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Assuming you are stressed, How to breeze through your CIW 1D0-525 Exam. With the help of the ensured CIW 1D0-525 PDF Dumps questions and test system, you will sort out some way to utilize your insight. The greater part of the specialists starts perceiving when they observe that they need to show up in IT certificate. Our test questions is done and direct. The CIW 1D0-525 Latest Topics make your creativity and knowledge significant and help you parts in direction of the authorization test.

Exam Code: 1D0-525 Practice exam 2022 by team
1D0-525 CIW E-Commerce Designer

Exam Title : CIW E-Commerce Specialist
Exam ID : 1D0-525
Exam Center Fee : $150 (USD)
Exam Duration : 75 mins
Questions in exam : 72
Passing Score : 68%
Exam Center : Pearson VUE
Real Questions : CIW E-Commerce Specialist Real Questions
VCE practice test : CIW 1D0-525 Certification VCE Practice Test


E-Commerce Site Development
- Evaluate an e-commerce site to maximize audience usability.
- Develop and host an e-commerce site using instant storefront services and stand-alone e-commerce software.
- Implement e-commerce-based learning solutions.
- Implement inventory and fulfillment strategies for an e-commerce site.
- Implement payment-processing services for an e-commerce site.
- Develop a knowledge base.

E-Commerce Technology and Security
- Define and use standards, initiatives and e-commerce frameworks that support supplier transactions.
- Configure Web server software for an e-commerce site.
- Analyze and Excellerate e-commerce site performance.
- Secure e-commerce transactions.
- Secure an e-commerce site.

E-Commerce Business, Marketing and Legal Issues
- Identify the effects of e-commerce on business operations and revenue generation.
- Identify legal and governmental issues in e-commerce.
- Implement effective marketing for an e-commerce site.
- Implement strategies for effective customer service and manage customer relationships in e-commerce operations.

CIW E-Commerce Designer
CIW E-Commerce Questions and Answers
Killexams : CIW E-Commerce mock exam - BingNews Search results Killexams : CIW E-Commerce mock exam - BingNews Killexams : Uncomfortable Questions and Hard Answers

St. Francis would probably have made most of us uncomfortable. He's perhaps both the most well-known and most domesticated saint. His love for God and God's creation has made him a secular patron for pets. But his radical love of God and insistence on poverty sparked renewal in a way that should unsettle our lives.

Father Fidelis Moscinski, a Franciscan friar, also makes people uncomfortable. He can often be seen praying outside of abortion clinics. In New York City, that not only makes people uncomfortable, but livid, as I've personally witnessed.

A few days after Independence Day this past summer, he showed up at an abortion clinic on Long Island early in the morning, carrying locks and chains. He obstructed access to the clinic for a few hours. He said he wanted to delay women going in so he could try to persuade them not to have abortions. So now the Justice Department is making a federal case of him.

When I first heard back in July that he had done this lock-and-chain work, I questioned the efficacy of the tactic to a mutual friend, in terms of messaging and long-term strategy.

"Women turned around," my friend replied. For Father Fidelis, any opportunity to deliver anyone a chance to reconsider abortion is worth it. It's a radical last line of defense.

Nicole Moore counsels abortion-minded women in New York City at Pregnancy Help Inc., one of the modest pregnancy-help centers that the governor of New York and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren want to shut down. Moore observes that even in the abortion capital/destination of New York, something has changed in the 100 days or so since Roe was overturned.

Women's "hearts are open." I've heard this from others on the frontlines of pregnancy help: Now that Roe v. Wade isn't the law of the land, some of the pressure is lifted -- alternatives that wouldn't have been considered before are now in play.

Jessica Keating Floyd recently wrote about being in the Master of Divinity program at Notre Dame, and finding pro-life people who talk about abortion more than other issues annoying. After saying this during a study of Christian radicalism, she was challenged by someone she respected, known for "his commitment to social justice." He said to her: "If you believe these are human beings, you might feel differently." Now she works to convince others of the urgency of protecting the unborn.

