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Pillar Axiom 600 Storage System Certified Implementation Specialist
Oracle Implementation Questions and Answers
Killexams : Oracle Implementation Questions Answers - BingNews Search results Killexams : Oracle Implementation Questions Answers - BingNews Killexams : The Oracle at Delphi

Dating back to 1400 BC, the Oracle of Delphi was the most important shrine in all Greece, and in theory all Greeks respected its independence. Built around a sacred spring, Delphi was considered to be the omphalos - the center (literally navel) of the world.

People came from all over Greece and beyond to have their questions about the future answered by the Pythia, the priestess of Apollo. And her answers, usually cryptic, could determine the course of everything from when a farmer planted his seedlings, to when an empire declared war.

Arguments over the correct interpretation of an oracle were common, but the oracle was always happy to deliver another prophecy if more gold was provided. A good example is the famous incident before the Battle of Salamis when the Pythia first predicted doom and later predicted that a 'wooden wall' (interpreted by the Athenians to mean their ships) would save them.

The lack of a strict religious dogma associated with the worship of Greek gods also encouraged scholars to congregate at Delphi, and it became a focal point for intellectual enquiry, as well as an occasional meeting place where rivals could negotiate.

Delphi became a fantastic showcase of art treasures and all Greek states would send rich gifts to keep the Oracle on their side. It finally came to an end in the 4th century AD when a newly Christian Rome proscribed its prophesying.

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Killexams : Oracle Cerner answers top-of-mind questions about Cerner RevElate

Dynamically connecting workflows. Tackling workflow redundancy. Future-proofing.

Healthcare administrators expect these benefits– and it's why they are excited about Cerner RevElate™, the new patient accounting solution from Oracle Cerner.

Cerner RevElate was announced in October 2021, and as you might guess, much work has been dedicated to preparing the solution for general availability in Fall 2022.
Today, Oracle Cerner aims to address the questions that are top of mind in the market, including:

  • What is the status of Cerner RevElate development and availability?
  • What makes Cerner RevElate different?
  • What's next?

What is the status of Cerner RevElate development and availability?

Since the announcement of the product last fall, the Oracle Cerner revenue cycle team and the beta clients have been working hard to deliver the committed capabilities and address validation feedback. Additionally, Oracle Cerner recently shared that they are nearing the first Cerner RevElate live event at BayCare Health System in Q4 2022, and they have kicked off the first migration event at Charleston Area Medical Center (CAMC).

With the progress to date, the initial Cerner RevElate offering is anticipated to be generally available in fall 2022. That means that new clients and clients on legacy systems can begin implementations starting early 2023.

How is Cerner RevElate Patient Accounting different?

It's simple: Oracle Cerner can offer a unique revenue cycle solution that helps enable clinically-driven automation in an open, extensible ecosystem. Cerner RevElate can connect financial concepts, drive automation, and simplify complex workflows between multiple data sources and technologies as a network-level patient accounting product.

Four key functions that help to create a comprehensive, flexible, and innovative product include:

  1. Advanced automation and intelligence throughout the billing cycle
  2. A workflow-centric experience designed to reduce redundancy and enable skilled resources to dedicate their time to higher-value work
  3. An open, extensible environment for innovation – allowing clients to dynamically connect workflows and innovate to help drive growth and enable future-proofing
  4. A single and efficient end-user experience across venues and even A/R management systems

So, what's next?

In Q4, Oracle Cerner's first beta client, BayCare, will go live with Cerner RevElate. Service-based integration will connect Cerner Millennium® registration, scheduling, and EHR with Cerner RevElate™ Patient Accounting. In addition, Baycare will adopt key enhancements such as clinically integrated business rules, reconciliation reporting, and a more unified patient accounting experience.

In July, Oracle Cerner kicked off projects with two other validation partners: CoxHealth and CAMC. CoxHealth is implementing Cerner Millennium® registration and scheduling along with an uplift to Cerner RevElate Patient Accounting with a targeted live event in 2023. CAMC is on target to be the first beta client to migrate their back office from Cerner Millennium Patient Accounting to Cerner RevElate Patient Accounting. CAMC will begin to take and test new capabilities, such as build migration tools and the A/R workbench, in fall 2022, with a planned complete migration to Cerner RevElate in Q2-2023. In addition, Oracle Cerner is working with existing clients to create a well-coordinated transition throughout 2023 and 2024.

This is just the beginning. Visit for more information.

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Killexams : VA will halt Oracle-Cerner implementation until patient safety concerns are addressed

The Veterans Health Administration's rollout of its Oracle-Cerner EHR system will not continue until patient safety concerns are addressed, according to Sept. 26 reporting in FedScoop.

VA Secretary Denis McDonough confirmed the news Sept. 26, responding to questions at an event hosted by the Defense Writers Group. Mr. McDonough confirmed that the VA is working through an implementation checklist with each hospital setting up the new EHR system.

The rollout was paused in June after a federal watchdog alleged that a flaw in Cerner's system caused harm to 148 veterans at Spokane, Wash.-based Mann-Grandstaff Medical Center.

"I think we've been clear that we have to be confident that these risks to patient safety are addressed before we go live. So we're not just focused on the passage of time between now and next year; we're focused on improving the system," Mr. McDonough said.

