverse country, roiled the community.

Other times, teachers have guided their students to act out an auction as a history lesson — often prompting outrage. That’s what happened in Maplewood, N.J., in 2017, when a substitute teacher orchestrated and filmed a mock auction as a lesson about Colonial history. Two years later, a teacher in Bronxville, N.Y., allegedly let White students “bid on” Black students. And in March, a North Carolina superintendent apologized after White middle-schoolers pretended to “sell” their Black classmates.


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