Moore has spoken about how so much of the noise since Roe ended seems so remote from the needs of the women who come to her, who aren't certain how to make it through the week, never mind a pregnancy and the next 18+ years.

I'm much less interested in the political and legal debate over the federal charges against Father Fidelis as I am in how uncomfortable he can make us in terms of causing us to question our commitments, ideals and actions. How much do we really value human life, and what lengths are we really willing to go to in order to defend and protect it? These are important questions for people on both sides of the abortion divide.

As long as there are politicians trying to cloak abortion in euphemisms, rhetoric and hyperbole, there will be religious leaders making us uncomfortable -- and going to jail -- because they have the courage of their convictions in the face of a grave moral muddle.

(Kathryn Jean Lopez is senior fellow at the National Review Institute, editor-at-large of National Review magazine and author of the new book "A Year With the Mystics: Visionary Wisdom for Daily Living." She is also chair of Cardinal Dolan's pro-life commission in New York. She can be contacted at

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Killexams : mock exam from the ‘Car Doctor’

Q. Do new tires loose a little air every month? I bought a new Honda Pilot in May of this year, every two months a light comes telling me my car has low tire pressure. It happened a few times so far, all four tires were low by five pounds and had to be inflated by the dealer. When I asked about this the service manager said this is normal, is it?

A. All tires will lose air over time, it is normal that most tires can lose a couple of pounds of pressure every month or so. In cooler weather tires can lose one pound of pressure for every 10 degree drop in temperature. This is why it is important to check your car’s tire pressure at least once per month, using a quality tire gauge. Maintaining the correct pressure will maximize both fuel economy and tire life.

Q. The oil light came on in my car while driving, shortly after that the car shut off. It is a 20-year-old Mercedes Benz, what do you think is wrong.

A. When the oil light or any other red light comes on you need to stop driving immediately. The oil light indicates there is/was dangerously low oil pressure. Driving with the oil light on could have seized and destroyed the engine. At this point take the car to a mechanic and have it checked out. Although considering its age (the average car on the road is a little over 12 years old) it may be near the end of its useful life.

Q. I have a 15-year-old Saab which I like driving better than my BMW and Audi. My question is, what is the life expectancy of the airbag system? I want to deliver the car to my daughter after winter and just was wondering if the airbags wear out?

A. Most car manufacturers consider the airbag system to last the life of the car. Now of course if the airbag light is on, this would indicate one of the systems that support the airbag has failed and will needs to be repaired.

Q. I was recently at a dinner party and was telling someone I found a low mileage 2019 Chevrolet Sonic for my daughter for a college car. Someone called it a rolling coffin, are these cars as unsafe as this person was making them out to be?

A. The Chevrolet Sonic is a safe car that utilizes advanced seat belts, air bags and traction and stability control. In the design of the car it utilizes a safety cage to protest the occupants. In fact it got a five-star rating from NHTSA and a good rating from IIHS. Now all of this doesn’t change the law of physics when it comes to vehicle crashes and doesn’t remove the responsibility of the driver to drive safely.

Q. Now that the cool Fall weather is here, every time I get out of my car I get a shock. Is there something I can do?

A. Static electricity is the imbalance of positive and negative changes. During the summer when the weather is more humid these charges tend to roll off of us more quickly. With winter, comes cold dry air and the imbalance of charges tends to build until you touch your car and the charge goes to ground. Using a fabric spray such a Static Guard once or twice a month will usually help eliminate static shocks.

Q. I have a work van (former Grumman bread truck) and it is always cold inside. I remember years ago I had a friend with a Volkswagen with a gasoline heater. The heater would drive you out of the car and only used a little bit of gas. Is there a modern equivalent for trucks?

A. The only item that I’m familiar with is the Blueheat unit by Webasto. These units heat the air or the coolant depending on the model, using vehicle fuel. They work almost like a little household furnace. My only experience was years back with one installed in a Dodge Sprinter. This was a great system, provided plenty of heat, used a minimal amount of fuel and had a timer that could be programmed so the interior was warm when you needed the truck. Best of all there was no excessive idling, wasting fuel and adding to air pollution worries of an engine running unnecessarily.