Becker's has reached out to Cerner and will update this report if more information becomes available.

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Killexams : Questions Presidential Candidates Must Answer


Next month, campaigns for the 2023 elections will kick off officially. I used the word “officially” advisedly: campaign has practically taken off on TV and Twitter. Many presidential candidates are already marketing themselves. Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, his All Progressives Congress (APC) opponent, even took time off the other day to exchange missiles over Muslim-Muslim ticket. Mr Peter Obi (Labour Party) has been reeling out captivating statistics and keeping fact checkers busy. Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso (New Nigeria Peoples Party) has been talking a good game everywhere as well.

The most interesting battles so far are on Twitter. Supporters of the presidential candidates are steadily trading cyber threats and insults. It is a race to the bottom: who can take the standard of public conversation to the lowest, meanest level? Who can say the vilest things? I must confess I am amused by every bit of it. Electioneering periods are usually the most exciting for us and the 2022/2023 season has lived up to the billing so far, with more to follow. We were born for elections. Nothing excites us on a prolonged run like electioneering. It is a festival. Nigeria is not a boring place, but the spice that comes with the elections is like a tonic that keeps us hyperactive night and day.

It should be pure fun if not that Nigeria is in a bad place and the next president has his job well cut out. It is not going to be a tea party. Retweets, likes and vile comments cannot tackle these challenges. World-class branding cannot change our situation. In my previous article, I wondered why anybody would want to be president at this point in our history. I listed a number of complex challenges ahead — such as fighting insecurity, taking tough decisions on the management of the exchange rate, on subsidies, on funding of public universities, on the civil service, on sectional agitations, on debts, and the rest. Fellow Nigerians, do not be deceived: there is no easy way out.

On Twitter, over-excited Nigerians have already solved all these problems on behalf of their favourite presidential candidates. Easy peasy. After all, the goal of electioneering is to get power first. What happens thereafter is for thereafter. When we get to that bridge we will cross it, isn’t it? We learn nothing from history. In fact, we disdain history. And I am not talking about the history that people always lament is no longer being taught in schools. I am talking about the history we are living through, the history we are experiencing. Otherwise, we should have a sober electioneering this time, full of controlled promises and calm expectations. My apologies: I am preaching to a wall.

Regardless, we should be asking the candidates hard and specific questions as full-blown campaigns start. For whatever it is worth, we should grill them on their agenda. Electioneering must go beyond the usual “I will” and be elevated to “How I will”. This is not the super solution to our problems, but at least we can get to know if the candidates truly understand the issues. We can gauge the depth of their comprehension. We can assess the intellect in their thought process. Is this too much to ask? For a country full of educated and enlightened people, we do ourselves a world of disservice when we deliver an easy pass to those seeking to lead us. We need to make them sweat their way to power.

For one, it is not enough to commission experts to produce glossy manifestos. Anyone can do that. It is not enough to say “check out the details in our manifesto”. No way. Speak to us about your new and specific ideas. Also, it is not enough to speak persuasively about the plans. Instead, the plans should be vigorously interrogated to determine if they are reasonable and realistic. Doing both does not necessarily ensure implementation, much less effective implementation, which is the most important thing. At the end of the day, voters are still taking a gamble. But it will be a calculated gamble. Plans provide a basis for informed assessment and a tool of holding candidates to account.

Therefore, it is not just enough to say “I will fight insecurity”. You are not talking to kids, for crying out loud. What will you do differently, dear presidential candidate? We were told in 2015 that President Muhammadu Buhari would deploy his military experience to secure the nation better than President Goodluck Jonathan, who was considered too weak. Despite all the shots we have fired since then, we are still like this. So, dear candidate, what do you think the problem is? Do you think it has to do with the capability of the military? Is it the intelligence gathering? Is it a fear of international sanctions for human rights abuses? Is it corruption? Or is it an impossible mission?

Actually, we cannot say with all honesty that the Buhari administration has not made efforts to tackle the security challenges. It has shut down telecom services in parts of the country, enforced national identity registration, enforced mobile phone registration, and enforced linking NIN to SIM cards (even hurting the growth of the telecom sector in the process), but are we safer? It bought jets and made a big show at the Eagle Square in 2019, changed service chiefs, controlled media narration and cracked down on international NGOs, but are we safer? What then are we not getting right? Do we need more boots? Do we need an overhaul of the security setup? Do we need foreign help?

“Oh no, you don’t understand! Do you know how many attacks the security agencies have prevented?” I agree: it is not all bad news. I do not downplay the success stories and the sacrifice. Rather, I am wondering that despite all, we still feel so vulnerable. How can we save the security forces from further “decimation” — as Gen Babagana Monguno, the national security adviser, recently described the killing of soldiers in Bwari? That is the key question. “I will fight insecurity” does not cut it for me. While I admit that security strategies are not for public consumption, a candidate can still speak intelligently to these issues to assure us that he has thought things through.