Q. I have a 2008 Toyota Prius Touring model and one of my front headlights is intermittently going out. I thought this would be a simple fix, but it turns out Toyota wants $300-$500 to install the new bulb? I’m wondering if there are other options out there (quicker, cheaper fixes) or if that’s actually the price I’ll have to pay for a new bulb. Is the dealer the only option?

A. This has been a fairly common failure on certain year Prius vehicles with HID headlights and I’m surprised that they lasted this long. Unlike halogen bulbs that dim and then burn out HID bulbs flicker or just turn off. The repair generally involves changing both headlights. There are non-Toyota parts including the ballast which are generally cheaper than the factory parts. Any competent garage should be able to repair the headlights.

Got a car question, email the Car Doctor for a personal reply.

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Killexams : 50 Halloween Trivia mock exam for Spooktacular Fun

Test your knowledge of October 31 with these Halloween trivia questions—answers included!

There’s a lot to love about Halloween: playing Halloween party games, watching the best Halloween movies, dressing up in Halloween costumes (or maybe as Halloween monsters), playing Halloween bingo, solving Halloween riddles and indulging in a bit of Halloween trivia! But how much do you really know about Halloween in the first place? The October holiday may be one of the most popular holidays in the United States now, but the origin of Halloween actually has quite a rich international history.

After you’ve mastered this Halloween trivia, you can bring it out at your next Halloween party to wow your friends and family. And don’t worry, we’ve included the answers to the Halloween trivia questions too.

Historical Halloween trivia

historical halloween trivia gif

sydney watson/

1. What is the name of the legend that jack-o’-lanterns originated from?

Answer: Stingy Jack

2. Before jack-o’-lanterns were carved as pumpkins, what other root vegetable was commonly used?

Answer: Turnips

3. Halloween can be traced back to a Celtic holiday. What’s the name of that holiday?

Answer: Samhain

4. In what century was Halloween first introduced?

Answer: The 19th century

5. How did the tradition of dressing up for Halloween start?

Answer: It was once believed that at the end of October, ghosts and demons would be able to walk the Earth again. To protect themselves, people dressed up as spirits to blend in.

6. Where did the game of bobbing for apples originate?

Answer: England

7. On Halloween during the 18th century, why would women throw apple peels over their shoulders?

Answer: To see if they would land in a pattern resembling initials, indicating the man who would become their husband.

8. Who brought the Halloween tradition to the United States?

Answer: The Irish, during the potato famine

9. Which Roman goddess is thought to be honored on Halloween?

Answer: Pomona

Next, check out these super random trivia facts and history trivia questions (and answers) you probably never knew.

General Halloween trivia

50 Halloween Trivia  mock exam For Spooktacular Fun General Halloween Trivia


10. What is another name for Halloween?

Answer: Allhallows Eve

11. What is another name for Nov. 1, the day after Halloween?

Answer: All Saints’ Day

12. What are the Halloween colors?

Answer: Black, orange and purple

13. Who was the first First Lady to decorate the White House for Halloween?

Answer: Mamie Eisenhower, in 1958

14. What was Bram Stoker’s original name for Dracula in his vampire novel?

Answer: Count Wampyr

15. When is the next time there will be a full moon on Halloween?

Answer: 2039

16. What do you call a fear of Halloween?

Answer: Samhainophobia

17. What is the name of Ireland’s traditional Halloween bread?

Answer: Barmbrack

18. Which state produces the most pumpkins?

Answer: Illinois

19. Where in the United States can you traditionally find the biggest Halloween parade?

Answer: New York City

20. Halloween is the second most commercial holiday in the United States. Which holiday is No. 1?

Answer: Christmas

21. When was the Halloween song “Monster Mash” first recorded?

Answer: 1962

22. Who are the guests of the Halloween party, according to the lyrics of “Monster Mash”?

Answer: Wolfman, Dracula and his son

23. Where did real mummies originate?

Answer: Ancient Egypt

24. Which story originated the Headless Horseman?

Answer: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

25. Who wrote the horror book Frankenstein?

Answer: Mary Shelley

Still curious about Halloween traditions? Find out why we carve pumpkins.

Halloween movie trivia

50 Halloween Trivia  mock exam For Spooktacular Fun Halloween Movie Trivia


26. Michael Myers’ mask in Halloween was that of a famous actor. Which one?

Answer: William Shatner—the studio didn’t have much of a budget, so his mask was a Shatner mask from Star Trek painted white and distorted.

27. How many Michael Myers movies are there?

Answer: 13

28. Which actor turned down the role of Max Dennison in Hocus Pocus?

Answer: Leonardo DiCaprio

29. Which famous boy band used the mansion from Casper for one of their music videos?

Answer: The Backstreet Boys, for the “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” video

30. What year did Halloweentown premiere on Disney Channel?

Answer: 1998

31. Where was Halloweentown filmed?

Answer: Oregon

32. Who did Tim Burton want to play Beetlejuice in Beetlejuice?

Answer: Sammy Davis Jr.

33. What was Beetlejuice almost called?

Answer: Scared Sheetless

34. Which TV network airs the 31 Nights of Halloween event?

Answer: Freeform

35.  What colors make up Freddy Krueger’s shirt in A Nightmare on Elm Street?

Answer: Red and green

36. How long did it take to put on Freddy Krueger’s makeup in A Nightmare on Elm Street?

Answer: 3 1/2 hours

37. How many takes did it take to get the puking scene right in The Exorcist?

Answer: Just one

38. Which horror movie earned the most at the box office?

Answer: It

If you’re looking to get into the Halloween spirit, we recommend checking out these scary movies on Netflix.

Halloween candy trivia

50 Halloween Trivia  mock exam For Spooktacular Fun Halloween Candy Trivia


39. What is the most popular Halloween candy in America?

Answer: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

40. About how much money does the United States spend on Halloween candy annually?

Answer: Around $3 billion

41. What was the original name of candy corn?

Answer: Chicken feed

42. What two candy bars were the first to come in fun size?

Answer: Snickers and Milky Way

43. In which decade did the term “trick-or-treat” originate in the United States?

Answer: The 1920s

44. How is the Dum-Dums mystery flavor lollipop made?

Answer: At the end of the production run, Dum-Dums mixes the leftover candy together to form a new (mysterious) flavor for its lollipops.

45. What is the least popular Halloween candy?

Answer: Candy corn

46. On average, how many cups of sugar from Halloween candy do kids consume each year?

Answer: Three cups

47. How far in advance does Hershey’s start production on Halloween candy?

Answer: Six months in advance

48. How many pounds of candy corn are produced each year?

Answer: 35 million pounds

49. What day is National Candy Corn Day?

Answer: Oct. 30

50. How many pounds of chocolate are sold during Halloween week?

Answer: 90 million pounds

Next, check out these corny Halloween jokes that are sure to deliver you a good chuckle and ghost stories that’ll deliver you a good scare.

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Killexams : NYS cannabis czar answers questions about state timeline and regulations

This story first appeared in NY Cannabis Insider, the state’s leading publication covering the emerging cannabis market.

Cannabis Control Board Chair Tremaine Wright answered questions on Thursday about the state’s licensing process for conditional adult-use retail dispensaries at a private meeting of the NYS Society of CPAs in New York City.

Roughly 30 accountants, attorneys and other professionals attended the group’s cannabis committee meeting at the headquarters of Citrin Cooperman, a tax and business advisory firm, in Rockefeller Center.

The purpose was to discuss New York’s administration and review of CAURD applications from a CPA standpoint, with the society offering their professional services to state cannabis regulators moving forward.

Prior to Wright taking center stage via teleconference, Mitzi Keating, a partner and founder of Citrin Cooperman’s Cannabis Advisory Services, spoke to the crowd for more than an hour about the need for attorneys and CPAs to work together state-by-state with regard to marijuana education and regulations, and to find a way to professionalize and de-stigmatize the industry as a whole.