Public finance is the second issue I would like the candidates to dissect appropriately. We are spending more on debt service than we earn. How, in naira and kobo, would you address this, dear presidential candidate? Also, you want to cut expenditure. Thank you very much. But how much would you cut from expenditure per year? N1 trillion? N2 trillion? From what budgetary lines? Salaries? Allowances? Training? Trips? Consumables? We need the specifics, backed with real data for every budgetary item to be cut down on. Any Taiwo, Tanimu and Tochi can promise to “cut expenditure” and “grow revenue” while campaigning. The real question is how would you do it?  

We have to seriously discuss the subsidy issue, the elephant in the room. Going by the 2023-2025 Medium Term Expenditure Framework and Fiscal Strategic Paper (MTEF and FSP), we have projected to spend N6.72 trillion on petrol subsidy alone in 2023 — far more than we will spend on health care and education. Given that no presidential candidate wants to say things that will affect his electoral fortune, our culture is to politick. Yet, the candidates need to tell us what they will do about the subsidy bill. Will they retain subsidy? How will they fund it? Will they remove it partially or completely? How will they manage the gains for the benefit of over 200 million Nigerians?

I have by no means touched on all the major issues. There are many others that the presidential candidates must equally speak to: how will they finally solve the ASUU problem so that strikes will no longer be part of our academic calendar? How will they deal decisively with a civil service that keeps ballooning but is mostly inefficient, corrupt and regressive? How can our civil service become world-class? How do we maintain and deepen the fight against corruption as well as check potential abuse? How can we get millions of youths off the job market? Above all, how can we get Nigerians to fall in love with Nigeria again? How can we renew and rebuild this beautiful, beautiful nation?

As we seek to reboot Nigeria, we need a proper conversation with the presidential candidates on these critical issues. We have been skirting around certain issues and going back and forth because of the exigencies of politics. This is not to be unexpected. No president wants to risk social upheavals. No president wants to be unpopular. But, realistically, we are going nowhere if we continue along this trajectory. We will keep lamenting daily and things will never ease up or get resolved. By continuing to avoid the hard path, the next president will destroy whatever hope of putting the country on the right track. Nothing is called gold until it passes through fire.

Come to think of it, why should you seek to become president, going all over the country canvassing votes, without demonstrating convincingly that you know what the job entails and you are ready to do the needful? I am not saying tell us all the details. Some things have to remain confidential. But don’t talk to us as if you are addressing a bunch of Sunday School kids. Let us have your concrete plan. You can only implement a plan when you have one. Giving us your plan is not the magic solution but it is a necessary condition that can be made sufficient with implementation, monitoring & evaluation and accountability. Let us elevate our politics. We should not even be debating this!



The almighty National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) on Wednesday fined Trust TV, MultiChoice, TelCom Satellite and StarTimes for airing a documentary on banditry, making good the threat by Alhaji Lai Mohammed, minister of information, days earlier. The contention of the government is that the documentary glorifies banditry. Globally, governments regulate the broadcast media more strictly — after all, it is the state that issues the frequencies and the licensing gives it some leverage. But at what stage does regulation conflict with press freedom? Rather than resort to muscle-flexing, I think government should engage more constructively with the media on these issues. Dialogue.


On Thursday, Uduak Akpan was sentenced to death for the murder of Ms Iniobong Umoren, a graduate of University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom state. Umoren had been lured to her death last year by Akpan, who promised her employment. Credit to social media for the attention given to the crime. Otherwise, she could have been considered missing today. Her killing highlighted once again the unmitigated wickedness in our country. Why lure an innocent lady to her death? Hanging Akpan can only offer some closure to her family: nothing can bring back their beloved daughter to their arms. Let’s pray this swift justice will send a message to other would-be murderers out there. Sad.


Do you still remember Baptist High School, Maraban Damishi, Chikun LGA, Kaduna state? In the early hours of July 5, 2021, bandits invaded the school and kidnapped 121 students. They even killed some of them. What many Nigerians don’t know is that some of the students are still in captivity. We have virtually forgotten about them. The attack on Abuja-Kaduna train and the kidnap of scores of passengers in March 2022 pushed Bethel off the radar. If the bandits had succeeded in their attempt to kidnap students of the Nigerian Law School, Bwari, recently, attention of the train victims would also have gone down. We just have to find a solution to this menace by any means. Distressing.


Nigeria missed out on a sure gold medal at the Commonwealth Games on Thursday when the para-powerlifting entrants turned up late for the women’s lightweight event. Although they arrived minutes to the 3pm start, the devil was in the details: they were to be there an hour ahead for the inspection of kits. All the rules were handed down before the games started. Nigeria had always won the gold in that event, so it was going to be a piece of cake. Who should be held responsible for the tardiness? With all the civil servants and officials at the games, was no one designated to take care of scheduling? If there was someone and the person failed, is there a punishment? Scandalous.

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Killexams : Deloitte Launches Oracle MyCloud ERP Offering for Fast Growth and Private Companies

Offering helps organizations with accelerated, risk averse transformations by providing access to Oracle products, implement and support for a predictable monthly fee

NEW YORK, Oct. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Deloitte today announced the launch of its Oracle MyCloud ERP offering that can help fast growth and private clients accelerate business transformation enabled by Oracle's modern integrated SaaS Cloud platform. Backed by Deloitte's proprietary industry accelerators and methodologies, the offering helps organizations to get up and running quickly on an Oracle Cloud platform while eliminating the barriers of talent constraints and high upfront costs, which are often associated with ERP implementations. The bundled subscription offering allows organizations to access Oracle Cloud products as well as Deloitte implementation and support services for a consistent monthly fee. This enables companies that are focused on growth to manage their cash flows and to continue to allocate their limited time and resources toward expansive activities.  