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Keating was joined by Renata Serban and Rick Laneve from the NYS Society of CPAs, who organized the event and are helping lead the charge to ingratiate the professional society with cannabis regulators.

Following the two-hour talk, Keating, Serban, Laneve and Harry Carpenter (from Citrin Cooperman) invited NY Cannabis Insider to participate in a private Q&A with Wright.

That conversation is included below, and has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

Q: I was hoping that maybe you could clear up the timeline a little bit for the rest of this year, and what milestones you’re trying to hit to make sure that everything is in place. I know that there’s still an RFP out for banking the Social Equity Fund that doesn’t close for another couple of weeks. DASNY hasn’t announced securing any locations yet. What are you hoping to see done and in what order?

Tremaine Wright: I’ll start with the easy part. One of the primary goals for us is to release our adult-use regulations, because that is really the first step in opening the full adult-use market in New York State. We hope to have that completed by the end of this year. And so we believe that that will poise us to be prepared to begin either at the beginning, the end of the first or maybe the beginning of the second quarter of next year with licensing.

So, those are the goals that we’re hoping to hit. Generally, or more broadly, I should say, with regard to the Seeding Opportunity Program, we are up and running, our farmers are producing, their harvests are coming in, and processors are in place. The retail license applications are being reviewed. And our partners in the Seeding Opportunity effort, DASNY, as well as the fund, are hard at work security locations and raising money. They have not announced any locations and they are still in the process of raising money. So they will manage that part. And just as a, I guess manner of how the work is being divvied up, the Cannabis Control Board does not reach in to manage any of the fund operations and loans – that remains the sole responsibility of the fund.

Q: Okay, and then just as a follow up: given that it’s already October 6, and we talked to the governor yesterday who said things were on track to open at least 20 dispensaries by the end of the year, do you foresee those initial CAURD dispensaries being operated by the nonprofits, because they don’t have to access the DASNY spaces or the DASNY fund, which are not yet secured?

Wright: I don’t have any predictions on that. I do not know who the applicants are at this moment. I have not seen any of the applications. And the decision on who’s going to be able to execute first really depends on the space that they’re all anticipating using, whether or not they meet the requirements. That would be first and foremost. And they are actually awarded a license. Then if the space that they are anticipating can be converted to utilization quickly. I don’t have any projections on that.

Q: Do you have an anticipated timeline when the applications will be approved for the dispensary applications?

Wright: As soon as we’re able to process them. I think it’s been almost a week that we’ve had applications in our possession and they are not processed yet.

Q: Are they to be processed in the order they were received?

Wright: That I cannot tell you because I’m not sure how the actual work is being divvied up in the office. They did not begin looking at them until I believe the window closed. And any previous looks were just to see if they were actually completed so that they can separate what’s a completed application versus those that are not completed. In completed applications. We didn’t have a firm number until last week and that was at 900. So now we’re actually processing to make sure that we can evaluate the applications.

To be fair, it is our first time. And I anticipate 900 is probably a small number compared to when we open up adult-use, so this is sort of us getting our sea legs in order.

Q: I’m curious about the process. For example, in New Jersey, there’s a curing process. So when you review the applications, do you have an idea – if they’re not approved, will they be sent back to the applicant to be cured for things in the application that needs to be fixed? Or are they just going to be denied? I mean, have you thought about how that process is going to play out when the applications are reviewed?

Wright: The applicants have always been able to cure problems in their application. So if they were sending in additional information, if they may have uploaded 2021 taxes twice, instead of getting 2020 and 2021, they’ve been allowed to cure. And I don’t anticipate there being any differences in the manner in which we’re processing Seeding Opportunity applications for this round.

Q: The way I understand the review process for CAURD applications is that there’s an initial culling to make sure that these people even qualify, given the criteria. And then the OCM will go back to these applicants and ask for additional details like the audited financials or fingerprinting or things like that – am I understanding this correctly?