As used in this document,

"We are pleased to have the opportunity to use Deloitte intellectual property and knowledge to serve growth and private clients as they scale and drive their businesses forward. This offering demonstrates our commitment to this market and our desire to assist the leaders of tomorrow," said John Steele, U.S. Oracle offering leader and principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP.

For those interested in exploring Cloud ERP™ further, the starting place is a TruNorth Assessment. A quick, collaborative and effective approach that takes approximately three weeks. Deloitte helps prospects to envision the desired future state, identify transformation opportunities, and develop strategies and roadmaps for the journey.

Experience Deloitte's MyCloud firsthand
Deloitte is pleased to be the Global Sponsor of Oracle CloudWorld in Las Vegas, Oct. 17-20, 2022. This new global conference will bring people together to share ideas, develop in-demand skills and learn about cloud infrastructure and applications. Connect with Deloitte professionals at the CloudWorld Hub and attend a theatre presentation on MyCloud ERP enabled by Oracle Cloud.

About Deloitte
Deloitte provides industry-leading audit, consulting, tax and advisory services to many of the world's most admired brands, including nearly 90% of the Fortune 500® and more than 7,000 private companies. Our people come together for the greater good and work across the industry sectors that drive and shape today's marketplace — delivering measurable and lasting results that help reinforce public trust in our capital markets, inspire clients to see challenges as opportunities to transform and thrive, and help lead the way toward a stronger economy and a healthier society. Deloitte is proud to be part of the largest global professional services network serving our clients in the markets that are most important to them. Building on more than 175 years of service, our network of member firms spans more than 150 countries and territories. Learn how Deloitte's approximately 415,000 people worldwide connect for impact at

Deloitte refers to one or more of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, a UK private company limited by ensure ("DTTL"), its network of member firms, and their related entities. DTTL and each of its member firms are legally separate and independent entities. DTTL (also referred to as "Deloitte Global") does not provide services to clients. In the United States, Deloitte refers to one or more of the US member firms of DTTL, their related entities that operate using the "Deloitte" name in the United States and their respective affiliates. Certain services may not be available to attest clients under the rules and regulations of public accounting. Please see to learn more about our global network of member firms.


Cision View original content to get multimedia:

SOURCE Deloitte Consulting LLP

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Killexams : Rep. Rosendale questions size of penalty imposed on Cerner-Oracle by VA amid electronic health record system failures Written by

A senior Republican has questioned the size of the penalty imposed by the Department of Veterans Affairs on Oracle-Cerner amid major failures with the agency’s electronic health records modernization program.

At a House hearing Tuesday, Rep. Rosendale, R-Mont., cited a figure of $156,750 that according to the lawmaker the VA has withheld from the technology giant, and contrasted this with number of outages that have occurred since the rollout of the EHR system.

“Why has the VA only withheld $156,750 for Cerner’s failure to meet the service level agreement for the system up time? Do you think it’s a fair penalty for over 44 days of outages, degradations and losses of functionality?” said Rosendale.

The lawmaker was referring to the almost 500 major incidents with the VA’s Oracle-Cerner electronic health records system and at least 45 days of downtime that have occurred within the system since it was rolled out in the fall of 2020. Details of the downtime were included in an internal VA dataset exclusively obtained by FedScoop through a Freedom of Information Act.

Giving evidence at the hearing, Michael Parrish, the VA’s chief acquisition officer, replied to Rosendale saying that Oracle-Cerner’s failures would not be tolerated in the private sector. Parrish also said that the agency requires further financial support from Congress to modernize all of its aging technology systems.

“69% of VA medical centers are more than 50 years old and require full modernization. VA’s infrastructure footprint is not flexible enough, and changes in Veteran’s needs, demographics and locations are outpacing our ability to transform and manage it,” said Parrish.

He added: “With additional funding, VA would be better poised to modernize the full portfolio of assets to best serve our Veterans.”

The rollout of the electronic health records modernization continues to attract scrutiny from lawmakers following latest new research from the Institute for Defense Analyses, a nonprofit, that puts the life cycle cost of the EHR system at $50.8 billion over 28 years. The VA’s original rollout implementation tag was about $10 billion over 10 years.

The EHR system rollout issues has been plagued by outages — including at the VA’s medical center in Spokane, Washington — that have caused major harm to veterans. The implementation of VA’s new EHR system is expected to be delayed from its original estimates by at least one to two years.

Rosendale, who is the House VA Subcommittee on Technology Modernization Ranking Member, asked the VA for the total amount that the agency has withheld from Oracle-Cerner for failures on their end and is expected to get an answer in writing from the agency.

Speaking also at the hearing, House VA Committee Chairman Rep. Mark Takano, D-CA., highlighted that the recently passed veterans healthcare expansion bill – the PACT Act – would benefit veterans and the VA by allowing it to hire more employees and invest in modernising its technology given a record new 3.5 million veterans who’ve become eligible for the VA recently.

“Everything at the VA has an IT component and when there’s an IT component that almost always requires an acquisition of technology and support. We’ve seen what happens when the VA does not plan and execute these major acquisitions,” Takano said.

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Killexams : Questions Answers from the ‘Car Doctor’

Q. Do new tires loose a little air every month? I bought a new Honda Pilot in May of this year, every two months a light comes telling me my car has low tire pressure. It happened a few times so far, all four tires were low by five pounds and had to be inflated by the dealer. When I asked about this the service manager said this is normal, is it?

A. All tires will lose air over time, it is normal that most tires can lose a couple of pounds of pressure every month or so. In cooler weather tires can lose one pound of pressure for every 10 degree drop in temperature. This is why it is important to check your car’s tire pressure at least once per month, using a quality tire gauge. Maintaining the correct pressure will maximize both fuel economy and tire life.

Q. The oil light came on in my car while driving, shortly after that the car shut off. It is a 20-year-old Mercedes Benz, what do you think is wrong.

A. When the oil light or any other red light comes on you need to stop driving immediately. The oil light indicates there is/was dangerously low oil pressure. Driving with the oil light on could have seized and destroyed the engine. At this point take the car to a mechanic and have it checked out. Although considering its age (the average car on the road is a little over 12 years old) it may be near the end of its useful life.

Q. I have a 15-year-old Saab which I like driving better than my BMW and Audi. My question is, what is the life expectancy of the airbag system? I want to deliver the car to my daughter after winter and just was wondering if the airbags wear out?

A. Most car manufacturers consider the airbag system to last the life of the car. Now of course if the airbag light is on, this would indicate one of the systems that support the airbag has failed and will needs to be repaired.

Q. I was recently at a dinner party and was telling someone I found a low mileage 2019 Chevrolet Sonic for my daughter for a college car. Someone called it a rolling coffin, are these cars as unsafe as this person was making them out to be?

A. The Chevrolet Sonic is a safe car that utilizes advanced seat belts, air bags and traction and stability control. In the design of the car it utilizes a safety cage to protest the occupants. In fact it got a five-star rating from NHTSA and a good rating from IIHS. Now all of this doesn’t change the law of physics when it comes to vehicle crashes and doesn’t remove the responsibility of the driver to drive safely.

Q. Now that the cool Fall weather is here, every time I get out of my car I get a shock. Is there something I can do?

A. Static electricity is the imbalance of positive and negative changes. During the summer when the weather is more humid these charges tend to roll off of us more quickly. With winter, comes cold dry air and the imbalance of charges tends to build until you touch your car and the charge goes to ground. Using a fabric spray such a Static Guard once or twice a month will usually help eliminate static shocks.

Q. I have a work van (former Grumman bread truck) and it is always cold inside. I remember years ago I had a friend with a Volkswagen with a gasoline heater. The heater would drive you out of the car and only used a little bit of gas. Is there a modern equivalent for trucks?

A. The only item that I’m familiar with is the Blueheat unit by Webasto. These units heat the air or the coolant depending on the model, using vehicle fuel. They work almost like a little household furnace. My only experience was years back with one installed in a Dodge Sprinter. This was a great system, provided plenty of heat, used a minimal amount of fuel and had a timer that could be programmed so the interior was warm when you needed the truck. Best of all there was no excessive idling, wasting fuel and adding to air pollution worries of an engine running unnecessarily.

Q. I have a 2008 Toyota Prius Touring model and one of my front headlights is intermittently going out. I thought this would be a simple fix, but it turns out Toyota wants $300-$500 to install the new bulb? I’m wondering if there are other options out there (quicker, cheaper fixes) or if that’s actually the price I’ll have to pay for a new bulb. Is the dealer the only option?

A. This has been a fairly common failure on certain year Prius vehicles with HID headlights and I’m surprised that they lasted this long. Unlike halogen bulbs that dim and then burn out HID bulbs flicker or just turn off. The repair generally involves changing both headlights. There are non-Toyota parts including the ballast which are generally cheaper than the factory parts. Any competent garage should be able to repair the headlights.

Got a car question, email the Car Doctor for a personal reply.

Sat, 08 Oct 2022 04:00:00 -0500 By John Paul, Senior Manager, Public Affairs and Traffic Safety, AAA Northeast en-US text/html
Killexams : Scotland's school sex survey questions — would you answer?

THE Scottish Government have faced an angry backlash over controversial sex questions that school pupils are being asked to answer in a survey.

Scotland’s Children’s Commissioner Bruce Adamson has stepped in 

The storm led to Scotland’s Children’s Commissioner Bruce Adamson urging the study to be paused over privacy and consent concerns.

Last month, Nicola Sturgeon refused to say whether she would answer the controversial school pupils' census.

Would you answer any of the questions? Let us know in our polls below:

READ MORE: SNP ministers refuse to answer 'intrusive' sex survey question posed to pupils

SNP ministers have now come under further criticism after refusing to answer a freedom of information request which repeated one of the questions posed to school pupils.