Wright: Yes, because there’s no reason to undergo a background check, or pay the cost of background checks, if someone doesn’t meet the initial threshold, which is two years of business experience and a qualifying conviction, or charge. So we have to parse through those because that’s the first level of qualification. Thereafter, we can say yes, we’re looking at qualified applicants.

Q: I’m hearing that the OCM may be in talks to settle potential lawsuits that are coming as a result of CAURD. Can you talk about that?

Wright: At this point, we don’t have any. We will deliver all notice through our board meetings. If you are hearing it, and it is not being discussed at the board meeting, it means that it is not before the board yet.

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Killexams : A Closer Look at the Cowboys with 5 Questions and Answers Killexams : A Closer Look at the Dallas Cowboys with 5 mock exam - Sports Illustrated Philadelphia Eagles News, Analysis and More Skip to main content Fri, 14 Oct 2022 23:36:00 -0500 en text/html Killexams : Green Township hosts question and answer session on Gotion facility

GREEN TOWNSHIP — The Green Township board of trustees will hold a public question and answer session regarding the Gotion electric battery component manufacturing facility during its upcoming meeting at 7 p.m., Oct. 11, at the Green Township Hall, 21431 Northland Dr., Paris.

“I’ve set aside a part of public comments to deal with questions referencing the battery plant,” Supervisor Jim Chapman said. “We are going to get them anyway and this puts us ahead of the rumors.”

Mecosta County Economic Development Executive Director from the Right Place Inc. Kelly Wawsczyk will deliver a presentation updating the board on economic activities she has been engaged in since starting her role in Mecosta County, as well as upcoming programs.

If you are unable to make the meeting, but would like to submit a question or comment, visit or call 231-796-6201.

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Killexams : NCT 127 Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions

[All] To the world, [speaks in Korean] NCT.

Hi, we are NCT 127.

And this is the Wired Autocomplete Interview.

Yeah. [NCT 127 cheering]

[upbeat music]

Google us more. [Taeyong laughs]

Search us up.

[upbeat music]


What does NCT 127

stand for? Stand for?

Mark Lee, take it away.

It's pretty official

but NCT stands for Neo Culture Technology,

and 127 is the longitude of Seoul

because we represent Seoul,

which is the soul of K-Pop.

Aye. Seoul is the soul of K-Pop.

[Jaehyun] What was NCT 127 debut song?

[All] Firetruck.

Woop, woop, woop, woop.

Firetruck. Firetruck.

[Jaehyun] What is NCT 127 day?

It is January 27th,

[Taeyong] January 27. because

The numbers.

yeah, the number. Like it's pretty.

[Yuta] We made that day special. No reason.

[Haechan] What is NCT 127 fandom name?

[All] NCTzens.

AKA Czennies. NCTzen 127.

AKA Czennie.

AKA beautiful people.

Next board.

[Jaehyun] Who is NCT 127?

We are who we are.

You guys are watching NCT 127.


[Jaehyun] Who is NCT 127 leader?

[NCT 127 cheers]

TY Track.

Will you please raise your hand?

Actually I thought, [NCT 127 laughing]

I thought real leader is Doyoung.

[NCT 127 speaking in Korean]

[Johnny speaking in Korean] [Mark speaking in Korean]

[Doyoung speaking in Korean]

[Taeyong speaking in Korean] [Doyoung speaking in Korean]

So our leader is TY.

Yes. TY Track.

One and only.

[Jaehyun] Who is your Your

[Jaehyun] NCT 127 bias? bias.

[All] Taeyong. Whoa.

[Taeil speaking in Korean] [NCT 127 laughing]

[Taeyong speaking in Korean]

One and only Doyoung. Oh.

Doyoung. Doyoung.

[Mark speaking in Korean]

My bias is Haechan cause I like purple.

[Taeyong laughs]



My bias would have to be Taeil.

[All] He has a beautiful voice Ah.

[Jungwoo] and it makes my heart melt. Beautiful.