The person making the request asked for “the number of government cabinet ministers who have indulged in anal sex”.

The request said that “I do not expect this information to be held on file”, adding “so I would appreciate if you could fire around a quick email to them asking this simple question”.

It added: “Can you provide the data in the form of a list of names, with a yes or no against their names please.

“Whether they enjoyed it or not is not required.”

READ MORE: Sturgeon refuses to say whether she would answer sex census for kids questions

The Scottish Government refused to answer the question, insisting the information is not held.

The Scottish Conservatives have said the refusal of ministers to given an answer shows how unreasonable the questionnaire is and have renewed their calls for the survey to be scrapped.

Scottish Tory children’s spokesperson, Meghan Gallacher, said: “It shows just how intrusive these questions are that SNP ministers won't answer them.

"This controversial survey asks pupils inappropriate questions that most adults would feel uncomfortable answering.

"The way this data has been collected is flawed and the SNP should withdraw this survey from schools."

But the Scottish Government has insisted it will continue to support the controversial survey.

A Scottish Government spokesperson said: “As is clear from the freedom of information request response, the information requested could not be provided because it is not held by the Scottish Government. This is in line with the requirements of freedom of information legislation.

“Parents/carers and children can opt out of taking part in the census if they wish.

“If children and young people do take part, they can skip any question they don’t wish to answer or state that they would ‘prefer not to say’.

“Health and wellbeing surveys like this one are not new and play a crucial role in ensuring children and young people have access to the help, advice and services they need.

"Local authorities administer the census in their schools to help identify the issues children and young people are concerned about and to tailor their learning, particularly in Personal and Social Education, and advice and support services.

“Whilst the Scottish Government has worked with stakeholders to design a set of questionnaires, it is for local authorities to determine which questions they ask. We fully support administering of this important census, and we will continue to engage with stakeholders on its implementation.”

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Killexams : FedEx execs answer tough questions, map out response to rough quarter No result found, try new keyword!But FedEx’s plans and its CEO’s confidence didn’t stop analysts from asking tough questions on the call ... “We will monitor post-implementation stickiness. And we're constantly looking ... Fri, 23 Sep 2022 15:22:00 -0500 text/html Killexams : Answering the Question - Has the Stocks Bear Market Bottomed? Apple Nut About Crack?

How to Protect your Wealth by Investing in AI Tech Stocks

Stock-Markets / Stock Market 2022 Oct 02, 2022 - 10:29 PM GMT

By: Nadeem_Walayat


Dear Reader

Has the BEAR market Bottomed? That is the question I am most often asked for the duration of this bear market, where my earlier responses were that my focus was on accumulating target stocks as they DEVIIATE FROM THEIR HIGHS TO NEW LOWS, so where the indices actually bottom is largely irrelevant. Still this is the most asked question so following the June bottom my stance changed to the bottom is probably in for most target stocks, though I cannot say the same for the indices. However in the run up to 4180 I had penciled in a subsequent bear swing target of between 3720 to 3920 for a probable higher low, which means that June was probably the bottom. This weeks price action further strongly suggests that the BOTTOM IS IN as I voiced in the comments section of my last article where for me the key indication was the breakout above 4200, it was not an intraday move or a few shallow spikes above 4200, Instead the S&P rocketed higher by over 110 points in a 3 day run from 4200 to 4317 that acted as a strong indicator that 3637 was THE BOTTOM, and thus all we can now seek is a correction of a fraction of the rally off the bottom for a 2nd bite at the AI stocks investing cherries.

However, the bottom is in is also based on my past studies that suggest a 50% reversal from the bear market lows usually act as a strong indication of the bottom being in which is the focus of this analysis that acts as a further excerpt from my forthcoming in-depth analysis that I have hit the pause button on for 1 week as I venture out of my castle for the first time in 6 months to travel to Wales for some sun, sea and sand and perhaps see if I can find Excalibur in one of it's many lakes that follows the slow recovery form my March ruptured Achilles tendon injury that revealed the extent to which the NHS is a JOKE Health Service when one actually has the misfortune to use it.

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The Great Inflation Bear Market of 2022

Firstly bear markets need to be triggered for one to start contemplating a reversal signal which thus requires a 20% drop, this analysis is focused on the S&P as I slowly trend away from analysis of the Dow.

Summary of the Bear Market END Indicator.

1. Bear Market triggered after a 20% drop

2. Stock market rallies beyond 50% of the Bull high to bear low range .

Note this is obviously not a trading or investing indicator but solely seeks to answer the question is the Bear Market Over?

The S&P topped at 4818, 20% bear market trigger was at 3854, subsequent lowest point of the bear market was at 3637, 50% advance from equals 4227, thus should the S&P break above 4227 then that indicates that the bear market is over and thus whatever follows in terms of the next swing down, it should NOT break the June 3667 low, instead set a higher low. As you are probably all aware the S&P DID break above 4227 last Friday and thus implies that the bear market is over and thus one should position oneself accordingly know that the probability of the S&P breaking below 3637 during the remainder of this year is very low.


The Pandemic Bear Market of 2020

The S&P topped at 3393, 20% bear market trigger was at 2714, subsequent lowest point of the bear market was 2192, 50% advance from equals 2792, thus signaled the end of the Pandemic bear market on a break above 2972, which was followed by a 60% advance on the 50% trigger level to the next bull market peak.

GFC Bear Market of 2007 to 2009

The S&P topped at 1576, 20% bear market trigger was at 1260, subsequent low of the bear market was 1257, 50% advance from equals 1416, which was triggered during MAY 2008 so one can either treat the 3 month rally as a tiny bull market or more accurately as a FALSE signal. A lesson that If the housing market goes gaga you can forget about a stocks bear market bottom!

The actual end of the bear market trigger came some 18 months later during 2009 on break above 1121 off of the 667 low.

The Dot Com Bust Bear Market of 2000 to 2003

This market was very volatile that witnessed very powerful counter trend rallies. However, despite a series of powerful up swings NOT once resulted in a FALSE End of the Bear Market trigger.The S&P topped at 1553 in March 2000, following which the volatile bear market did not trigger a reversal until the rally off the 768 low to above 1160 early 2004 which acted to confirm that the bear market was over following which the bull run continued for another 3 years to 1576.

(Charts courtesy of

1987 CRASH

August top at 338, bear triggered during Black Monday on break below 270, bear market low at 216.6, 50% trigger 277 triggered a year later in October 1988, then the S&P X6 over next 12 years.

So to answer the question has the bear market ended?

There is a 80% probability that the bear market has ended, whilst we will get a retest of sorts there's only a 20% chance that it will break the June low.

And once more this is a "Has the Bear Market ENDED" Indicator, it is not a trading or investing signal as ones objective is to accumulate during the bear market at prices that are significantly below this trigger price i.e. at well below S&P 4227 for which we should see further opportunities to do so in the run up to the mid-term election chaos.

S&P Current State

My view during the current rally has been that on it's conclusion I expect the S&P to target a trend to between 3720 to 3920 with 3820 as being the most probable outcome. Now I would revise my trend expectations to target 3920 as being most probable. The S&P this week gave it's SELL signal on a decisive break below 4280, falling to a low of 4252, it does not matter that the market has rallied since to back above 4280, that is what markets do, the break lower than return to above the breakout point to create the lower highs and lows price pattern, so the rally 'should' have topped at 4317 and we are now in the very early stages of a downtrend.

The S&P closed Thursday at 4283, clearly something is 'temporally' holding the market up, what could it be?

A loony toons cartoon bull run in the Apple stock price, lifting it 36% off it's low to a high of $176 within touching distance of it's all time high of $182, trading on a PE of 29X earnings, not far from the bull market peak of 30.6! Market cap of $2.8 trillion! EC ratio of 106, EGF -17%, EGF12M 4%, Fair value of $107. This is a cartoon stock! If Apple was NOT cheap near it's lows then what is it now? My best guess is that it's being seen as a safe haven in times of uncertainty, so rather than reflecting market strength is actually suggesting extreme fear! Why else pay X29 for a bloated over hyped expected to fall earnings, trading on a market cap of $2.8 trillion stock?

I can see the headlines in the not too distant future "APPLE HAS FALLEN" A ticking time bomb, just as it was at the end of March when it held up the S&P until the NUT CRACKED! Which at the very least suggests a SHARP drop to $150, How can this go even higher? It' CAN'T under any commonsense analysis for the prospects of the stock and it's valuation, 29X earnings, think about that! TWENTY NINE TIMES EARNINGS! Should be UNDER X19 earnings which equates to a stock price of $115! Which is why I hold virtually no Apple stock. Instead I am short equivalent to 4% of my target long exposure, only second to my S&P short position, with my next largest shorts being on Microsoft, Tesla and Amazon, though still only a pin pricks in terms of overall exposure.

AI Stocks Portfolio

A reminder that the primary objective during this bear market is to accumulate target stocks at deep deviations form their highs, where the greater the deviation then the greater the buying opportunity being presented.

My target is to get to 85% invested during this bear market, peak exposure was 77% invested, current is 71.5% following trimming during the current rally, However that now drops to 65.8% following influx of new cash to capitalise on what I was anticipating as a probable last leg down for this bear market into the end of August. Overall since the start of the year I have now added cash equivalent to about 12% of my original portfolio, at the start of the year I was 40% invested which equates to being 28% allowing for 12% new cash, so in effective terms my exposure to stocks has increased from 28% to 65.8% during the bear market.

For the portfolio table see my article of a few days ago.

How to Profit During a Bear Market - Portfolio Account

Back in early April I opened an IKBR ISA with £20k (ISA limit) that I proceeded to quickly populate with target stocks as they traded down to new bear market lows. ISA's limit what one can do, i.e. NO SHORTING, Options and no access to most ETF's due to HMRC rules, another restriction is one cannot hold US Dollars, every buy and sell has to be converted into and out of US dollars, so ISA's are definitely geared towards longer term investors. Anyway the IKBR ISA acts as a good real world proxy for how my public portfolio should perform if one followed my analysis, where the primary goal is to accumulate during this temporary bear market to capitalise on during the subsequent bull market, my expectations from the outset were that there WILL BE DRAWDOWNS because stock prices FALL during bear markets so as to result in the buying opportunities, stocks getting cheaper during a bear market is a good thing! Cheaper in terms of their valuations for if a stock price falls and the stock gets more expensive in valuation terms then that is NOT a good thing!