[All] Yuta. Whoa.

Me too, me too. [Doyoung speaking in Korean]

My bias

bias is TY

because he is leader.

[All] Oh.

[Taeyong speaking in Korean] [NCT 127 laughing]

[Jaehyun] Who choreographed NCT 127's Favorite?


Anthony Lee, Quick Style, ReiNa,

[All] and Prepix's iLL. iLL.


[Jaehyun] How was NCT 127 formed?

Destiny. Yes.

Through dreams.

The synchronization of our dreams.


[Jaehyun] How many songs does NCT 127 have?


[Doyoung speaking in Korean]

We have four full albums with three mini albums.

We also have Japanese albums.

We have a lot of songs out. Yeah.

We don't even know the exact number.

[Haechan] How long is NCT 127 concert?

Three hours. Three hours.


But it feels like one. One minute.

[Jaehyun] How to pronounce NCT 127 in Korean?

[NCT 127 speaking in Korean]

Listen and repeat.

[Haechan speaking in Korean]

Not [speaking in Korean].


[Taeyong] NCT 127 setlist. setlist.

Our concert's setlist-

Secret. Top secret.

We'll just say the first song is Pandora's Box.

[Mark laughs]

It kinda is. It kind of is.

[Haechan] NCT 127 official color.

Neon green. Neon green.

[Taeyong] Memes. NCT 127 memes.

[Taeyong speaking in Korean] [Johnny speaking in Korean]

[Mark speaking in Korean] [Jaehyun speaking in Korean]

Ah, Love on the Floor.

[Taeyong speaking in Korean] [Doyoung speaking in Korean]

[Johnny speaking in Korean]

We have a lot. [Taeyong speaking in Korean]

Mark has a lot of memes

and Taeil. [Markyong laughing]

I think of the [speaks in Korean] like moments.

[Taeyong speaking in Korean]

[Yuta speaking in Korean] [Taeyong speaking in Korean]

[Yuta] Sorry, NCTzen.

[Jaehyun] 127 introduction greeting.

[All] To the world, [speaks in Korean] NCT.

Hi, we are NCT 127.

[Taeyong] To the world.

NCT 127 Houston rodeo.

[speaking in Korean]

[NCT 127 speaking in Korean]

[Haechan speaking in Korean] [Yuta speaking in Korean]


[Jaehyun] 127 eras in order.

So it's Firetruck, and then it's Limitless.

And then it's Cherry Bomb.

Cherry Bomb. Cherry Bomb.

[Johnny speaking in Korean] [Haechan speaking in Korean]

[Doyoung speaking in Korean]

[Haechan speaking in Korean] [Taeyong speaking in Korean]

[Doyoung speaking in Korean] [Mark laughs]

[Taeyong speaking in Korean]

[All] Punch, Sticker. Favorite.

[NCT 127 speaks in Korean] 2 Baddies.

[Taeyong speaking in Korean]

[Jaehyun] 127 best songs.

[All] 2 Baddies. Maybe 2 Baddies.

Maybe gonna be 2 Baddies.

[Haechan speaking in Korean]

[Jaehyun] Album sales.

[Yuta speaking in Korean] [NCT 127 laughing]

Go and find out. Google it please.

[Jaehyun] Fanchant.

It's different for each song.

[NCT 127 chanting Limitless fanchant]

[Doyoung speaking in Korean] [Taeyong speaking in Korean]

Taeil, Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, Doyoung, Jaehyun,

Jungwoo, Mark, Haechan, NCT [speaks in Korean].

[Haechan] NCT 127 group photo.

New one.

[Mark] Right here on the spot.

Okay. This is NCT 127.

And thank you for Googling us.

2 Baddies. Let's go.

Bye. Bye, thank you.

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Killexams : Free Webinar Answers Medicare Questions for Eligible Seniors

For those shopping for a new plan this year, navigating the complexities of Medicare is top of mind. To help retirees navigate the nuances of Medicare, Advance Media New York, in partnership with Excellus BlueCross BlueShield will host a free webinar and Q&A with expert panelists on October 18 at 3 p.m.