Current state of the IKBR ISA is up 12% since inception (Early April 2022) through following my analysis of buying target stocks when they trade down to NEW LOWS and then trimming lightly on the subsequent rallies, cash now comprises about 33% of this portfolio up from about 3% near the lows, as IKBR does not charge a rip off f/x fee as many brokers, for comparison FreeTrade charges 0.45%, AJ Bell 1% and Interactive Investor charge 1.5%, what are they smoking! AJ Bell recently cut their f/x fee to 0.75% but their platform is a pain in the butt to use for US stocks i.e. NO LIMIT ORDERS!

So my IKBR ISA is primed to pile back on the next dip. Max draw down was -6.5% at the Mid June low when I was fully invested, max gain was +12.55% a few days ago. It's not easy to be FLAT let alone up 12% during a bear market! And why even though I expected NEW bear market lows into Aug/Sept that did not stop me accumulating target stocks as I often voiced in my articles not to focus on the indices but rather the individual stocks for we will only see the bear market bottom proper in the rear view mirror which strongly looks to be the case today.

The portfolio largely resembles my AI stocks portfolio as my Top 11 holdings illustrate with a sprinkling of Feb 2022 high risk stocks where the most stocks trimmed during the current rally have been GFS, Qualcom, AVGO, ADSK, ASML, AMD, GPN, Amazon, Roblox, JBL, and Arrow.

So even if ones timing sucks i.e. I did not buy any of these near their LOWS, still the strategy does work! And why I tend to BE CALM AND CARRY ON BUYING QUANTUM AI TECH STOCKS AS THEY DEVIATE FROM THEIR HIGHS, whilst many investors are running around like headless chickens, reacting to nonsense market calls of SELL EVERYTHNG RIGHT AT THE MARKET BOTTOM!

Saudi Arabia Potential DOOMSDAY BLACK SWAN!

Yes here's another potential black swan brewing in the background as the world continues to reel from the impact of high oil prices with the blame firmly being placed at the feet of Czar Putin, so I trundled along to take a look under the hood of the oil market and I noticed something strange that could result in an oil market DOOMSDAY Black Swan event!

Look at the graph of proven Saudi Arabian oil reserves and what do you see?

Constant proven reserves that hovered at 30.9 billion metric tonnes for decades but then jumped in to 40.9 billion around the time when there was much media hype surrounding IPO for Saudi Aramco in December 2019 when the Saudis sold a 1.5% stake that valued the Energy giant at $2 trillion, with current plans to sell a further $50 billion of shares this year.

Do you see it?

How the hell are Saudi oil reserves constant at 30.9 billion for decades and then jump to 40.9 billion ahead of the IPO when Saudi Arabia pumps out 550 million metric tonnes of oil per year, that's 22 billion tonnes of oil over the past 40 years!

Does Saudi Arabia actually have 40 billion metric tonnes of oil or is this the mother of all ENRON's! Hence why Saudi Arabia is eager to sell more shares in Saudi Aramco before the shit hits the fan and we find out that Saudi Arabia's oil reserves are a function of a horizontal line drawn by the hand of MBS himself and his father before him, the real reserves are likely 31 minus 22 = 9 billion metric tonnes, enough to continue conning the world for perhaps another 16-18 years, instead of the implied 75 years.

This also explains why Saudi Arabia is refusing to open the oil taps and increase supply even though it would profit hugely from doing so, it's because THEY CANNOT INCREASE OUTPUT! The max output of Saudi oil fields has been stuck at 10.5 million barrels per day for decades! All they need to do to increase supply is drill a few more wells, but why would they do that if it means.

a. They will run out oil sooner.

b. That the new oil wells will only have a short shelf life.

What would it mean for oil prices when the Saudi Emperor is found to have no oil? Oil price X2? X3? X4? And what if similar is true for other oil gulf states such as Iran, Iraq and Kuwait reminds me of the Milkshake scene out of "There will be Blood".

The bottom line is this potential Black Swan could rock the world's economic and geopolitical system if Saudi Arabia was found to have lied about it's oil reserves, the clear winners would be Russia and Venezuela, I can imagine the Americans kowtowing to Venezuela, let bygones be bygones, ce sara sara, Auld Lang Syne and all that, North and South Americans are brothers and sisters, now SELL us your OIL you bas....ds.

This analysis Answering the Question - Has the Stocks Bear Market Bottomed? Saudi Black Swan was first made available to patrons who support my work.So for immediate first access to ALL of my analysis and trend forecasts then do consider becoming a Patron by supporting my work for just $4 per month.

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Including access to my soon to be published extensive analysis that concludes in a detailed 1 year trend forecast into October 2023.

So for immediate first access to to all of my analysis and trend forecasts then do consider becoming a Patron by supporting my work for just $4 per month.

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Your analyst feeling the urge to increase exposure to oil stocks before the mother of all milkshake scams is revealed!

By Nadeem Walayat

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