Presented by Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, this one-hour virtual event aims to simplify the complex process through interactive information sessions with local Medicare experts.

Those interested can sign up for the free webinar HERE.

Webinar attendees can expect answers to the following questions and more, while also having their questions answered during a live Q&A session.

· AEP Basics

· “Do I Have the Right Plan for Me?”

· A Q&A session with the panelists will follow each discussion

To attend the webinar, visit

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Killexams : Kaun Banega Crorepati 14: Contestant Shashwat Goel uses 'Audience Poll' to answer the question for Rs 75,00,000; do you know the answer? The latest episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 14 started with host Amitabh Bachchan playing the Fastest Finger First round and Shashwat Goel from New Delhi making it to the hot seat. He was on KBC to fulfil his mother's dream, who passed away during the pandemic.
The Strategy Manager at an E-Commerce Company, Shashwat kept a space empty in the audience seat as he believed his late mother's spirit is with him. He shared with Big B that he has not got any companion with him as he believes his mother is with him. Mr Bachchan praised his gesture and resumed the game.
He presented the first question for Rs 1000: What does this symbol generally indicate? It was an image question. The right answer was C) Location. Shashwat impressed Big B with his knowledge and the way he played the game. He used his first lifeline to answer the Rs 1,60,000 question. He uses his lifeline 'video call a friend' to answer. In 2021, Anita Anand took charge as the Minister of National Defence of which country? The answer was Option A) Canada and Shashwat got it right.
Moving ahead, Big B presented the next question for Rs 3,20,000 which was an image question. Who is the father seen in these panels, who also embraced Buddhism? After explaining the answer, Shashwat went with option C) Ashoka and won the cash.

Mr Bachchan praised Shashwat the way he was playing the game and explaining each answer, he doesn't need to have Computer ji to explain. He then read out the next question for Rs 6,40,000 which was again an image question. With respect to an honour at the ODI World Cup, who comes next in the sequence? Yet again, Shashwat examined the entire answer and went with the option D) Yuvraj Singh. Big B called the contestant from Delhi, incredible.

He answered the next question too without any confusion for Rs 12,50,000. But got stuck at the question for Rs 25,00,000: Which is the only place in the Northern Hemisphere where you will find penguins? He took the help of the 50-50 lifeline. Shashwat went with Option C) Galapagos islands and it was the right answer.

When Big B asked what he plans to do with the winning amount, Shashwat shared, "After my mother passed away, I have a different outlook on life now. I have realised that all materialistic possessions will remain here as we move on from this life. I will deliver it to those families who have faced difficulties due to Covid or are financially unstable. There are many families where the main bread earner has passed away or there are orphaned children who must choose between mourning their parents and thinking about their next meal. Thus, I want to help people like them. Ultimately, what is the purpose of brief mortal life, if not the pursuit of legacy?" Mr Bachchan praised Shashwat's thinking and congratulated him for the great work.

Shashwant then moved to answer the Rs 50,00,000 question. Which of these films was cited as an inspiration by Danny Boyle for the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire? While answering the question, Shashwat shared that he had read that Boyle was inspired by Anurag Kashyap's work. After much brainstorming and thinking Shashwat went with B) Black Friday and won Rs 50,00,000.

The 31-year-old braced himself to face the question for Rs 75,00,000 - the Dhan Amrit Dwar with his last lifeline in his kitty. The English name of which of these items has its origin in an Indian language? He uses his last lifeline 'Audience Poll' for the question and Big B shares that not many have used this lifeline at this stage. Shashwat goes with Option A) Ginger and the audience's guess comes out right. He won the amount.
Before he could face the question for Rs 1 crore, the episode came to an end. He became a roll-over contestant for the next day.
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Killexams : Voters want candidates who are willing to compromise and to answer these 3 questions cannot provide a good user experience to your browser. To use this site and continue to benefit from our journalism and site features, please upgrade to the latest version of Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari.

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